Meet Kerri

Some people say that we chase the things that we love, but for me, photography has always chased me. I've always had an eye for detail and story and being able to step back and see a situation. And with a camera, I see the calling and the power that it has in other people's lives. It gives me great joy to see people and watch them come alive in front of the camera - to see people who were once nervous to entrust me with being vulnerably themselves and to see the beauty in who they are. The camera lens ultimately is window to seeing God, in people, and in His world.

In my own life, my heart cherishes small and daily graces - flower petals, rain drops on the window, birds landing on tree branches, sunlight streaming through leaves. Having a camera in my hand is a way that I practice gratitude for all of these things. And when I chase light I see miracles. I see the way the sun shines through at just the right moment, and I see something magical happen that I couldn't control, but just be in awe of. I guess photography for me is my way of touching a piece of heaven that my heart longs for. A way of worshiping God and saying, I see you. I see you. I see you. May the eyes of my heart never stop seeing.

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I donate 10% of the Deluxe Love Gives Way package to Restore NYC. 

I believe that love always gives way to more love. When we know we are truly loved, I don’t think we  can contain it!  It just spills over. I invite you and the love of your life to partner with me to pour out your love and show others that love is real. Human trafficking is an issue that is close to my heart. So many women do not have a shot at chasing their dreams, and have a wounded view of love because of their oppressors.

I am passionate about helping to restore rescued women's lives, as they heal, learn to trust, and begin to dream and love again. It is a joy to partner with Love Gives Way, an organization with communities of wedding vendors that support local safe houses. I have even met several of the women in the safe house and have had the opportunity to take portraits of them. 

Kerri Lynne Photography is proud to support Restore NYC, a wonderful organization in New York that aids and rescues women in New York and New Jersey. To find out more information about Restore NYC, click here.