2018: Reflecting on the New Year!

How is it 2018 already?!  I can’t believe it, friends – can you?!

I feel like this past year was so long and flew by all at the same time!  So much happened, and I remember last year at this time setting goals for the year and having one thing in mind: surviving.  2017 was not only my wedding year (which took SO much of our time to prepare for!), but it was the year that I moved to Central New York, and it was a year I booked 17 weddings that I had to travel 4 hours away for.  I was here, I was gone, I spent so much time in the car, and all I wanted to do was finally be settled.  In June I moved into what would be our future home and the feeling of settling started to come over me.  But in October, after we were married and finally together – I really started to feel SO much peace!

In some ways, 2017 was about making it through the year and enjoying as many little moments as I could amidst the busy.  But now that it’s a new year, and we are settled in this place that has become a wonderful first home for us and a wonderful community, I feel the space to finally DREAM again.  To finally WORK on projects that have been on my heart for a long time but I’ve pressed the pause button.


I’m releasing the pause button this new year.  I’m digging into my courage, so I can take some risks.  And have FUN while I take those risks.  I’m doing things I’m afraid of and gathering people around me to keep me accountable.

I’m going to do new creative things in my business which I’ve already started dreaming about.

And I’m going to give God the space to work through me and continue to make connections that I couldn’t even imagine being there.  I’ve already seen such beautiful things fall into place.  So I’m just going to keep trying to be at the right place at the right time.

My word of the year is…


In order to dream, and risk, and try new things, one day at a time, it’s going to take more discipline on my part.  This year isn’t about surviving through, but strategizing through.  Having more discipline through.

I bought myself a weekly calendar the other day, and I plan to USE it this year.  So I can actually make these crazy dreams happen!  I’m not going to be a perfectionist, or be down on myself – I will give myself grace.  But planning will give me a big boost as I try.

Some years are about letting go, and for me, this year is about digging in.

So here’s to 2018 and all that’s ahead!!  More reflections on my business and specific goals will be coming soon!  Thank you as always for sharing the journey with me, friends!

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