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What is the First Digital Camera I Should Buy? {Ask Anything}

I’m so excited for this “Ask Anything” post, friends!! I got a message last week from someone I met at a recent wedding, saying she was going on vacation and wanted to know a good camera she could buy!  I realized, that she is probably not the only one, wondering in this digital age where…

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Ask Anything: How to Find a Wedding Photographer!

I know it doesn’t look like it yet in New York, but wedding season is coming! It may have been snowing on the First Day of Spring, but trust me, the flowers and the color are going to come back, and the beautiful wedding stories that are yet to be captured! For all the newly…

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Ask Anything: How Do I Find Clients?

Happy Thursday, friends! Excited today to put up another “Ask Anything” post…I’m so glad this section of the blog has been so helpful! My most recent question from a sweet girl came after my last post: “After starting a photography business, how do you ‘gain’ clients?” What a loaded question, friend! I want to unpack…

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How I Started Photography and a Business! {Ask Anything}

Happy Wednesday, friends! So, when I launched the “Ask Anything” section of my blog, I had NO idea that one of the questions I would be asked is how I started my business.  I realized that I’ve shared pieces of my story on the blog before, but never as a start to finish “this is…

Starting a Photography Business {Ask Anything}

It’s been so fun launching this section of the blog!  I hope these posts really do help you – and feel free to comment anytime for future posts you’d love me to write about!  I was asked this question a few times, and couldn’t wait to answer it.   How did you start your photography…

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