Our Summer Vacation: Maine

Hi again, friends!!  I am so excited to share more with you about our little summer vacation!  Today’s post is all about MAINE!

As I said in my last post, this little vacay to places we could drive to was our way of finding our own joy in this year of uncertainty and COVID-19.  I wasn’t about to wait for the world to get back to “normal” to have fun and do something that would fill our hearts!  So we set out in our car to New Hampshire and Maine, places we had always talked about visiting for our anniversary weekend but realized they were too far for 3 days.  So they were perfect for our 5 day trip!

Of both places we visited, New Hampshire reminded us more of New York….whereas Maine was like being somewhere completely different.  The moment we parked at this state park off the coast of Freeport, Maine, and walked our little canoe toward the water, we immediately smelled saltwater, something Derek and I haven’t smelled in years!  And the ocean, too – seeing an actual ocean with waves and a tide – was something so different than the placid Adirondack lakes we are used to.  We really enjoyed this place and the feeling of being somewhere different than New York.  We both said that Maine will be a place we come back to with our kids one day, and we know they’ll love it as we did!

We spent our first day in Freeport, paddling at this state park, relaxing on a little private beach, and then missing tide and somehow still dragging our canoe through the mud to get back to the car!  But don’t worry, we washed up before we went downtown to the LL Bean store and got some amazing gelato!  We stayed with a family friend of mine 25 minutes from Portland!  So before Derek and I headed there, we went to downtown Portland to have that lobster dinner that Derek LOVES and doesn’t get to have often!  I had a haddock dinner, I really love white fish and I am okay with that!

The next day, we set out to explore the areas south of Portland!  We saw some more state parks which looked amazing for paddling, so we set out for Scarborough and wow did we love what we found!  It was so tranquil and there was this little strip of beach that wrapped around the coastline.  Then there were waters with real Maine boats in them and fishermen out to catch lobster.  And all along the coast there were these mansions that look straight out of a TV series. So when we were done paddling (we used life jackets because we were in the ocean waves again!!) we decided just to drive up and down the coastline and see what we found.

We stopped at a beach that turned out to be AMAZING and one of our favorite little spots!  We enjoyed just roaming along this little beach with our camera – and we found a local who was talking to two English tourists about this sunken ship which was now apart of the landscape at the beach.  It was SO cool!  We watched a group of 5 teenage surfers attack the waves.  The whole time Derek was just eyeing the waves, wishing to be paddling them in a sea kayak (next time, babe!!)  But I was content with my camera, smelling that salt air, walking on the beach, and exploring this new cool spot.  On our drive back that night, we stopped at 2 lighthouses on the way, one we couldn’t really drive up to and then the infamous Portland Head Lighthouse!  A storm was rolling in so by this time, there were a LOT of clouds and fog which really brought in that Maine coastal mood!  But we definitely would love to go see it again on a clear day.

We had the best time exploring, finding some spots we loved on the coastline, paddling, and enjoying that salty air and relaxing on beaches with crashing waves. Maine was amazing!  Hope you love our photos!

freeport-maine-destination-photographer_0001WOW!  We’re not in New York anymore.

freeport-maine-destination-photographer_0002He’s loving this new spot!

freeport-maine-destination-photographer_0003freeport-maine-destination-photographer_0004I look like a real authentic Maine-er in this photo!  haha!
freeport-maine-destination-photographer_0005freeport-maine-destination-photographer_0006That’s what it looks like to drag your canoe in mud when the tide goes in!!  We tried to time it, asked people’s advice, but it still happened!  haha!

portland-maine-destination-photographer01This little alleyway in Portland was SO cool.  These would make awesome b/w film photographs.

portland-maine-destination-photographer03portland-maine-destination-photographer04portland-maine-destination-photographer05Checking out all the yachts in the harbor while we waited for our dinner reservations!

portland-maine-destination-photographer06portland-maine-destination-photographer07So fun!!  I saw my friend Sarah Heppell Photography take a photo of this place last month – so I had to go up and do the same!

portland-maine-destination-photographer08Where we ate dinner – on a huge anchored BOAT on the water!

portland-maine-destination-photographer09Beautiful sunset we had in Portland!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0004south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0002This beach state park was the coolest place to paddle!!


south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0005Happy man!!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0006WOW we’re in the OCEAN…

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0007We loved this coastline and all those mansions!  Beautiful!
south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0008So fun pulling our boat up and relaxing on shore!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0010south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0009Haha this looks like an LL Bean ad or something!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0012We found this little beach we LOVED!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0013south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0014So beautiful and serene there.


Aw thanks for capturing these portraits of me honey!



Love this one!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0018south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0019Such a pretty (and different!) spot.

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0020LOVE this one of Derek!!  So cute!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0022south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0023He could wade out pretty far in that swimsuit!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0024Gorgeous isn’t it?!south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0027LOVE this one!!  So fun!south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0029south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0030

That backpack carries my camera and goes with us everywhere on our adventures!  You may remember it from our honeymoon photos from Thailand – yup, it went there, too!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0031south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0032Love this detail!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0033This just looks so much like Maine & New England!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0034south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0036Isn’t this shipwreck on the beach awesome?!  And that green land…it looks like the English countryside or something!
south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0037For scale…that ship must have been huge!


south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0040south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0041The storm is rolling in…you can see the fog!


Loved this little flower and these fence posts near the beach!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0046We headed to the Portland Head Light – love this of Derek waiting in the car, you can really see my little car with our huge 17.5′ canoe strapped on top!!  How we adventured this trip!

south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0043south-portland-maine-destination-photographer_0044The Portland Head Light was beautiful!


We definitely want to go back to Maine!  And we know we will in the future!  If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know!  (We have both been to Acadia and will go back there one day together!)


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