Our Honeymoon! Bali, Indonesia

Happy Monday, friends!!  My sweet man and I celebrated our 6 MONTH wedding anniversary yesterday…how is that even real?!  It’s so funny, it seems like it’s been so much longer, and the blink of an eye, all at the same time.  Marriage is so wonderful.

It reminds me of how amazing our honeymoon was, that was only 4 weeks ago now and seems so much longer!  Last week I blogged part of our adventure in Thailand, and now I’d love to share Bali with you!  Get ready, this is going to be a LONG one!!  We stayed in one place in Bali and just adventured around, so I put it all into one blog post for you!  I have at least one friend thinking of going to Bali, and I know it’s getting to be a popular honeymoon destination, so I hope this post helps you see Bali through our eyes!

We LOVED it there.  It was true adventure.  It was the third world.  It was so many things.

But for some reason, Bali for us will remain a place we had a great time and don’t need to re-visit.  We had so much of an adventure here we really feel satisfied!  Whereas I feel like we feel we only touched the tip of the iceberg in Thailand.

Bali was surprisingly very busy, and very overpopulated.  We found that out right away when we landed and were being driven to our hotel and tons of motorbikes were in traffic on the road.  Especially near the capital, Denpasar, it is SUPER busy.  And we stayed right near the capital, so we had to pass through it every single day no matter what adventure we went on.  The traffic wasn’t bad outside the city – most tourists were traveling to Ubud, and we can see why – Ubud was amazing!  Staying at a villa there totally would have been our jam!

We learned quickly that it was most cost effective (AND SAFER) to have a driver take us around for the day rather than taxi around – some taxis could drop us off but not pick us up, and then the ones that could had inflated rates.  We loved having a day driver, Putu, for 3 days – and honestly it’s one of our fondest memories – spending our days with him and getting to know about his life in Bali.  He was the most chill person we ever met!

Our favorite adventures were: *Tegallalang Rice Terrace – there’s really NOTHING like that in the world and the color green is simply incredible!!  (It’s not green all times of the year – so make sure you travel in the right season)  * Hiking mount Batur at sunrise!  The view of Mount Agung (the volcano that recently erupted in November) was incredible, as was being above the clouds! *Going to the north to the waterfalls – we loved the secret one we found not far from Aling Aling, away from the tourist crowds!  *Shopping in Ubud – the markets were amazing.  We got some fun souvenirs – mostly scented soaps, tea leaves and coffee beans! (And I got a cute dress, tank top and flip flops!) *Balinese massages – they cost $10 USD tops for an hour and a half and was to both of us the best massage we’ve ever had! *Sipping coffee overlooking the rice terraces – in Canggu and in Tegallalang *Visiting Canggu, a super hip surfer town and hanging out by the water! *My birthday sunset dinner at Jimbaran – definitely the best sunset of the entire trip!

Bali was certainly an adventure of a lifetime and one we will always be grateful to have experienced!
bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_001We started our journey from Phuket, Thailand (left) landed in the Bali airport, and then walked around at our hotel the Laguna Bali at night!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_002So beautiful!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_003These statues already – we knew we were in a different place!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_004How gorgeous is this lagoon?!  We loved swimming in it – this view here became my favorite spot to take a dip!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_005Our breakfast in iPhone photos – because I couldn’t NOT show you how amazing the fruit was!!!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_006We took an adventure on foot from our hotel in Nusa Dua into the town nearby!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_007It was super hot – my lens kept fogging up – it was in the mid 90s and humid!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_008Hey there husband!  We’re so in Bali!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_009We got a taxi and our awesome driver took us to our first coffee farm for a tasting!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_010Here they are – real coffee beans!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_011bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_012That lady had such a presence about her.  I could have kept photographing her.
bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_013Love this one of us! :)

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_014This was so fun!  They gave us samples of coffee which they ground into a powder, so it would be “instant” with water.  Our favorite coffee was coconut – so delicious!  And then their tea, lemongrass, ginger and rosella – they also ground into a powder since they can’t grow tea leaves in Bali.  What an education – we learned a lot!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_015Derek with our driver and the man from the coffee farm who served us and showed us the coffee beans growing and being produced!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_016Next we went to Uluwatu Temple, which is an amazing experience!  We almost “skipped this” because it’s popular and we’re so glad we didn’t!  There’s something about a temple on a cliffside like this that is so unique!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_017You could walk for so long – we said it looked like the Great Wall of China!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_018AHH!  How amazing is that view?!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_019Derek and I (and all the visitors) had to wear these purple sarongs into the temple out of respect.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_020There’s the temple!  So cool, right?!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_021Love this shot!  So, fun fact about my hat – I thought it was just a fashion statement but it also doubled as shade for my neck and shoulders from the sun!  Score :)

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_022We visited Pantai Balangan, a local beach, as one of the suggestions from Derek’s friend who had visited Bali!  It was beautiful there and you could definitely tell it was a local beach.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_023bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_024Love that one honey!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_025See??  No frills here…

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_026But I loved this view and all the green!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_027We ate dinner in this chill restaurant and soon realized we needed to figure out our transportation getting home! After that night we decided no more taxis, and instead hired day drivers from here out!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_028Our gorgeous easter Sunday at our hotel’s beach in Nusa Dua.  What a way to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection that morning!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_029We spent a lot of time at the Laguna and they even had baby bunnies in a playpen to play with!!  It was for the kids but heck yes we held them too!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_030We dressed up and took a walk along our beach to find a nice restaurant to eat at!
bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_031bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_032He’s so adorable!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_033bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_034bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_035The walk back to our hotel after sunset – how gorgeous is this?!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_036bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_037We saw a traditional Balinese “fire dance” at our hotel!  That was a thing on this island and it was amazing – we definitely recommend seeing it!  That guy on the right was incredible.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_038We got an early morning start (1:45 AM) to hike Mount Batur to summit before sunrise!  We got up to the top there with our guide Ketut at 5:30 AM, and sunrise was just after 6!  He gave us black coffee, and made us scrambled egg sandwiches and “yummy tummy banana sandwiches” which were both cooked using the heat from the volcano!  Seriously…that happened.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_039What an adventure, my love!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_040bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_041LOVE that shot of sunrise!  How amazing to be above the clouds!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_042We summited Mount Batur and in the distance, the peak you see is Mount Agung – the volcano that erupted this past November!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_043This view is amazing, because beyond all the people’s silhouettes there at the bottom who also summited Mount Batur, you can see the ocean in the distance.  Derek pointed it out to me – you think it’s all sky, but it’s not!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_044See the people and the steam?!  That’s where our breakfast was cooked.  Such a memory, this place!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_045We loved seeing the village at the base of the volcano through the clouds!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_046Such a cute photo of us!  Thank you Ketut!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_047The hike down was amazing, since it was actually daylight and we realized just how much we were really in the jungle!!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_048These flowers were so unique!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_049And yup, that’s our guide Ketut walking past a coffee stand – this is definitely the jungle right here.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_050Loved those ferns on the jungle floor!


bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_052We walked past several cabbage farms – so cool, and we loved these mountain views!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_053bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_054bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_055We asked our driver Putu to take us to Ulun Danu Batur – the main temple on Lake Batur – and wow was it beautiful!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_056Love that one!!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_057Putu drove us up the crater rim – which you can see into from this view!
bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_058And of course, one last stop for coffee!  AND chocolate this time!  (that’s a cocoa bean I’m holding!!)

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_059Derek is holding the most expensive cup of coffee in the world!  Cafe Luwak – it’s made from the luwak animal who eats and then secretes only the best coffee beans, which are then cleaned and roasted and taste way better than just any coffee beans off the trees in Bali!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_060After a good rest we set out the next day to explore Ubud and the rice fields!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_061Downtown Ubud was so cool – we loved these streets, the restaurants, and the market!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_062SUCH a cool market!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_063bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_064Ahh – my honey with the best coconut ice cream we’ve ever had!  Definitely a reason to smile!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_065Just had to show you there is a Starbucks in Ubud – this is definitely the third world so what a contrast!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_066We walked into this temple off the street without knowing what it was…and WOW.  We were just stunned.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_067bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_068All the mopeds.  I’m so glad we didn’t rent them haha!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_069bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_070This is what traffic looked like on a daily basis…

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_071We made it to the famous Tegallalang Rice Terrace!  And while we were at it stopped for an Americano and Cappuccino – what an experience!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_072bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_073Derek and our driver Putu!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_074Ahh that photo may just be my fave from Bali! :)  Time to explore the terrace!
bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_075Love that photo hon!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_076How amazing is this?!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_077Ahh love it!!  A sweet couple from London we ran into took this for us!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_078The LIGHT!  So so gorgeous!!!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_079This isn’t grass, this is RICE! :)

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_080The local rice field workers just doing their jobs while all the visitors were there.  Incredible.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_081bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_082bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_083bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_084LOVE this one Derek took of me!  Ahh!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_085Derek with one of his faves, the dragon fruit!!  Right next to him on the right (toward you) is my favorite, mangosteen!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_086Now it’s my birthday – the next day!  We are at the Bali swing so I can have this experience and photo I dreamed of on my birthday, and my husband is patiently waiting for me with his coffee!  So sweet!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_087He’s a cutie!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_088AHH!  Such a dream!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_089Next we decided to do the Campuhan Ridge Walk, also just outside of Ubud.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_090bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_091bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_092So much fun!  We literally walked between two rice terraces!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_093Derek found his own swing, in a tree!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_094Some tourists nicely took this for us!  First birthday pic with my man!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_095bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_096Isn’t all this architecture amazing?!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_097Putu drove us to Jimbaran beach for an epic sunset dinner!  And oh my was it epic!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_098Birthday photo time to celebrate 31!!!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_099So fun!  I saved those orchids in the fridge just for this moment!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_100We had no idea what was about to happen to this sunset…


bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_102THIS!  I HAVE NO WORDS.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_103bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_104So much beauty – it was the perfect and most romantic birthday.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_105Derek picked out a fresh white snapper to be grilled for us that was caught that morning!  And it was delicious.

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_106Our dinner view!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_107The next morning, our driver Jek took us to Canggu to this amazing place for breakfast over the rice terraces!!  It was probably our favorite breakfast – so I had to post these iPhone photos!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_108Then we continued on our adventure ALL the way to north bali to the waterfalls (which was a 3 hour drive) so we made stops along the way!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_109This was cool too, these are strawberry fields overlooking the mountains!  We got fresh strawberry juice here!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_110Finally we made it to our first waterfall, Aling Aling, and we decided to travel on foot without a guide, since it was close by!  So yup, we were walking down these roads asking locals where to go!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_111bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_112Such a pretty walk in!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_113There it is – SO powerful and beautiful!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_114bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_115Then our driver took us to this amazing private waterfall, which we found via @lostleblanc’s Youtube videos!  We had to ask the locals where this one even was – and it was pretty much only us when we got there!  This was a highlight of our trip, for sure!!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_116AHH!!  This really happened!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_117We had heard about these gates from @lostleblanc too – such an epic spot!!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_119bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_120On the way back we stopped at Ulun Danu Bratan – we had seen photos of this temple and we both loved it on the lake with these misty mountain clouds!
bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_121bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_122The next day, we chilled by our pool at our hotel and then took an afternoon trip back to Canggu, which we heard was an amazing spot and we had only been to for breakfast!  This was where the Aussies and the surfer crowds hung out!  We just ate at this hip new restaurant and then got to go in their swim up pool and watch the surfers!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_123An iPhone shot – the most chill place ever!

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_124bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_125Derek didn’t have a surfboard so he wanted to body surf!  Love these photos of him! :)

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_126bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_127Then sunset started happening…

bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_128bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_129bali_indonesia_southeast_asia_travel_destination_photographer_130What a view!  Such an epic end to our trip!


The next day we hung out at our hotel, swam and packed up – and at night our driver Putu picked us up one last time!  And he asked us for this photo with us!  Such an honor!  It’s the perfect ending to our journey because we felt our trip was about SO much more than just us.  It was an epic adventure.  It was about people.  And of course it was about each other…and how we bonded through each of these experiences.  It’s something you just can’t describe…that’s why it was so amazing for Derek and I to share.  We are so grateful to have had this experience.

Thank you so much for reading about our honeymoon, it means so much to have you on the journey!!

PLEASE feel free to comment and ask me any questions you have about Bali and I would be so happy to answer anything!

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