Dolores & Dan’s Engagement!

I am SO thrilled to share these two with you today!  Love them already and I had so much fun getting to know them!

I met Dolores and Dan after they had reached out to me about their wedding at RedBarn20 in Cazenovia this fall!  I loved their fun spirits, their love of adventure and her eye for detail and style.  And even in our first meeting I could tell these two just love each other!

Dolores and Dan met on a blind date in New York City – and so awesome, it worked!  Not before long, they started building a life together just outside of New York in Hoboken, NJ.  Which now includes their adorable pup Kamere! (Yes, it’s supposed to be funny!)  Dan quickly realized that Dolores, originally from Miami, didn’t have much exposure to how beautiful the seasons are in the Northeast.  And originally from the mountainous areas in Pennsylvania, spending family time in camps on the lake was how he was used to life.  So he brought Dolores out of the city to the Catskill region in the fall, and she just fell in love with the colors and the flavors! (Girl after my own heart!)  And they started making it a tradition to make these trips upstate. So, when it came time to propose, Dan brought her to the Catskills – and she said yes!

When it came time to planning their wedding, they wanted their guests to have the same feel as they did on their trips together – so after searching for the perfect place they found RedBarn20 in Cazenovia, where they will be married this fall!  In the meantime, we planned their engagement session a little closer to home, so it would have the feel of much of their relationship.  I met them at their home in West New York, met their cute little pup, and then we adventured (YES, adventured!) to Hoboken, on these cute little cobblestone streets and storefronts, and then we went to Liberty State Park to this awesome train station and sweeping views of New York City in the background.  You just can’t beat those views!  Even in the wind, we had so much fun and these two were up for anything!

I’m so excited for them and can’t wait to be a part of their wedding this fall.  I hope you love Dolores and Dan’s sweet story!!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_01How CUTE are they?!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_02central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_03AHH!  I love that Dolores bought this mug from @handmadedarling!  Way to shop local, and oh, I think I want one!
central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_04So cute!!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_05central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_06LOVE this so much!!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_07central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_08Seriously?!  Too adorable!  Loved the front of this restaurant!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_09central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_10central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_11central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_12central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_13central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_14LOVE LOVE!! :)

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_15central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_16central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_17Ahh!  So cute!  Love this wall of ivy too!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_18central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_19central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_20This little street was such a Hoboken gem!  Get ready!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_21central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_22One of my FAVORITES!  Yes!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_23central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_24That wind was perfect timing!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_25You two look so great here!!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_26central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_27central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_28Okay, time to chase some light!  You know it!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_29central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_30So lovely in front of this old train station!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_31central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_32Ahh love!!  So sweet!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_33central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_34central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_35AHH the light!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_36And now for these views – SO perfect for them!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_37central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_38central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_39Another FAVE!

central_new_york_syracuse_rochester_kerri_lynne_wedding_photographer_40Such a MAGICAL way to end our night!!  This city sunset was incredible!

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