Kerri Lynne Fall Wedding Workshop!

I am still in AWE that this day really happened.  Really.  Amidst COVID-19, this group of photographers pursued learning and their education and I cannot be more proud of them!  Ever since I started the education part of my business a few years ago, hosting and teaching THIS type of comprehensive workshop was always one of those “reach” dreams.  And now it is a reality!  It just got me excited to do even more of these!

When I reached out to my friend and workshop partner Events by Carianne, we first set a vision to do a wildflower & woodland themed workshop on May 16, hosted at The Kester Homestead (I met the sweet owner through friends)!  When COVID first hit, I realized I needed to put this dream on hold.  But by the time May rolled around, I realized my students were still eager to learn before the end of the year.  So we switched gears and decided to pull this off in OCTOBER!  Carianne is pregnant and due in December, but she was willing to do this amazing workshop anyway – and she rocked it!  The vision changed to a “whimsical Autumn wedding,” with modern-Indie touches, a terra-cotta and mustard color palette that is to die for.  We partnered up with Whitney Nichols, who is not only a model, but also a florist and photographer!  Whitney was SUPER into our vision and wanted to be a part of the whole thing, and we are so thankful!  Whitney and her husband Mike were our bride & groom models along with our florist!

Carianne put together a team of dream vendors and bridesmaid/groomsmen models, and we planned not only a ceremony space, reception tables and cake but also a dinner table and catering so all the attendees could have dinner together under the lights!!  (SO thankful for Little Yard Farm, it was amazing!).

When the day arrived, I was first SO thankful to have a day with sun in the forecast (one less thing to think about!). After arriving early to get some of the details photographed early and others set up, the attendees arrived at noon and started coming in!  I did an introduction for the 9 photographers who came in a cozy living room in The Kester Homestead with leather sofas and poufs.  We talked about having perspective for the wedding day as a whole and deciding what kind of photographer you want to be and what you want to be noticed for.  We talked about serving our couples and really how this entire day will equip them to love people better in the long run!  Then, we went into the kitchen for welcome snacks, coffee and apple cider.

Our models were getting hair and makeup done, so we started photographing bridal details in the sun room!  Of course, details are so exciting for photographers it’s easy to want to spend a lot of time on them!  I had to keep the day moving, and brought in our lovely bride Whitney to do a mock “getting dressed” portion with Brooke modeling as her bridesmaid helping her!  Everything was already coming together SO beautifully.  Then, after finishing Whitney’s portraits, we moved onto Mike in the kitchen, and did some mock getting dressed shots of him in natural light (and he was cracking all 11 of us up who had cameras on him!) Then, we set up the “first look” for Whitney and Mike outside under the big tree at Kester’s property.  We talked about choosing lighting and locations as we started their dreamy bridal portraits, first with the sun behind them and the fall foliage, then with the homestead as a backdrop, and finally, across the street in the amazing field!  The bridesmaid and groomsmen models joined us and we did a lot of fun group shots, and the sun even peeked out for us!

Then, we took a small break to regroup and grab more equipment before we headed into the woods for the “ceremony!”  I was in AWE when I walked into the woodland setup and saw the entire arbor covered in florals and leaves – Whitney you outdid yourself girl!  We actually set up a “mock” ceremony and talked about how to photograph the processional as people walked down the aisle toward us, we did a quick “exchange of the rings” and finally the kiss!  Before having the models process down the aisle and practice that!  Afterward, we talked about setting up family photos and used our models to pretend they were family members!

Then, we headed to dinner and again I was in AWE when I walked to the area under the lights where our dinner table was set up!  The linens, the poufs, everything on the table was so dreamy!!  We discussed photographing table details and photographed everything before we sat down to eat.  I even did a little “toast” to thank all of the photographers who came and told them how proud I am of their commitment to growth, even in a hard year!  So inspired by them!  Then we ate as the sun started to set under the lights, and all the photographers got to have time to chat and get to know each other better.  When dinner was done, I gave each attendee a favor, and we headed inside the barn to learn off camera flash!!

First, I talked about lighting and the theory of what we are trying to create using flash and make it look like natural light!  Then, we practiced a “first dance” for Whitney and Mike!  And took a few “twilight” shots of them outside under the string lights using back-lighting.  And finally, each of the photographers set up the lighting they had with them and we all practiced on the cake and table details.  The night wrapped up and I got to say goodbye to each attendee!

The team started tearing everything down, and I was also able to thank the vendors who were still there helping.  What an amazing day filled with amazing people!  I am truly humbled by everyone who contributed their time, creativity and talent to make this day as magical as it was.  I hope you enjoy the photographs, and I hope to create another day like this in the near future!


kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_01LOVED this spot for the dress shot and framing with the yellow leaves!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_02Thank you Brooke for the portrait and the beautiful sign!  Making this a traditional portrait shot for my courses!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_03This invitation suite was so dreamy!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_04kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_05kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_06Loved all the detailing on the suite including the suede band!


Some of my students capturing the invitation suite!  (And Gabby our filmmaker in the background!)


kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_08That bouquet though!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_09So lovely of Brooke helping Whitney!  Stunning ladies!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_10kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_11kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_12Gorgeous bridal portraits of Whitney with that light streaming in so perfectly!


Capturing her was so much fun and I could tell all the photographers were in heaven right here!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_13kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_14Stunning, lady!!  WOW!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_15kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_16Love this one of Mike!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_17kerri-lynne-photography-education-wedding-workshop-central-new-york-photographer-education-_0004Our group all going after that same perfect angle of light on Mike!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_18Right after the “first look”… which we did under the big tree outdoors.  So precious!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_19kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_20LOVED this spot, the light!  The trees!  They are glowing!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_21Beautiful, Whitney!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_22Love that one on the right!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_23kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_24One of my faves, on the left!!!


kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_26kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_27Love their natural joy together!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_28kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_29Love these more serious portraits too, and with the homestead in the background – wow!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_30kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_31All the yes!  Had to show off that back detail!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_32LOVE this one – and what an awesome location!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_33These veil shots!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_34kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_35FAVORITE!  This moment was so magical!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_36kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_37Gorgeous, Whitney!  Loving that veil and the movement!  Such an AMAZING “bridal party” too!kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_38What an awesome group!  How amazing are these COLORS too?!


kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_41kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_42kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_44A “Vogue” shot – great suggestion Gabby!


Our photographers all taking pictures of the bridesmaid models while the groomsmen wait for their cue!


Now it’s your turn, guys!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_45This group of models was amazing!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_0045kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_46Love that one on the left!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_47This ceremony site setup…WOWED me!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_48LOVED this arbor all covered, stunning colors!


Capturing details before re-enacting the ceremony processional…love this of the photographers!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_49So cute of them re-enacting putting on the “rings”!

LOVE this one!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_51kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_52So cute, looks like a real processional right here!  Love it!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_53kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_54kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_55Loved this spot in the woods…and now look at this DINNER TABLE setup!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_56This table was out of this world beautiful!!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_57So romantic with these lights!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_58LOVE the menu, the linens, the table…all of it!  So many textures!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_59kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_60kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_61I love those tassels on the menu!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_62kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_0063-1Gorgeous wooden shelving from Brown Built Rentals with my students’ favors displayed on them!



I loved seeing the photographers have some time to get to know each other!  Right here, waiting for the meal to be served and the some of our vendors to join us!


This meal by Little Yard Farm was SO good!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_65Gorgeous seating chart by Emma!  I love the 3 pieces and how it all ties together.  WOW.

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_66The “first dance” with these two in the barn was so sweet!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_67kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_68kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_69LOVE this one and this sweetheart table setup!  Teaching lighting was so much fun!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_70Such beautiful place settings!  Carianne loved those chargers, they’re awesome!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_71kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_72kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_73GORGEOUS cakes by Stacey!  Fit so perfectly with our theme and colors!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_74kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_75LOVE this night shot of them under the lights!

kerri-lynne-fall-wedding-workshop-the-kester-homestead-memphis-central-new-york-wedding-photographer-education_76Thank you SO much to this amazing team of vendors and more!  (Credits below)


And THANK YOU to this amazing group of photographers who attended, you all are AMAZING!  Great things are ahead for each one of you!

I already can’t wait to do another wedding workshop!!
Our Vendors:

Workshop Teacher | Kerri Lynne Photography

Planning & Design | Events by Carianne 

Venue | The Kester Homestead

Video | Gabrielle Fordham Films

Florals | Whitney Nichols

Rentals | Brown Built Rentals

Tabletop Rentals | She Rents Vintage 

Catering | Little Yard Farm

Calligraphy | Lettering by Brooke

Hair | Hair by Julie Marie

Makeup | A-List Artistry

Bridal Gown | Lovely Bride

Bride & Groom Models | Mike & Whitney Nichols 

Bridesmaids | Brooke Randolph & Imani Golden

Groomsmen | Alex Langley & Brad Crofoot 

Linens | BBJ Linen

Earrings | Maed by Mini 

Invitations | Emma Bauso

Sweets | The Cake Shop CNY

Coffee | Soleil Cafe


Our Attending Photographers:

Melissa Mapstone // Melissa Mapstone Photography
Marlies Guest // Marlies Guest Photography
Sara Kerr // Sara Kerr Photography
Tony Tanzi // Tanzi Photos
Sarah Clark // Pointe and Shoot Photography
Emilee Farruggio // Emilee May Photography
Alicia Pierce // Alicia Pierce Photography
McKaylah Cyrus // Cyrus Creative Photo & Video
Shauna Zurowski // SLZ Photography


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