Preparing for Wedding Season!

Oh, friends!  I can hardly believe that in only 11 days is my FIRST wedding of the season!  Ahh!  I’m so excited!  And to be honest, I’m always a little nervous before it starts.  The season tends to come in like a storm and everything changes.  The way I spend my time during the day changes.  The amount of time I used to have during the day to have business meetings or grab coffee with someone, the way I’m leisurely blogging what’s on my heart.  It all changes when I have to start managing thousands of images at a time and being diligent to cull and blog, as well as keeping up with the rest of my business!

But it’s exciting, too.  I LOVE capturing love and it lights up my heart to see new stories, travel to new places, and get to know new people on a deeper level.  I love the challenge of it all – the challenge to keep pushing myself to be better and make better art.

So, knowing all of this is coming…how am I preparing myself for wedding season?  If you’re a photographer I know you can relate to this!  And if you’re not…here’s a little glimpse into my world :)  What am I doing RIGHT NOW and this next week to prepare for wedding season?

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1. Wrapping Up Current Projects

It’s really important to clear my mental clutter before putting a whole lot of new mental clutter into the mix!!  So right now, I’m working on finishing album projects with my clients that I did in off season, as well as any other things that I “started” but haven’t yet “finished.”  This is super important in both my business and personal life!  I need to close the boxes that are open in my mind before I can open new ones!

Making a LIST of all the things I need to finish is always a good idea!  I’m not an amazing list maker but when I do make lists it ALWAYS helps!


2. Preparing Marketing Materials

  • Instagram – This is really huge and something I’ve just started to implement!  I actually went through and grabbed a whole bunch of images that I wanted to feature on my Instagram account over the course of the next couple of months – so on those stressful days that I “don’t know what to post” I have so many inspiring images ready to grab!!
  • Business cards – This has been on my list for SO long but it’s finally time to do that!  I know during busy season so many people ask for my cards – and I’d love to have new ones to give :)
  • Wedding collections – Every season I publish a new set for inquiring brides!  I want to make sure all the information and images in there are up to date!
  • Website – it’s SUPER important at the start of a new season that all of the images on my website portfolio reflects my BEST and current work – so when current brides want to see what I do, they see my latest and greatest.  This is also super fun – I love putting up new images and watching how I progress from year to year!
  • Blogging – I wish I could say I was doing this right NOW…but pre-blogging is something that’s so important and often slips through my radar.  When the season gets busy it’s nice to have content that’s already done so I can just click “publish.”  The content that gets harder to manage is really important stuff, like educating brides, photographers, and posting about my own personal life (and wedding, hello!!) My clients LOVE these types of posts and when it gets busy publishing images this part often gets lost in the dust.  Pray for me that I make time in the next week or two to pre-blog a few posts!


3. Preparing Experience Materials

I love the fact that I educate my brides at every step of the process so they know exactly what to expect.  I do this during booking, before their engagement session, and as they are preparing for the wedding day :)  I have lots of pretty little materials I send their way and it’s important to make sure all this information is current, with my best work and photographs featured on them too!  And every season I realize that the educational experience can be BETTER – I have more to share than I realize and more that helps my brides when I send EARLY.  So this is a super important piece to take care of!


4. Prepare Equipment

Oh, equipment!!  Thank goodness my camera isn’t dusty because I use it all the time – I’ve been using both of my camera bodies in off season so thankfully they’ve both been getting plenty of clicks and they’ve stayed in good temperature indoors.  I now need to go through and tackle the following:

  • Clean my lenses
  • Re-calibrate my camera body to each of my lenses (this is done at a shop!!)
  • Clean the image sensors (which can be done at a shop as well as in the camera at startup or shutdown)
  • Charge my AA batteries for my flashes and charge my IceLight
  • Format all of my memory cards (yup, there are a lot of them!)  But before I do: make sure everything is backed up onto my external Harddrives!
  • Clear my portable hard drives (I take these to weddings to back up on site!)


5. Get Lots of Sleep and Care for Myself

I know the next couple of weeks will put additional strain on my body, so starting in a routine to make sure I get enough sleep, as well as practicing yoga, helps my muscles prepare for wedding season!  It’s SO important that as I’m taking care of others that I stay on top of caring for myself – it helps me be able to give my best!


Hope this was helpful for you!  Feel free to share…and here’s to preparing and rocking it out this season!!


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