Lauren & Gary’s Engagement!

Oh, friends!  How excited are you that it is now officially SPRING?  The first day was 2 days ago…and I’m thrilled about that and that I leave on my honeymoon TOMORROW!  Derek and I can’t wait – and you bet we will be blogging photos when we get back! But first, I HAD to share…

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What To Do When There is No Light: Cloudy Day Photography Tips

It’s been such an amazing adventure launching my lighting course this winter!  And I’ve seen through telling my story and my desire to teach how the way I capture beauty is led by my love of light.  But truthfully, some days achieving that is more of a challenge. My husband and I went cross country…

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Always Chasing the Light: My Why

Only a few weeks ago, I did something risky.  Creative.  One of the things I have always wanted to do.  I launched my first lighting course, the Kerri Lynne Chasing Light Workshop!  If you haven’t seen the website and read about it, check it out here! This was a dream come true for me because…

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Christine & Kevin’s Engagement!

Oh, friends!  I don’t know about you but I am so ready for Spring!!  But in this time of waiting I’ve been really challenged to keep seeing the beauty around me and to keep lingering in the season we’re in.  And I’ve done some gorgeous winter engagement sessions that have helped me to see that…

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Tips for Photographing in the Snow!

Hi friends!  Can you believe that CNY just got hit with 8-12 inches of snow?!  It has felt like spring this past week and I think we all jumped ahead a few months in our hearts.  So while at first I was even bummed out about it, I started looking at the beauty of the…

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Hello Friends

A life filled with gratitude begins with finding thankfulness in the small moments