Our Honeymoon! Thailand: Nai Yang Beach

Friends!! :)  Thank you SO much for all of you who looked at our honeymoon photos yesterday and wrote such sweet comments to me about our time in Thailand!!  I decided to break up our Thailand post and continue it today because a) it was too long but more importantly, b) I really wanted to highlight THIS place because it ended up being probably both of our FAVORITE experiences of the whole trip.

And this part of the honeymoon almost never happened.

You saw how we stayed in that fun little bungalow on Phi Phi Island?  Well, after a few days we decided we were ready to move out of “camping-in-the-jungle” mode and back to a resort!  Seriously, it was so romantic…but we were ready to feel clean and relaxed after all our daily adventures!  We had planned on staying in Phi Phi for 3 nights, but we decided to head back to mainland Phuket early.  So we took the first ferry out (as you saw in the last post), packed our bags, and literally had no concrete plan.  We went to the pier and called Derek’s mom (who answered the phone at like 10 PM or 11 PM New York time) and we discovered that our previous hotel in Siray Bay was not open for the extra night.  So we waited for her to call us back while eating mango waffles and smoothies…meanwhile she was doing important research for us and found this AMAZING place!

“I found a place that’s closer to the airport…and it looks really nice.”

At first we were a little disappointed…but we were thankful and open to the new experience!  Little did we know that this would be one of the best things that happened to us this trip.

Nai Yang Beach is on the northwest side of the island of Phuket, Thailand.  Our Mariott hotel was gorgeous, we were greeted with butterfly pea water tea (sounds weird but it’s like the best fruity tea ever and it was PURPLE!), and there was an infinity pool.  But Derek and I had discovered that neither of us were really “stay-at-the-resort-all-day” people.  Which is awesome that we’re the same way that way – such a blessing!!

What we loved the most about Nai Yang is that our hotel was literally in between 2 national parks!  AND an amazing local market with local restaurants!  So, when we felt the itch to get out and explore, we could walk to the most amazing places.  (Noted for our future trips…we are going to try to do this more!) One day, we walked left out of our hotel into the national park at low tide.  And we saw fishermen and long tail boats along the way.  And later that evening, we walked right and found the local market, did some shopping (tea leaves – heck yes!), and ate dinner on the beach at sunset at local restaurants.  THAT is where we got our best Thai meals of the trip – and the atmosphere was so chill, and so authentic, it just captured our hearts.

The pace of going slow combined with an authentic adventure was hard to beat.

We will forever be grateful for this experience!!  And we highly recommend this area if you ever visit Phuket!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_01An iPhone pano of our resort, to give you some context again!
phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_02A room with a view and pool access – ahh! :)

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_03The beach at low tide – you could walk so far out!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_04phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_05Look at this cutie!!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_06AH, I love this photo!  Great job hon!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_07We were still too obsessed with the long tails…

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_08Crabs!!  We saw SO many on this beach!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_09One entrance to the local market!  SO cool!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_10It’s amazing how we had to walk through these flowers and trees to get there!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_11We loved all this FRUIT…

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_12phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_13Love this one of him!!
phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_14phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_15I just had to take a photo of this sign because it encompasses so much about our time in southeast Asia!  Derek and I started speaking broken English to each other, and it was hilarious!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_16Loved that street scene and that sweet little girl!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_17phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_18These are the cool restaurants we were able to experience! :)

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_19phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_20LOVE that photo!  Those “young coconuts” were out of this world.  Our favorites of the whole trip.

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_21AND, that pineapple fried rice – my favorite dish!  It was a little spicy for me the first night so the second night I tried some with less chile paste!  But Derek loved the spice!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_22Mango and sticky rice is a famous Thai dessert – just had to capture it!  One day I am going to try to make it!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_23phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_24That sunset view though..

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_25Grateful for the tourist who took this for us!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_26My favorite photo of my man probably of the whole trip!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_27phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_28phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_29Heading back into our hotel at night…WOW.

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_30-1phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_30phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_31Time for more adventures into the park! :)

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_32Love this one!  Wearing the elephant shirt I bought at the market!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_33phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_34phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_35The local fisherman – so cool to see!

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_36My sweetheart loved his coconut!  Also…the pad thai was incredible!  That pineapple was actually split in half and the other was filled with pineapple fried rice (again).

phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_37phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_38phuket_nai_yang_beach_thailand_international_photographer_39Enjoying a few moments of the sunset before heading back.

This place just captured our hearts!

The next morning we left Phuket for Bali!  And I can’t wait to share about THAT part of our honeymoon with you next week!  But for now, please feel free to leave any more questions you have about Thailand with me!  I would love to answer them for you!

Here’s to a weekend of love and adventure!!

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