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Preparing for Wedding Season!

Oh, friends!  I can hardly believe that in only 11 days is my FIRST wedding of the season!  Ahh!  I’m so excited!  And to be honest, I’m always a little nervous before it starts.  The season tends to come in like a storm and everything changes.  The way I spend my time during the day…

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The Secret is Out! Intro to Photography is here!

Oh, friends, this is such an exciting post for me!!  I just couldn’t hold it in any longer! Aside from being passionate about photography, I’ve always been passionate about teaching.  Before becoming a photographer, my major in college was Elementary Education.  It’s true!  I LOVED lesson planning, and creating, and putting together material.  But elementary…

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Advice for Creative Hearts

Happy Monday, friends!  SO…this is the first post I’ve put up since being ENGAGED…ahh!  I promise, the story and photos are coming SOON.  Now I know what it feels like to be anticipating all the beautiful photos! But anyway…this post today is super on my heart and it’s perfect for #makewavesmonday. The past few weeks,…

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How to Rest When You Don’t Have Time

Happy Monday, friends!  So I’m just returning to work after 4 days of shoots, straight!  Yes, that’s right – 4 days!  They weren’t all weddings, but man I don’t think my body knows the difference! I’ve been thinking a lot about rest the last few days, and just wanted to encourage you, you who doesn’t…

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Coffee, Yoga, and Tips for Wedding Season

The idea for this post came up in my heart the other day because I realized that ever since wedding season started, I’ve been drinking double the amount of coffee that I usually drink!!  I usually drink one cup and now I’m at two cups a day!  My good friend actually gave me a subscription to…

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Hello Friends

A life filled with gratitude begins with finding thankfulness in the small moments