A Look at Wedding Florals!

Hi, friends!!  Hope you had an amazing first day of Spring yesterday!  I’m not sure why, I’m just so excited about spring this year and it makes me want to throw flower petals everywhere!  Feeling so inspired by flowers right now, and dreaming already of seeing them spring up around us.

I’ve been thinking about wedding floral trends: what I saw in 2018-2019 wedding season that I loved so far, and things I want to see evolve in the year to come!  So I thought I’d share these images with you, in case you find something that inspires you, or share with a friend who is a bride!! :)

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0001 Okay, how cute are these girls?!  This bride is a sweetheart inside and out!  But I LOVED her bridesmaid bouquets – the flowers in moss geometric glass containers – so in right now but so different for bridesmaids!!  Great job to my cousin Holly for designing these!  I’d love to see this again!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0002 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0003 The most common thing I saw is soft color palettes – romantic is definitely in!  But I loved how this bride complimented her bridesmaids’ dresses in the florals with the blue color accent!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0004-1 Back to the gorgeous romantic pinks!  This bride’s bouquet had a gorgeous shape and was a little larger than typical, and I loved that!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0004 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0006 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0007 More neutral blush roses and eucalyptus – but it looks amazing against those mauve dresses!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0008 I loved these bridesmaid bouquets because of the bright ribbons!  What a fun accent!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0009 Greenery and neutrals is definitely in!  But they do look so gorgeous and romantic!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0011 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0012 I loved the use of seasonal colors here for her fall wedding!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0013 Here’s another thing I loved!  Decorating ceremony arches with florals!  This one turned out beautifully!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0014 As did this one in the Finger Lakes!  I also loved the florals over their welcome sign!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0015 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0016 Okay, this is probably the most fun thing ever!  Floral exits!!  It photographs so well and I’d say even better than a bubble exit!  (Plus it smells pretty!)

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0017kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0019 Love these romantic touches and accents!  I’m seeing cakes with minimal floral decoration but tying in the theme beautifully!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0020 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0021 And table runners are a thing!!!  Eucalyptus or other greenery, it all works and looks amazing!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0022-1 Loved how these brides accented their sweetheart tables with flowers too!  The one below with the long table runner is a bridal party table – I loved seeing that idea come back!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0022-2 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0018It is also fun to see flowers accent things other than tables!  One venue had a fountain outside so they put flowers in it – just like a Monet painting!  And I loved seeing flowers and greenery on table menus, and lavender on the back of my bride and groom’s chair!  They picked it themselves from a lavender farm!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0022 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0023 I loved seeing real trees bring outdoor-type ambiance into a reception tent!  That plus the bistro lights was simply stunning!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0025 And candlelight!  I love how brides were starting to not use flower arrangements for every table, but instead accenting with candles and greenery which is just as romantic and sets a beautiful mood!

kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0027 kerri_lynne_photography_syracuse_rochester_adirondack_destination_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_florals__0028

What a gorgeous year it’s been for florals!!

Thank you to all of the amazing florists featured in this post (in order of appearance):

Holly Sheridan, Spruce Ridge Floral Design Center, SunnyCrest Flowers,  Whistletop Florist, Newtown Florist, Surroundings Floral Studio, Affections Florist.
If I were to have one hope for the coming wedding season, though, it would be to see a return in bolder colors!  This was from a wedding I photographed a few years ago, and I love how the softer romantic colors are used but there’s also a pop of color as well.  Both tones compliment each other so well, and we really can have it all!  The pantone color of the year is “living coral” so maybe we’ll see it!

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/julie-jake-wedding

I’m excited to see what 2019 brings and how my sweet clients’ floral visions come to life!!

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