Our Save the Date Photos!

Happy Valentine’s Week, friends!  I can’t believe it’s already HERE!

I know I’ve been so busy in upstate New York this winter, making connections, having some good time with my honey – but we DO have to get back into the swing of wedding planning!  I know a lot of you are asking how our planning is going – and that’s so sweet!  I’m going to update you soon on where I’m at and what it’s been like being a bride!  We’re not doing our engagement session until this Spring, but we had to send out Save the Dates this winter!  So we asked our sweet friend Ariel Kuhn to shoot these for us in upstate New York at the end of the fall (and it just happened to be after a major snowstorm!)

We thought it would be so sweet to go to where Derek took me on our first upstate adventure – I still remember him asking me if I would “have time” and if so, he knew a “cool place he could show me.”  So we went to Lorenzo State Historic Site, a gem in Cazenovia, and we walked around, and took our first photo together in the woods.  So it was SO fitting that we had these photographs taken here!

As I think about Valentine’s Day, I think about all the ways that my sweetheart Derek has taught me about love.  He’s taught me that love isn’t always big and flashy, that sometimes love looks more like small sacrifices, loyal commitment, and a sweet friendship that deepens over time.  He’s taught me how to count on him, rely on him, and know that he’s “got” me and I’m safe in his arms.  He’s taught me that love challenges us – pushes us to do things we may never have imagined we would do – and that I’m stronger than I think I am.  He’s taught me that love isn’t always easy – there are times we don’t agree and we have to work to understand each other and where we come from.  He’s taught me how God’s love binds us together in a way that you can’t even describe.  And he’s taught me that no matter what happens, I can count on this love, and it will always bring me home.

Hope you love our photographs – thank you again to Ariel for being the absolute BEST and adventuring out with us in the snow!!

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0001LOVE these!  Ahh so lucky my hair was blowing just right!

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0002lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0004This is currently our favorite picture!  We have a canvas of it and it’s my laptop background!

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0005lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0007Ahhh love this one!

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0008lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0009I made that pumpkin myself – very proud of that gold paint pen!  Oh – and that’s our wedding date –  October 29!!  I wish it was already here!lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0010lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0011lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0012lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0014Oh my…my heart.  This man really is my greatest adventure.

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0015lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0016-1lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0016lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0017We LOVE all this birch!

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0018lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0019AHH!  Love him!

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0020lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0022Awe, love!

lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0023lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0024lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0025lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0026lorenzo_historic_site_cazenovia_new_york_engagement_photography__0027I occasionally tackle him, haha…



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