Aster Weddings Emerald Styled Shoot!

Friends, I am SO thrilled during this inspiring time of year to share this amazing emerald styled shoot with you!  I connected with this amazing wedding planner @Nikki Jon & Co. this fall and she had a vision for an emerald styled shoot, which came out so amazingly!  I photographed it in the fall but it is still so super relevant, emerald is just one of those colors that works in any season!

Nikki set up the photo shoot on the property of Aster Weddings in Skaneateles.  Their string lights, open woods and tented area were such a beautiful location for an outdoor inspired style.  Pretty Little Vintage Co worked their magic on rentals, their couches, cake cart set up a beautiful scene!  Fleur de Lis Florals did an outstanding job bringing this outdoor floral vision to life and the garland that draped over their wooden table was incredible.

Our models Carly & Ben were so awesome, they have been dating for awhile and Carly is a photographer herself – so I just loved working with them!  The hair & makeup team really accentuated her look with an emerald eye…and Lovely Bride in Rochester sent the most perfect gown for her!

Stonefruit Studio made such beautiful stationary and menus and I learned a lot watching Maureen do her flatlay magic!  The cakes and dessert by Cakes by Michele with their touches of gold added so much elegance and beauty.

I hope this photo shoot inspires you as much as it has for me!  I loved these colors, the warmth of each setting, and the love between these two!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_01 Loved this rose gold welcome sign!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_02 Such a gorgeous suite and flatlay by Stonefruit Studio!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_03 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_04 Love all the detail!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_05 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_06 These two are are so sweet!  Love Carly’s makeup too, stunning!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_07 Such a beautiful bouquet!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_08 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_09 Love that one on the right!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_10 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_11 Some of my FAVORITES!  That light is everything!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_12 This cake is so elegant and I love this emerald velvet swag on the dessert cart!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_13 Such incredible gold detailing!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_14 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_15 Love!!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_16 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_17 These two are killing it!
aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_18 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_19 Such a beautiful setup with the rentals from Pretty Little Vintage Co!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_20 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_21 Love this one!!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_22 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_23 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_24 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_25 Ahh, another one of my favorites!  That emerald couch is perfection!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_26 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_27 This table with the overhanging garland and candlelight is stunning!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_28 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_29 Love!!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_30 aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_31 The gold details are beautiful too!

aster_weddings_skaneatales_central_new_york_emerald_outdoor_styled_wedding_photography_32 Another FAVORITE!


This table and this couple…magic!


Thank you to our incredible planner Nikki Jon and all of the amazing vendors who made this shoot possible!!  They are all so talented, you should go check out their work!

Venue | Aster Weddings
Wedding Planner | Nikki Jon’s Weddings & Co.
Photographer | Kerri Lynne Photography
Decor & Rentals | Pretty Little Vintage Co.
Florist | Florals by Fleur De Lis
Dessert | Cakes by Michele
Stationary | StoneFruit
Hair & Makeup | Element on Water, by Kayleigh
Bridal Gown | Lovely Bride Rochester
Bride Model | Carly Gummer
Groom Model | Ben Murray
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