Always Chasing the Light: My Why

Only a few weeks ago, I did something risky.  Creative.  One of the things I have always wanted to do.  I launched my first lighting course, the Kerri Lynne Chasing Light Workshop!  If you haven’t seen the website and read about it, check it out here!

This was a dream come true for me because I love teaching, I was an education major before changing paths and pursuing photography.  And when it comes to photography lighting is my heartbeat – it’s what I’m always pursuing for each one of my couples, and really, for myself.

I wrote on the website that we shouldn’t do anything in photography without first knowing why we do it. This is a concept that was first enforced by Justin & Mary’s workshops in CT and one I’ve grown to love.  So I wrote on the website WHY it’s so important to learn lighting – why having confidence, building trust, and showing value is so important.

But I wanted to take a minute to zoom out of all of this and give you my wider perspective, and something much more personal – my heart.  I want you to know why I’m drawn to light not only as a photographer but as a person.  Why my heart beats faster when I’m in a vast landscape with a couple and the sun shines at just the right moment.  This is my why.  I’ve never shared this story quite like this before.

This past fall, my intern Erin Paglia asked to shoot a documentary about me for her course at Cazenovia College.  I was so honored that she thought I was interesting enough to capture in a documentary!  And as the story unfolded, my story – it became clear that everything in my life and heart journey relates to light.  Erin gave me permission to share this documentary on social media.  And with the lighting course I just launched, I knew now is the perfect timing.

So here’s my story. Always chasing the light.


Feel free to leave me any comments you have!

Thank you Erin for capturing my heart so perfectly, and Jenni and Adrianna for your work with her on this documentary!


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