Amy & Mike’s Wedding!

Friends, it feels like FOREVER since 1) I blogged and 2) I photographed a wedding!  It’s been such a crazy season with COVID-19 to say the least, so many adjustments have been made by couples AND vendors as we navigated this season together.  I’ve been enjoying having a little more down time than usual as my husband and I enjoy our first summer in our new home together.  But of course I was really excited to start photographing again!  You know that saying, “it’s just like riding a bike?”  It’s like that with the camera too…even if you put it down for a few months or use just for fun, as I’ve been doing, once it’s in your hands again it’s MAGIC.

Amy and Mike originally planned their big wedding on June 20, 2020 at Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida.  After COVID-19 and being in the height of restrictions around May/June, they decided to have a smaller-scale (25 person) wedding in June and have a larger party when they renew their vows in November.

As we started planning their wedding for June 20th, it became clear that they really saw the most sentimental value for this day, their actual wedding day – and decided they wanted it captured just like a regular wedding day.  So that’s what we did, and I’m so glad!!

I arrived early at Amy and Mike’s condo to capture her getting ready, and all of her bridal details while her bridesmaids were getting ready!  Amy had a gorgeous gown, beautiful invitations that matched her blue/yellow color scheme, personalized vow books, and even wedding bands that Mike MADE by hand.  I am so glad I was able to capture all these, so much meaning!

Amy’s sister and mom helped her get ready, and the first person to see her was her dad, and they had such a sweet moment together!  We took some photographs with her bridesmaids, and then got ready to see Mike where he was waiting for her to do a first look, by the ponds in the complex they lived in.  They are a very outdoorsy couple and also enjoyed the simplicity of the pond right where they live – it was so beautiful!  Mike’s face was so precious when he saw his bride for the first time!  Then we took portraits of them, and their whole bridal party.

We then headed to Wolf Oak Acres, where their intimate, socially-distant ceremony was set up in a green wooded area.  It was SO beautiful and romantic!  Mike waited for his bride at the altar, and all their bridesmaids and groomsmen stood beside them but 6-feet apart.  After their officiant performed their ceremony, they read beautiful handwritten vows to each other and then they were pronounced husband and wife!!  After they signed their marriage license to make it official….we started doing portraits on the property of Wolf Oak Acres!

There was a beautiful swing set up and Amy and Mike loved being on that together – we took a few moments to actually swing, because they love adventure!  Then, we went with the bridal party to take pictures by their main wooden building, and then by a small waterfall on the way out of Wolf Oak Acres.  Amy and Mike got engaged at Chittenango Falls, so finding a small waterfall on their wedding day was only fitting for them!

Then, their friends and family headed to The Creekside Inn in Oneida for a beautiful dinner underneath a tent set up in their green backyard.  They had favors, small potted plants – set up for their guests – and of course, a cake to cut!  The dinner was delicious, and then Mike’s best man and Amy’s sister gave beautiful toasts.  The new Mr. & Mrs. Veator then cut their cake (also delicious, it was a chocolate coconut!).  And before I left, they HAD to take pictures with their bridal party and guests in their face masks – just to commemorate they were married during COVID-19!  Who could forget!

I’m so proud that these two made their wedding happen, and got married in their own way and a way that was meaningful to both of them.  Cheers to you two, and Amy and Mike may you have the most beautiful start to your marriage!!  I’ll see you again in November!  Enjoy their story, everyone :)

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_01Such a beautiful dress and location!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_02I loved all the lace detailing on Amy’s shoes and invitations!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_03Mike made their rings and this wooden box!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_04erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_05How amazing are these vow books?!  The wood texture fits them so well!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_06erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_07erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_08Beautiful Amy!


erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_13erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_14erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_15Aw such a sweet first look with her dad!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_16erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_17Beautiful Amy!!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_18erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_19erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_20erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_21Great portraits of Mike!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_22erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_23Love this one of the groomsmen!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_24erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_25erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_26erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_27Time for the first look!  Ahh!!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_28erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_29AW, love Mike’s reaction!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_30Love these!  That pond is such a pretty background!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_31erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_32erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_33Love that one on the left too!!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_34erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_35Love this!  Mike loved this tree and it made a really great textured shot!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_36erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_37LOVE these of the ladies!  So beautiful!  You may spot my friend and fellow photographer Hannah Hawkins there on the end!

erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_38erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_39erie-village-fayetteville-syracuse-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_40This group was ready to have fun, COVID or not!!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_01Mike holding the ring box and rings that he made before the ceremony!
wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_02wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_03wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_04LOVED this ceremony setup in the woods, so romantic!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_05Their own personal vows were so sweet.

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_06wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_07wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_08wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_09YAY!  Married!!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_10The new Mr. & Mrs. Veator!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_11wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_12wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_13AHH LOVE these on the swing!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_14Beautiful, Amy!!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_15Their happiness was just oozing out and I loved it!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_16wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_17wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_18Loved this spot and this one of the bridal party!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_19wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_20wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_21wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_22YAY!!  Everyone was ready to celebrate them!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_23wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_24wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_25wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_26wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_27I know it was hot but it was SO worth it to come into the light!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_28wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_29One of my FAVORITES!  Love their joy!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_30wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_31They did it!!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_32This covered bridge on Wolf Oak Acres’ property made another fun location for them.

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_33wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_34Love that one on the left!

wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_35wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_36AHH the waterfall!  Love this bridal party shot!


wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_39wolf-oak-acres-vernon-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_40Another one of my FAVORITES of them!


A perfect way to end their portrait session!!  Loved this spot too!


Their tented reception was so sweet and intimate.

creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_01creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_02Okay, that meat ravioli with fried onions on top…WOW.  Is all I have to say.

creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_03Such fun favors!

creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_04creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_06creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_07creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_08creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_09Haha loved their expressions on the right cutting the cake – yes you do get to sneak a taste!!

creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_10creekside-inn-oneida-central-new-york-wedding-photographer_11They did it, COVID and all!!  Cheers, Amy & Mike!!


A special thank you to all of the vendors who made Amy and Mike’s day possible:


Venue: Wolf Oak Acres, Vernon, New York

Dinner: The Creekside Inn, Oneida, New York

Photography: Kerri Lynne Photography

Videography: Kinetics Lab, by Matthew Saltzer

Florist: Blooms and Blossoms (decorations), Maggie Randall-Veator (bridesmaid bouquets)

Wedding Dress Boutique: Spybaby Bridal

Hair Stylist: Hair and There

Makeup Artist: Channel Bay Official, by Sneha Droppa

Invitations: PostNet

Bakery: The Chocolate Truffle


And THANK YOU to Kristie Fleischer of Brickyard Photography for coming along to second shoot with me on such a HOT day!  You rocked it girl, thank you!



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