Erin & Nick’s Proposal!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!  Derek and I had a WONDERFUL time celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary and enjoyed a weekend away in the Adirondacks!  Now, catching up with more fall blogging as wedding season is coming to a close! (I can’t believe that either!)

One session that I absolutely ADORED was being a part of Erin and Nick’s proposal earlier this month!  Nick had contacted me because Erin had seen my work on Instagram, and he wanted to surprise her and capture their proposal moment!  He planned to propose to her at their family camp on Otisco Lake, where they spent a lot of time in the summer together.  He had their whole family waiting to surprise them afterward, including her sister Megan who came up from PA (so sweet!)  And he had bought a cake – literally thought of every special detail!

The day of the proposal, I arrived there early and met Megan, we drove down this crazy off-dirt road to the bottom of the lake, and literally ALL camped out inside their camp.  I was squatting on the porch as the two of them drove down in the John Deere range rover.  As Nick made his way out onto the dock with Megan, I darted out from the house and started capturing them talking on the dock.  Their dogs were a little keen on what was going on and that there were other people there, and the family was all watching with me as I captured from the upper deck of the house.

As soon as Nick transitioned from sitting with Erin to standing up, she knew what was coming and got SO teary.  I got teary too just watching the emotion and remembering what that moment is like.  She was SO shocked to see him down on one knee with her beautiful ring.  They hugged and of course she said yes!

Then, their families made their way down onto the dock to give the newly-engaged couple hugs and good wishes!  Erin was still overcome with emotion and getting her bearings on what was happening.  After talking with their families, Nick showed her that I was capturing everything and again she was so shocked and happy!  I took a bunch of portraits of them on the dock, then some more formal portraits down by the water’s edge with the beautiful turning foliage behind them.  Nick even bought signs for their two dogs, “My humans are getting married!”  Erin loved that!

After their portrait session, they made their way onto the deck to celebrate with their friends and family. But first, they went to see Nick’s grandpa who was sitting in a car to give him their love and receive his back. Then, Erin popped a bottle of champagne with the rest of their family on the deck!  Everyone did a “cheers” to the sweet couple!  We took more family photographs.  And Nick cut the cake he had made, which said “One thing is for sure, Otisco Lake has captured it all.”

What a beautiful day full of surprises.  I am so happy for this couple so in love, and both such sweethearts! So honored to capture these memories for Nick and Erin – and I hope it inspires the rest of your week!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_01It’s happening!  Nick intentionally faced their chairs away from the deck where their family was watching and I was taking photographs!
otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_02Their dogs knew they were not alone – so funny!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_03otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_04otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_05Loved watching their families be a part of the moment!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_06otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_07So sweet!  Erin was overcome, once she knew what was happening!otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_08AHH!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_09otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_10So shocked by this beautiful ring!  And she said YES!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_11They are so sweet together!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_12otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_13otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_14Loved watching their families be a part of these moments!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_15They have such great smiles!  Contagious!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_16otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_17otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_18otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_19LOVE that one on the left!  So romantic!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_20Love these of them and these fall colors!!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_21otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_22otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_23SUCH a stunning ring!!  Wow!


otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_25otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_26So cute with their pups!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_27otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_28otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_29LOVE this!!

otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_30otisco-lake-skaneatales-central-new-york-proposal-engagement-photographer_31Amazing cake!  The side was meant to mimic the sunsets they watch on Otisco Lake!


YAY!!  To the beginning of forever and a lifetime of love!


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