Danielle & Scott’s Engagement!

Happy Friday, friends!!  I am so excited to post these two today!!  Especially because we started their engagement session at the beautiful Owera Winery, where I am photographing with a friend TOMORROW!

I’m also excited about these two because they are related to us!  We were thrilled when Derek’s stepdad’s daughter Danielle wanted us to photograph her wedding!  It is going to be in Key West this May – which will be such an awesome trip!

Originally from Colorado, Danielle moved to Florida to pursue her college degree.  And there she met Scott, the love of her life who she has now spent 6 years with!  Scott owns a bar/restaurant in Key West, and it is home to both of them!  They love working with their staff, having a booming business and living a sort of island life.  I really cannot wait to see their sweet little town!

We knew Derek’s mom and stepdad were going to throw these two an engagement party this September in Cazenovia – so we planned to do their engagement session that same weekend!  We thought Owera Winery would be the perfect relaxed vibe for them, as well as The Brewster Inn near all the boats (just like their Florida life!)  And of course we did a few shots at Lorenzo Historic Site, because, how can you resist how pretty it is?!

It was so fun seeing them at the winery, because Scott, a native Floridian, has never seen a winery before, or apple trees!  When we photographed their session we literally started with a shot with the apple trees, just to document that!  It’s so funny how this country is so diverse in landscape, and this is just so normal to us!

These two are just so sweet together.  It didn’t take much prompting to get them laughing, giggling, and falling into each other’s arms.  Derek and I really had the best time with Danielle and Scott.  We love these two and cannot wait to be a part of their wedding!

Enjoy Danielle and Scott’s story!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_01Here they are!  Cuties amidst those apple trees!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_02Seriously?!  Such models!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_03owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_04Scott’s first time at a winery – he loved picking a few grapes!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_05owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_06So cute!!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_07-1owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_07Isn’t this light incredible!?  Looking great guys!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_08I love those pink earrings!  Pops of color are the best!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_10owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_11LOVE this one!!  It looks like it came out of a frame!

owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_12owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_13So beautiful, Danielle!!
owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_14owera_winery_vineyards_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_15LOVE this one!  One of my favorites!


lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_01lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_02Love this one too!!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_03lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_04We had to take this shot, because Derek and I have the same one of us in our house!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_05Oh my goodness let the magic light begin!!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_06Love these!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_07lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_08lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_09These woods were SO magical!!



Great job with that dip!!  You’re so ready for your wedding day!

the_brewster_inn_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_01Ahh!  Loved capturing them at The Brewster!

the_brewster_inn_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_02the_brewster_inn_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_03These are TOO perfect for them!


the_brewster_inn_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_07the_brewster_inn_cazenovia_engagement_wedding_photography_09Another favorite right here!


The perfect ending to their afternoon in Cazenovia!!


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