Amy & Gabor’s Wedding

Happy Wednesday, friends!  It has been a crazy but beautiful start to wedding season!!  I LOVED starting this August photographing in Central New York, and at this venue that I have loved since I moved here!

When I first moved to CNY, I met MaryBeth and Ann, the owners of RedBarn20 in Cazenovia, and we instantly connected.  The way their atmosphere is so relaxed and fun, yet beautiful and modern and designed well.  They are so humble yet such hard workers – and they make everyone feel at home and welcomed!  The first photo shoot I did when I moved here was a styled shoot for RedBarn before their venue opened.  So it was such a joyful moment when Amy & Gabor contacted me about their wedding at RedBarn20!

Amy & Gabor are such a fun couple, but also intellectual and you can see they connect on such deep levels.  They met in Boston when Amy was in medical school – their paths intersected and neither of their lives were the same since!  When Amy was talking about moving back to Central New York where her family is from, she and Gabor decided they wanted to marry and live their new lives together!

When they found RedBarn20, they instantly loved the feel and how much it reminded them of Gabor’s family’s house in New Hampshire, a barn where they spent so much of their time in the summer.  So it was only a natural fit to be married in the church, and have their reception at RedBarn, as a blend of their Polish & German heritages and with delicious handmade food!

Their wedding designer and planner, Kate Brown from LoveWell Weddings, is a friend of mine and also a childhood friend of Amy’s!  I just loved that connection with them and Kate was so perfect for them to make their day flawless and just the day they envisioned!

On their wedding day, when I arrived at Amy’s mom’s house, I was instantly in love with all her wedding details, the sparkly dresses, and the flawless and classy colors of her bouquet by Spruce Ridge.  Her little niece, also the flower girl, was so ecstatic about being a flower girl and it was the cutest!!  Once Amy’s hair and makeup was done and it was time to get dressed, I loved how she got a new ease about her, she started smiling so big as she felt ready for this happy day in her lives.  Her flower girl asked her if she was nervous, and Amy said no, because she knew she wanted to marry Gabor and was so happy.  I just loved that moment!!

Their ceremony at Immaculate Conception Church in Pompey was beautiful and classic in every way.  Amy & Gabor added touches of their own personality by lining the pews with their own hand-picked lavender bouquets!  And it’s true – once these two saw each other a smile didn’t leave either of their faces.  It’s so adorable!  And before long, they were married!!

We went from the church to RedBarn20 for portraits, and on the way, the sun came out and brought them the most miraculous and beautiful weather for the rest of their day!  We took portraits with their bridal party by the red barn, but then headed into the fields for portraits of them.  It was like the Sound of Music with these two walking, dancing and holding each other at this hill looking over Oneida Lake and Cazenovia Lake.  And then we went toward the classy estate owned by the Romagnoli’s for portraits on their outdoor patio.

Their cocktail hour featured live music, cheese and fruit platters on tables by Brown Built Rentals, and of course their guests were also playing on the nearby bocce courts!  Such a perfect laid back atmosphere.  When their reception started, everyone headed into the red barn to watch Amy & Gabor have their first dance.  It was a large family affair, with tons of guests from the US and abroad to be a part of their dances, speeches, and buffet-style dinner.  We started to see the sun set beyond the hill, so we chased the light with Amy & Gabor and caught the most gorgeous light ever!!

Then, everyone started mingling outdoors on the outdoor patio with the fire pit, and music started indoors with Mere Mortals rocking out on the saxophone and live vocals – everyone just loved it!  Amy even did a Polish tradition dance where everyone drinks a shot and takes turns dancing with the bride – it was such a fun crowd :)  And of course, before the end of the night we took Amy & Gabor outside for their night shot – and it was the perfect end to this beautiful day!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0001redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0002Love love this ring shot!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0003Such classy shoes, so Amy!  And just look at her bouquet – flawless!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0004redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0005Love these sparkly dresses all in the same color scheme!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0006redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0007redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0008redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0009So gorgeous Amy!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0010redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0011Her flower girl loved helping her!!
redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0012So cute!  Gabor bought Amy two watches that she absolutely loved when they were in Germany!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0013-1redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0013Amy, you are simply stunning!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0015redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0016redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0017redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0018This group was already having such a great time!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0019redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0020Gabor loved his gift from Amy – this toy John Deere truck a symbol of the REAL one he had his eye on for a long time!  Great gift Amy!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0021With his mamma – love this!


immaculate_conception_church_pompey_central_new_york_wedding_photography_01immaculate_conception_church_pompey_central_new_york_wedding_photography_02Look at these smiles!!




redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0032So gorgeous of these ladies!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0034How amazing is that bouquet with the sparkly dress?!  I love it so much!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0035-1redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0036Such a fun group!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0037redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0038redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0039redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0040redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0041Love this one in the field!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0042redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0043redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0044redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0045Let the magic begin!  Love this!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0046redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0047redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0049Love this one!!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0050redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0051-1So beautiful Amy!!  Ahh!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0051redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0052redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0054Is this not a “Sound of Music” moment?!  Amazing!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0055Love the back of Amy’s dress!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0056redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0057So cute on this tree swing!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0058redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0059redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0060redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0062-2redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0063-1Love this one so much!  Such a cute moment between them!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0063redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0064redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0065redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0066redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0067redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0068redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0069The barn was set up so beautifully!  Love these eucalyptus table runners and this soft color scheme!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0070redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0071redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0072redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0073Such a sweet first dance below this chandelier!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0074-1redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0074redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0076SO glad we chased the light!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0077redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0078redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0079AHH!  My favorite!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0080redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0081Love this one so much with the glowy sun!!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0082redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0083redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0084These two had such a blast and danced the night away!

redbarn20_cazenovia_central_new_york_syracuse_wedding_photographer_0085-1Loved these desserts and this fire pit scene!


The perfect end to their evening!!


A special thank you to all of the vendors who made Amy & Gabor’s beautiful day possible!

Venue: RedBarn20, Cazenovia, New York

Church: Immaculate Conception Church, Pompey, New York

Wedding Designer/Planner: Kate Brown, LoveWell Weddings

Cinematographer: Mayer Video

Florist: Spruce Ridge Landscape & Design Center

Ceremony Musicians: Magnolia String Quartet

Cocktail Hour Music: Tommy Connors

Band: The Mere Mortals

Makeup Artist: A-List Artistry, by Holly Piselli

Hair Stylist: Trish Esce

Rentals: She Rents Vintage

Wedding Dress Boutique: Nordstrom, designed by Rosa Clara

Invitations: Box Car Press

Catering: Linklaen House

Bakery: Murphy’s Specialized Pastries

Dessert: Eva’s European Sweets

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