How to Survive Wedding Season!

Happy Thursday, friends!  It’s almost Friday!  I’ve been thinking of this post for awhile, because I did one a few seasons ago and I remember it being really helpful to other vendors and photographers in the wedding world!!

Every year, the transition to wedding season is pretty quick and harsh.  My schedule goes from being pretty open and relaxed, with a good work-life balance to a season that work quickly piles up, and I’m spending time juggling not only attending weddings and shooting 10 hour days, but also editing during the work week, meeting new clients, trying to make deadlines, as well as marketing my business.  Oh, and trying to have a social life and normal life with my husband.  It’s a lot!  It’s a beautiful season, but there are a lot of demands.

This year in late August, I realized that my editing was starting to pile up and what I needed was a STRATEGY!  Not just work wise, but life wise!  So here is how I’m surviving wedding season this year.  I hope it helps you!!


  1. Going to Coffee Shops (Discipline + Community)

This isn’t new to me – I LOVE coffee shops and do go to them quite a bit.  But what is new is my approach.  I go to coffee shops almost every day for at least 3-4 hour chunks of time where I am uninterrupted and undistracted.  This is critical for me.  Working from home, it can be so easy to be distracted by the laundry, or the dishwasher, or phone calls, or other things that don’t need to make its way into my work day.  At least not in those critical chunks of time during wedding season.  Disciplined time is one reason I’m loving coffee shops.

The other reason this is helping so much is that its helping me not feel isolated during the day.  Working from home can be hard mentally as it is, but for longer stretches of time when work needs to be more focused, I love being around people.  Just being out surrounded by others who are also working, and also my friends who own coffee shops like Soleil Cafe here in Fayetteville, helps my heart so much!  It’s a reminder that I’m not alone.

I also started “Work Together Wednesdays” for the Rising Tide group I lead here in Syracuse, so that other wedding and creative professionals specifically can come together and work in the busy season.  I realized that if I was starting to feel isolated, maybe others were too!  It’s been so fun to join forces and have fun while getting our work done.


  1. Working Out

This happened kind of by chance!  I have always loved hiking and yoga, and have done a little trail running here and there.  But this past August, my friend invited me to a class at Barre 3.  And I actually LOVED it!  I love that it combines yoga and pilates while doing more strength training.  It’s just what my body needs during wedding season.  That’s what I thought immediately, doing squats – this is what wedding photographers do all day!  And, lifting weights, I thought, wow, my camera is actually way heavier than these things.  So I was encouraged!  It’s helping me to have a weekly discipline to go a few times to Barre and Yoga, to really take care of my body and give it the strength it needs for the 10 hour strenuous days I have almost every weekend.  It’s been awesome and helped me to feel so good!


  1. Sleep

I know it may seem counter-intuitive to sleep when the work is piling up, BUT, it’s honestly one of the most important things for my body!  I actually never pulled an editing all-nighter in my entire 8 years of business.  That is just not how I will flourish well.  I get the most sleep after wedding weekends, that Monday after – when you want to JUMP into work because there’s so much to do.  I let myself sleep until my body wakes me up, I make a slow breakfast, I have some time with the Lord and in silence, and I start my day slowly.  When I’m in a good place to start, I start tackling that past weekend’s teasers.  I have to say, I have NEVER regretted using sleep as a strategy for good health!


  1. Grace

It’s huge to give myself the grace for the season, to surrender to what it is and what it is not.  I can only do so much per day.  And I really focus on that day’s task in front of me, rather than the mountain of images that’s piled up.  It’s helpful to really tackle one thing and tackle it well, and to give myself whatever grace I need that day.  I also still make time to be with people important in my life, to give myself joy, so that I am still full enough to give to others.  It’s really important to me to not be “lost” inside this season, but to find a new sense of purpose and grace within it.

Here’s to being intentional with wedding season as we serve to our couples!


I hope this helps you!!  Feel free to comment if any of this helps you!  OR, share what it is you’re doing that works for you!!  Thanks friends!


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