Emily & Miguel’s Engagement!

I am so excited to post this one, friends!  My cousin’s sweet wife Holly is good friends with Emily, who now lives in NYC and is engaged to be married!  So when Emily reached out to ask me to photograph their engagement photos, I was so excited :)

Emily and Miguel have such a cool story, too!  Emily was in her work building (she works in marketing) and literally ran into Miguel in the elevator there!  They struck up a conversation, one thing led to another, and he asked for her number – which led to their first date!  Their first date was a picnic on Governor’s Island, playing games, and watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July!  They had such good time and talked the whole time.  And now, they’re inseparable – from going on picnic dates with a bottle of wine, to movie nights in the park.  And they’re so happy to be spending the rest of their lives together!

When we planned their engagement photographs, they wanted to capture their love in Battery Park, where they have been on dates together as a couple and just love the scenery!  And also, the Brooklyn Promenade which has a really cool vibe of course with city views :)

We had the best time on their date, and went from one adventure to the next – from the park where old boats were passing at just the right time, to eating ice cream while taxis passed us on the street, to catching the subway to Brooklyn, changing, and even buying shoes so her feet wouldn’t hurt so bad in heels!  I had the best time with them, and I pray the Lord blesses them in their marriage ahead!

Here’s to Emily and Miguel – hope you love their story!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0001So cute already!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0002battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0003battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0004battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0005Love that ring shot!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0006Precious you two!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0007battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0009battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0010-1LOVE this one and this dock!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0010-2And this…favorite!! :)

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0010battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0012They’re so cute!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0014battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0015battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0016battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0017battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0018battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0019battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0020battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0021Their wine bottle just happened to match an exhibit going on…and that right there is her BIBLE with her monogram on it.  How amazing is that?!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0022battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0023Who doesn’t love ice cream on a NYC street?!  These two sure do!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0024Next stop was Brooklyn Heights – such a beautiful street!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0025battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0026battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0027So sweet!!

battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0028battery_park_manhattan_new_york_engagement_photography_0029When you see a sign that says Love Lane…

brooklyn_heights_promenade_new_york_engagement_photography_01Love this one Emily!


The perfect way to end our evening on the promenade!  So romantic!

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