Lauren & Gary’s Engagement!

Oh, friends!  How excited are you that it is now officially SPRING?  The first day was 2 days ago…and I’m thrilled about that and that I leave on my honeymoon TOMORROW!  Derek and I can’t wait – and you bet we will be blogging photos when we get back!

But first, I HAD to share this sweet story with you, my last winter engagement session from this year!  Lauren and Gary are such sweethearts.  I met them as they were planning their wedding at the same venue that we got married – Red Maple Vineyard!!  I could tell from talking to them that they were such a great couple.  They have been together for 6 years and are so ready to be married!

Lauren and Gary live in Pennsylvania, and when it came time to plan their engagement session, we chose a place in between us, Chenango Valley State Park in Binghamton!  Lauren really envisioned a snowy engagement, even though she and Gary are more beach people!  She just saw that setting as super romantic, but we didn’t know if we would get it.

Then, it snowed 19 inches in Central New York out of nowhere!!  So we planned to grab the snow while we had it, and man was it an adventure!  Many streets in the Chenango Valley park were closed because of the snow – but we still adventured into the woods and found some gorgeous locations – and Lauren’s Hunter boots were the perfect thing!  I was totally in photographer heaven in this snowy forest with them!  And the sun kept peeking out so we had some surprise bursts of light that were just perfect!

We then moved on to Confluence Park in downtown Binghamton, where I had never been before!  There was this cool green bridge and even more brilliant was the way the sunlight reflected on the water – it was the perfect way to end their session!

Hope you enjoy Lauren and Gary’s sweet story!  We can’t wait to be a part of their wedding day this fall!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0001Seriously, how adorable are these two?!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0002LOVE this one!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0003chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0004chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0005This road was a perfect place to walk, still with the gorgeous background!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0006Beautiful Lauren!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0007chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0008We had to take her warm jacket off for a few…because the dress was just too beautiful!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0009chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0010LOVE!  One of my faves!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0011Haha!  I think they were laughing because the snow started blowing all over them!  Such troopers!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0012chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0025How stunning is this ring?!

chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0013chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0014chenango_valley_state_park_binghamton_central_new_york_snow_woodland_engagement_photographer_0015AHH!!  LOVED these trees and the light came out at just the right time!  Faves!


I have a thing for forests!  So gorgeous!
confluence_park_binghamton_central_new_york_engagement_photographer_01How fun is this green bridge?!  Lauren loved the color!

confluence_park_binghamton_central_new_york_engagement_photographer_02confluence_park_binghamton_central_new_york_engagement_photographer_03confluence_park_binghamton_central_new_york_engagement_photographer_04AHH!  The light on them is just stunning!


Such a perfect way to end our afternoon!

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