Kelli & Greg’s Wedding!

Happy Friday, friends!  I am SO thrilled to share this one today!  This New Year’s wedding was so epic this year – Derek and I were so thrilled to spend our first New Year’s as a married couple with Kelli and Greg!  These two are so kind and giving and their spirits are just infectious.  You might remember their warm summer engagement on the boat on the Thousand Islands?  Well, their wedding day was quite the opposite – a 5 degree cold winter wedding!  They totally prepared and they and their friends were ready to embrace anything with adventurous spirits – which I love about them!

When I arrived at Kelli’s mom’s home, I was just in awe of all her details, from her dress, to the girls’ gold sparkle dresses, to her Bagdley Mischka shoes, to her invitation suite that was totally Gatsby-esque to match the New Year’s eve vibe!  When it came time for Kelli to get dressed, she looked absolutely stunning and her mom definitely shed a few tears!  It was so much fun to “reveal” Kelli as a bride to her friends – yes, there were more tears!  Then she read a note from Greg and opened his gift.  It was so sweet, he left her a note that he wrote her years and years ago saying how lucky he was to have won her heart.  I knew this day was going to be as beautiful as it was!

Linehan Chapel was SUCH a gorgeous spot for their ceremony, and the pews were lined with greenery.  Greg looked so happy as he saw his bride walk down the aisle toward him!  They had a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends (I love that they stood on the altar with them!) and before long they were MARRIED!  We took some gorgeous photographs outside the chapel…because those doors are just epic.  Then, of course, when we were deciding where to go next, I saw the light glimmering in the distance and we decided to go chase it.  Best decision ever – I just love those portraits of Kelli and Greg!  Then we did a little tour of Rochester, from High Falls (where we caught the AMAZING sunset – fave!!), to the rooftop of the CGI Communications building, to indoors at the Century Club, to outdoors with sparklers, and then the bridal party stopped at 2Vine for a drink before they headed to their venue for cocktail hour :)

The Arbor Loft downtown was set up so beautifully for this New Year’s Eve wedding – from the candles and lights all over the tables, to their mirrored seating chart, photo booth, and a gorgeous dessert table.  Before these two entered the room, the craziest thing happened…the Buffalo Bills got into the Playoffs for the first time in years!  People were screaming and cheering and even Greg came into the room to cheer before stepping out to make his “actual” entrance with his bride!  Kelli and Greg really stole the show as their bridal party danced around them before their sweet first dance!  The evening was classy with beautiful toasts by their family members, but it was also crazy fun once their band Something Else got started!  Their guests really danced the night away, and they even served late night pizza for everyone who stayed late for the holiday!  Right before New Year’s, everyone grabbed hats and got ready for the countdown to 2018!!!  Then the moment happened, and Kelli and Greg shared a New Year’s kiss, as did many of their guests!  It was the BEST way to ring in the New Year…with the Smiths!

Hope you enjoy their amazing story!  We were so happy to be a part of it!


rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_01Her gown and shoes were gorgeous!
rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_02rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_03Love these J Crew earrings too!rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_04rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_05rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_06rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_07AHH all the sparkle!!

rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_08rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_09Look at the BACK of this dress!

rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_10Kelli you are so beautiful!

rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_11rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_12rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_13SO gorgeous Kelli!!rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_14rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_15Aww love their faces when they first saw her!

rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_16rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_17rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_18rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_19rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_20Great shots Greg!!

Love this one of the guys so much!

linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_02linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_03linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_04This chapel is so beautiful!  Love all Kelli and Greg’s greenery too!

linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_05linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_06linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_07linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_08linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_09YAY!  They’re married!

linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_10How gorgeous are these chapel doors?!  And these two…too cute!

linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_11linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_12linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_13linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_14linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_15SUCH a fun bridal party!!

linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_16Ahh one of my favorites!  Loved chasing the light with these two!

linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_17linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_18linehan_chapel_nazareth_college_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_19Another favorite!!  LOVE love!


high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_01high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_02THIS – stunner!  My ultimate favorite of their day!  This sunset light was perfect!high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_03high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_04Such a great shot Derek!  Love it!high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_05high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_06high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_07The bridal party had so much fun on the top of this rooftop!  What troopers – it was 5 degrees!!high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_08high_falls_genesse_brew_house_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_09

What a gorgeous sunset up there :)

century_club_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_01century_club_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_02Ahh love these so much!century_club_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_03So much fun with these sparklers!


Ahh love this!!

the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_01How gorgeous is their room at the Arbor Loft?  Such a great venue!

the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_02the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_03the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_04the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_05Love love their dessert table!  So yum!

the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_06the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_07Let’s get the party started!!the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_08the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_09the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_10Greg was still happy the Buffalo Bills won that night!  As were most of their guests!

the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_11the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_12the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_13the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_14the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_15SUCH a fun night!  You can totally tell!

the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_16the_arbor_loft_rochester_central_new_york_wedding_photographer_17Getting ready for the big event…


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Loved celebrating it with this amazing couple!


Thank you to all of the AMAZING vendors who made Kelli & Greg’s wedding day possible!!


Ceremony: Linehan Chapel, Nazareth College, Rochester

Venue: The Arbor Loft, Rochester

Photographer: Kerri Lynne Photography

Cinematographer: Jacquelyn Daley

Band: Something Else

Florist: Hopper Hills

Wedding Dress Boutique: Silk

Hair Stylist: Hair by Jessica

Makeup Artist: Kim Gregoire

Invitation Design: Suite Smith

Caterers: 2Vine Restaurant

Bakery: Scratch Bake Shop, Rochester, New York


And a HUGE thank you to my incredible second shooter, my husband Derek!  I couldn’t be more grateful for you honey!  You rocked it!

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