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BEST OF 2015 WEDDINGS! {Hudson Valley Catskill Wedding Photography}

I am SO thrilled to finally share this post!! Many of my photographer friends have already hopped on this boat – and after taking the month off I’m ready to join the fun too!  It’s been so fun looking through all the images I took this year of my amazing couples to share with you my BEST.  I’m sure…

Jenn & Matt’s Wedding! {Tarrytown Rustic Fall Wedding Photography}

Happy Wednesday, friends!  First off, today has felt like a Monday to me all day!!  But I’m thrilled to be able to blog this beautiful fall wedding today Jenn and Matt are such a lovely couple!  When I first met them, I fell in love with the way they can laugh together so easily!  I…

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Jami & Scott’s Wedding! {New Jersey Fall Wedding Photography}

Oh, guys!  Thank you for being so understanding with my blog turnaround time during busy season!!  Been shooting so much, thank you for your grace! I’m so excited to share Jami and Scott’s wedding day with you today to kick off this weekend!  These two are such an incredibly sweet couple, and as soon as…

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Kim & Mark’s Wedding! {Baldpate Mountain Bohemain Wedding Photography}

Hope you’re having a great week, friends!  I am so excited to share this wedding with you today! This winter, I received a call from Faye, who I’ve done tons of work with (you may remember her beautiful Islamic wedding from the blog!) and she told me her little sister was getting married.  Faye was so…

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