Finding Joy Amidst Change: Our Story

This has been a tough year for couples navigating COVID-19 and making adjustments on a global and a personal scale.  It has affected so many of your weddings and your dreams, and I’ve seen that.  I’ve seen how you’re fighting to have dreams and also letting go and embracing new ones.  I wanted to share…

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My Favorite Places on Earth!

Happy Earth Day, friends!!  I haven’t blogged at all during Quarantine, been so active with my branding course for photographers and helping couples navigate this time!  But I was so inspired today when I saw it was Earth Day! One of the things I started doing during this time was editing some of my old…

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Navigating COVID-19: My Best Advice for Couples!

I never thought I would be writing a blog post like this, but I know none of us expected a global pandemic to come our way when we looked out at 2020.  But here we are.  We are all doing our best every day to show up to the people in our lives, and I…

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Reflections and Goals for 2020!

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to blog my GOALS for the coming year!  This season started off busier than usual, with teaching my course so early in January!  In February, I was in my sweet friend Emilee’s wedding on Valentine’s day, and Derek and I bought a new HOUSE unexpectedly, so lots…

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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer!

A month ago, during my Kerri Lynne Business Refresh, our vendors were blessed to team up with for a video series they’re doing on choosing wedding vendors! They interviewed us before the course and asked us to tell them advice that brides might not know. If you haven’t seen the article and video, it’s…

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Hello Friends

A life filled with gratitude begins with finding thankfulness in the small moments