Hajar & Mike’s Wedding Portraits!

It’s a cozy day here in Central New York, the snow is lightly falling, and I’m sitting by the fire editing and putting together this beautiful story.  I really am THRILLED to share these two with you today!

Hajar and Mike found my work online and she gave me a call looking for wedding portraits, and I could just tell she had such kindness in her voice.  And it was so special to have the opportunity to document Hajar and Mike’s story.  They met a few years ago in Syracuse, New York, and decided to marry this November!  You can just tell in spending any amount of time with these two that they have a lot of fun together, and ask Hajar said, “we’re not serious people.”  And I LOVED that!

They haven’t yet been able to share their marriage with their families, as Hajar’s family is international and hasn’t been able to yet travel to the US.  So it was even more special to document not only their love, but their commitment to each other, so they will always remember their marriage, and spending this romantic time of year together as husband and wife :)

When we spoke about locations, Hajar wanted to do some photographs inside and some outside – and totally gave me the creative freedom to work!  I was able to find a really sweet spot for indoor photos, The Lodge at Welch Allyn in Skaneateles.  It was decorated SO beautifully for Christmas, with trees, poinsettias and lights everywhere.  I LOVED the rustic, warm feel of their venue as well as the open windows for lighting.  It really was gorgeous, and so was the outside deck and surrounding property!  We had so much fun photographing portraits there and it really got these two in the Christmas spirit :)

Then, if that wasn’t beautiful enough, we went to downtown Skaneateles which was also decorated for Christmas!  We took photos by the waterfront, and then immediately saw people dressed as characters from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” walking around in full costume and character.  Hajar wanted to take photos with some of the characters, and one of them even let us use her Christmas jingle bell to take an epic ring shot!!  We strolled onto the pier with a Christmas tree at the end, and it was the perfect spot to end our afternoon together!

I just LOVED getting to spend time with these two, enjoy their deep love and their fun and bright spirits – it was such an honor to document this time in their lives.

I hope you love Hajar and Mike’s story as I do!


the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0001Oh and this was just the beginning!  Her smile lights up the whole room!
the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0003So sweet!!
the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0005Love that one on the right!

the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0006This fireplace was so cozy :)

the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0008Ahh love love these!  These lights and decor were just PERFECT.the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0009

the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0011the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0012the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0013I just had to put up this silly one because this is so the essence of them!!

the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0014-1the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0014Love these too!

the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0018Such gorgeous stone work, loved these!

the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0022the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0023the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0024the_lodge_at_welch_allyn_skaneatales_central_new_york_rustic_lodge_adirondack_wedding_portrait_photography_0025If you thought it couldn’t get more romantic…just wait…

A favorite!  LOVE!

skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_01My other favorite!  Love this joy so much!

skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_02skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_03skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_04You couldn’t even tell it was cold they were smiling so much!

skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_05skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_06skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_07skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_08How gorgeous is this setting?!  So romantic!

skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_09skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_10This RING shot!!  Omg love!
skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_12The Charles Dickens characters were so cute!  That lady in the middle is the one who let us use her bell for the ring photo :)
skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_14LOVE this too!  This tree on the pier with them…wow.

skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_15-1skaneatales_lake_central_new_york_finger_lakes_christmas_wedding_portrait_photography_15The perfect ending to their afternoon!

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