Best of Engagements 2016!

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Oh I’m so thrilled to share this post!  I’ve been sitting in coffee shops and cuddled up by fireplaces for the past two days as I’ve been looking through ALL the images I’ve taken in the past year!   (Trust me, that’s a lot!)  I’ve been reminiscing over all the fun I’ve had with my couples, all the funny stories we shared along the way, and the crazy adventures we’ve had.

First, I wanted to share with you the best of engagements!  And on Friday I’ll share the best of weddings!

One thing I’d love to share about my engagements is that I give every one of my couples a complimentary session.  I believe in them SO MUCH, and have seen their power in helping my clients become confident, fun, and fully themselves in front of the camera.  So many of my clients have left their sessions saying “That was so much fun!  I had no idea it was going to be like this” – or even texting me something sweet along the same lines.  And honestly, I just love that – because that’s what I want each of them to feel.

I love that engagements are an adventure I share WITH my couples – and anyone who’s been on a crazy adventure knows that you really bond with people you share memories with, and really trust them to care for you.  I love that so many of my couples take me to places I’ve never been before in my life – places important and significant to them.  And a ton of my couples entrust me to come up with locations – even as we collaborate, they trust me to make good suggestions.  No matter where we shoot, one thing is for sure – my life and experience is enriched in these places and I have just as much fun as they do :)


So HERE it is – the best of 2016 engagements!!!!

View More: love this shot and this place so much!  May be my favorite!
View More: two, SO romantic!

View More: More: More: classic these two!  That Vespa was such an awesome find!

View More: REFLECTION!  Ahh!

View More: this scene!  My two friends are chefs and this scene was so them!

View More: LIGHT!

View More: these doors in this conservatory!

View More: More: this JOY and LIGHT!

View More: one on the left!!!

View More: More: this moment!!

View More: colors and this NYC skyline was epic!
View More: More: this garden was gorgeous!

View More: this light!!

View More: reflection!

View More: kayak session at sunset was so dreamy!!

View More: fun was this conservatory?!

kerri_lynne_photography_hudson_valley_central_new_york_syracuse_fingerlakes_westchester_adirondacks_photography_25LOVE!  This looks like a movie poster!

View More:!!  Love when these moments just happen!

View More: a perfect summer scene, with this dock and light!View More: boats were such a gorgeous scene!

View More: light always!!!

View More: More: this light on them and the city background!

kerri_lynne_photography_hudson_valley_central_new_york_syracuse_fingerlakes_westchester_adirondacks_photography_35So romantic and fall!!
View More: beautiful, these colors and this look on them!

View More: these doors and this light!

View More: More: night shots!!!  Epic!
View More: More: skirt just happened to be floating in the wind – so perfect!

View More: this bamboo grove!

View More:!!
View More: both of these scenes.  That kayaking session was so romantic!

kerri_lynne_photography_hudson_valley_central_new_york_syracuse_fingerlakes_westchester_adirondacks_photography_46Again, one of my favorite places – this time in fall!

View More: chasing love and light!!

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