Sharlene & Ryan’s Engagement!

We are getting ready for an exciting weekend in the Adirondacks, but I am SO thrilled to post these two today, friends!

I am a little biased, because Ryan is my cousin!  I grew up going to Ryan and Nicole’s house in Connecticut, where we spent time with them and our Uncle Paul and Aunt Kim on the water.  The very first time I flipped over in a tube in second grade was with this guy.  So we have a lot of memories!

After Ryan went to school for architecture at Keene State, we started seeing Sharlene come around the family gatherings.  She is just the sweetest, and so easy to get to know and love.  Before long, she started feeling like family.  They have been dating for 6 or 7 years now, so as soon as they announced their engagement we were so excited!  Ryan took Sharlene on a romantic helicopter ride over NYC because she loves seeing all the lights – and he proposed to her right after.  What a night!!

Derek and I were thrilled when Sharlene told us that they wanted us to photograph their wedding!  We would have been there anyway, and now we get to share in their day on a whole other level.  Such an honor!

When it came time to plan their engagement session, I knew they would want to have it in Bridgewater, Connecticut, near the house Ryan grew up in, and where they spent so much of their relationship.  They both love water sports and being out on the boat!  Ryan was super creative and found some unique spots in Bridgewater, from the bridge, to two amazing farms with unique structures, including a greenhouse…thanks to Instagram for the inspiration!  I am super proud of Ry and all of their pictures are so beautiful!  They have such a sweet love.

I hope you love Ryan and Sharlene’s story!!  We can’t wait for their wedding next spring!


bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_01Already killing this photo shoot!!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_02bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_03Love these!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_04That LIGHT!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_05Shar, you are gorgeous!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_06bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_07bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_08bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_09bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_10bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_11bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_12bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_13Okay, isn’t this the coolest barn ever?!  And so them with the Americana theme!!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_14bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_15Love that one on the left!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_16Stunning Sharlene & Ryan!!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_17bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_18LOVE that dip!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_19bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_20Love this one too!  They are pros at sitting on this fence!  Apparently they have had practice 😉

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_21bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_22Love that light!!


bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_25bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_26Okay, get ready for this greenhouse!  Such a dream!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_27bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_28Favorite right here!  Ahh!!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_29bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_30bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_31So much fun at magic hour!!

bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_32bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_33Love these leaves for this ring shot!



bridgewater_connecticut_destination_engagement_photography_39We went back to their house when the shoot was “over” and this moon made us bring out all the stops!

So worth it!  Just magical!

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