OUR Engagement Photographs!

This is such a surreal post to be writing, friends.  I can’t EVEN!  I’ve been photographing couples for over 6 years now, and I remember so many seasons being single and being a part of so many other couple’s journeys.  People asked me if it was ever hard for me – and you know what?  It actually wasn’t.  It somehow gave me hope to keep seeing love, keep believing in it, and celebrating in others’ joy.  And maybe that’s why now that I found my future husband, I FEEL so much joy and love coming back at me.  It’s overwhelming!!

Derek and I have been dating for 2 years and it’s incredible to be at this stage of our journey together.  I can’t believe it’s here!!  We’ve been through so much, both ups and downs, but he’s been such a constant in my life.  I can be super emotional sometimes, and Derek is my steady.  We both have a confidence in each other and a loyalty that I’ve never experienced in my life.  And because of him I’ve strengthened and matured so much in the last 2 years (and I know he has too!), he’s supported my business, and he’s challenged my adventurous side to stretch even further.  We’ve seen God work through our love and bind us together…and I can’t wait to see what that looks like in our marriage!!  He’s my partner, my friend, and my right hand and I love him endlessly.  I love the silly ways that we talk and laugh together, I love making egg breakfasts and enjoying small moments, I love going on walks and seeing beauty together, and I love just being held in his arms.

I’m going to write a behind the scenes post next with how we DID all of this (make a teepee, prepare all the things…) and how it FELT being photographed by my favorite photographer and mentor, Katelyn James!  Being photographed by her has been my DREAM for years and I can’t believe it’s come true (thanks to my dear mom)!  Katelyn knows how to capture joy and love in a way that touches my heart so much.  More about that in my next post…because this one is about my sweetheart and I!

We chose to have our engagement photographs taken in Derek’s hometown, Cazenovia, New York – because it’s a place that has been so central to our relationship.  And just the scenery there – with the rolling his, fields, and forests – are a big part of who we are and these places just felt so “us.”  The first location we went to, Stone Quarry Art Park, we chose because it was a great location for our teepee at sunrise!  And the second location, Lorenzo Historic Site, is where we went on our third date – and the woods there is where we took our first selfie together!  (Of course there were many after that…haha)

So HERE, friends…are the photographs that make me cry.  HERE are the moments I will always treasure and I can’t EVEN choose which ones will go on the walls of our first house!  Thank you for being a part of Derek and I’s journey – for all your love, for all your support, I really can’t thank you enough!  (It’s a good thing this isn’t our wedding photos yet, I need to work up to that tear level!)

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_01stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_02AHH love!  The light!  (And yes, it’s about 5:45 am)

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_03stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_04stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_05Oh I love our teepee!
stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_06But I love him more :)

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_07stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_08stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_09stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_10We both LOVE this one!

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_11stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_12stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_13So cute of Derek!

The props: My friend made me that sign a few years ago, I bought Derek that canoe and book in Lake George and the Adirondack book – so significant as we just took a course from the photographer of that book!

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_14Ah love that one!

The props: I bought those for our future home- love trees and gratitude!  But that Thankful pillow hurts Derek – sequins are more about pretty than comfort haha!

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_15Our RINGS!!  Ahh!  I bought Derek a promise ring when I knew he was getting my engagement ring made.  He loves that it has a birch-like texture :)  And my ring, I LOVE the shape and design, and that it has my grandmother’s stone in the middle – she gave it to me after my grandfather passed away.

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_16stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_17OMG!  LOVE these!

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_18stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_19stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_20Love this SO much!!

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_21stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_22Walking through fields is so us!

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_23stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_24Way to model honey!!

stone_quarry_art_park_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_25Such a sweet one of him!


Ahh love the joy!!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_01lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_02AHH a favorite!  And this light!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_03lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_04This spot was Derek’s idea and Katelyn nailed it!  Again with the light!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_05lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_06lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_07Ahh now I see why mornings are just magical :)

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_08lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_09Aww so sweet!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_10lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_11lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_12lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_13I LOVE!!  This one may end up in our first house!  Our first photo together was in these woods!

lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_14lorenzo_state_historic_site_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_15Another favorite of us!  So so sweet…


AHH on a peony!  I can’t even!!

burlingame_road_cazenovia_central_new_york_engagement_photography_01Ahh!  The perfect way to end an unforgettable morning.


A heartfelt thank you to:

My man, for getting up at 4:00 in the morning to make my dream come true – and for being so sweet and loving during the whole experience.  I will never forget it ever ever!

Erin, for getting up at the crack of dawn to capture behind the scenes (wait till the next post!)

My mom, for gifting me with something I’ll never forget.  And always caring about what my heart cares about.

Katelyn, for capturing our joy and love so amazingly, and encouraging us in our journey together.  See Katelyn’s post, HERE!

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