The CNY Wedding Convention!

Oh, my!  What a blessing this week has been.  Derek and I had a whirlwind of a weekend, from photographing a wedding on Saturday to taking a landscape workshop together on Sunday, to TEACHING a workshop together on Monday!   We knew it was going to be a LOT but we pressed through it together and I’m so grateful for all my man did for me.  Teaching together was honestly so much fun – we both loved it.

The idea for the CNY Wedding Convention came in a conversation I had with Kera Wasserbach from Looking Glass Events in the Finger Lakes.  We had sat down to coffee and I was telling her about my heart to connect with wedding industry vendors here in Central New York and just help each other.  I told her about Rising Tide Society and the idea for community over competition.  And we talked openly about the needs of our businesses at that point.  She started expressing to me a need to use social media better, and I told her Derek and I had taken a course that really helped us learn to use Instagram, and from then, within 2 months, I had grown my following by 300 people.  I saw that I was trending upward from being intentional with my visuals, to telling my story, to connecting with Instagram communities, sharing captions that connect to the heart, and being on Instagram consistently.  At that moment she dreamed up a convention where we could invite vendors there to share tips to help each others’ businesses and help one another grow – and this is a new idea in Central New York.

So she dreamed up not an informal gathering but a real conference!  She connected with Ann and Mary Beth at RedBarn20 in Cazenovia, and they graciously agreed to be our hosts!  Derek and I agreed to speak, but we also had 4 other speakers agree to help, including our keynote speaker, Michelle Loretta from Sage Wedding Pros!

I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity for months, and couldn’t wait to be a part of it – and speak with Derek together for the very first time!

The day went by so well, and all the speakers really complimented one another.  From Michelle’s talk to assessing our businesses from the inside out, to Theo Wheeler’s talk on Face to Face Meetings, Jonathan Paduano’s talk on Booking clients, and Stephanie and Heather’s talk on Sales, to our talk on Instagram – everyone emphasized connecting with our clients in a way that is them-focused, serving their needs, and leading with our hearts.  I was so inspired to be a part of this community that so genuinely cares for one another.

I spoke for 5 minutes between presenters, too, about how I’ve learned to LOVE and serve and how that makes so much of a bigger difference to our clients and to our industry than any marketing strategy we could come up with.

I’m so excited for what’s happening in Central New York, and that this year is the First Annual of many conferences to come!  If you’re in the area, you should definitely check out CNY Wedding Industry Convention on Facebook and come out and join us next year :)

My sweet intern Erin came along with us on Monday and was so helpful taking these photos for us, which I’m so excited to share with you!

central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0001central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0002Teaching my heart on loving well and how that radiates outward in our businesses!

central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0003Aww- doesn’t he look cute there?

central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0004central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0006Demonstrating shooting iPhone photos by window light!

central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0007central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0008Yum – Ann always knows how to host beautifully and with lovely tables cape!

central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0009central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0010central_new_york_cny_wedding_convention_syracuse_cazenovia_red_barn_20_finger_lakes_photographer_entrepreneur__0011Thanks Erin for these lovely photos of us!


With the ladies who made this all happen!  So grateful!


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