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Sharlene & Ryan’s Wedding!

Happy 4th of July, friends!!  I’m getting ready for a weekend full of adventures at the lake with family, and what a better time than to post these two!  I had the joy of photographing the wedding of my 2nd cousin Ryan and his new wife Sharlene a few weeks ago! Sharlene has been part of…

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Danielle & Scott’s Wedding!

Friends, do I have a treat for you today!!  I have been waiting to share this amazing destination wedding for Danielle and Scott, and today is the day!!  Many of you saw Derek and I’s travel to the Florida Keys last month, and this was the reason! Danielle is Derek’s stepsister, and we were so…

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Hope & Jason’s Wedding!

Oh, friends!!  I am so happy to be HOME after a month of nonstop adventure!  You know I love adventure but I also love community, my husband and being rooted.  So it feels great to be back and to now attack blogging and editing!! Today, I’m thrilled to share my first spring wedding of the season…

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Francesca & Brian’s Wedding!

What a beautiful blue sky winter day to post this beautiful winter wedding!!  I’m so excited to share this one with you, friends, it’s so special Ever since I moved to Central New York, I had people telling me that I would love to photograph at the Marriott Downtown in Syracuse!  And man were they…

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BEST OF 2018!!

Friends, I am SO thrilled to post this today!!  My BEST photographs of 2018!  I know it took some time to get to, because in the off season I’m also catching up with my accounting before tax season (boo!), setting up new workflow systems, meeting with new clients, and so on.  I’ll have to post…

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