The Importance of Your Wedding Invitation Suite!

Friends, I am so excited about this post!!  I started dreaming about it after photographing my most recent wedding for Hope and Jason.  My bride Hope is a graphic designer and her wedding invitations were gorgeous and so much fun to photograph!

I realized from photographing many different weddings that invitations are so important.  I always request that my brides leave me an entire invitation suite to photograph along with their bridal details.

The reason invitations are important is that they set the tone for the entire wedding day, how it will look and how it will feel.  Is the invitation rustic – either in color or texture, for outdoor/barn weddings?  Is it classic and simple in design, for classic weddings?  Does it have greenery or floral designs on it, for weddings outdoors or in gardens?  Does it reveal the color palette for the wedding as a whole?

Regardless of if we’re aware of it or not, the moment our guests receive our invitations, we are giving them a sneak peek into what to expect for our wedding day.  Since every wedding day is unique, using unique elements in your invitation is a way to show something you and your fiancé have as a couple and the day you are inviting them to be a part of.

For example, Hope and Jason’s wedding color palette was orange and navy blue.  Hope worked in the orange color subtly by using copper lettering.  She worked in the blue by a unique navy textured backing on the invitation.  They were married in an industrial style venue, so the design itself shows that same minimalism by using negative space on the front.

Derek and I’s wedding was in October at a winery, and our color palette combined the richness of burgundy / Marsala wine color with the light and airy feel of my favorite peach / blush color.  These colors were also seen throughout the wedding in our bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, and floral arrangements.  So when we looked for sites with wedding invitations, we knew that this floral pattern, along with our burgundy envelopes and gold return address stamp would match our theme perfectly.

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I am not saying that you can only achieve visual continuity by printing  to expensive letterpress websites (although they are gorgeous).  My purpose in this post is to show that whatever avenue you use, try to tie in pieces of your wedding day to prepare your guests for your wedding!!

Obviously, using graphic designers to finesse personal details is a great idea!  And we have several in the CNY area that do amazing work!  (Kerri Lynne Brides, contact me if you need recommendations!)  You can also use mainstream websites and Etsy – Derek and I personally used a designer on Etsy and I was satisfied when I found something personalized that would match our theme!

Beyond the design itself, here are some tips for how to prepare the invitation suite to be photographed on the day of your wedding!!

1) Include the entire invitation suite – main invitation, RSVP card, accommodation card, rehearsal dinner info, main envelope, & RSVP envelope.

2) If you do not want your address on your photographer’s blog, feel free to provide your photographer with a blank envelope the same color/size as your other envelope.

3) Include other elements to help your photographer style your suite.  The main ones I love to see are:

* Ribbons: one of the colors in your wedding theme – it adds color and movement to the photo and takes up negative space!

Dolores & Dan Wedding
* Florals: ask your florist to provide extra pieces of greenery / flowers in a vase that your photographer can choose from to accent with – it adds color & texture to the photo!

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* Your photographer can also place your invitation with your bouquet, shoes, jewelry and perfume bottle – for other photographs aside from the complete styled suite!

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Christine & Kevin Wedding

I took the time to write this post because details are not just details.  They matter, and I know from experience that my brides always love to see a photo with their invitation as they open their wedding album.  It’s one of the only photos (except from welcome signage) from the entire day that will have your names on it!!

I hope this was helpful to you! :)

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