Best of 2016 Weddings!

Ahhh!!!  Here it is, friends!  The best of weddings from 2016!

It has been so much fun to look through all these images this week, sipping tea by the fireplace and reminiscing on all these beautiful days I was able to capture this past year.  The moments I loved the most between my couples were filled with joy and tenderness, and I especially loved photographs where they were set in amazing landscape.  My couples combined with beautiful nature inspires me so more than I can say!

I’ve been so blessed to work with such amazing, adventurous, fun, and kind couples.

Enjoy them, friends, the BEST of 2016!!  Thank you for being with me on the journey this year!


View More: just LOVE these!  The joy, and that scene on the right :)

View More: this LIGHT!

kerri_lynne_photography_hudson_valley_central_new_york_syracuse_fingerlakes_adirondacks_wedding_photography_03View More: romantic, these two!

View More: adorable!

View More: More: and joy, ahh!

View More: a natural moment behind this waterfall!

View More: More: More:!

kerri_lynne_photography_hudson_valley_central_new_york_syracuse_fingerlakes_adirondacks_wedding_photography_12This moment was just so sweet!

kerri_lynne_photography_hudson_valley_central_new_york_syracuse_fingerlakes_adirondacks_wedding_photography_13Epic New York shot!

View More: More: the whimsy and woah, my client is a model!

View More: More: More: this scene and all the reflections!  It was a cloudy day but that ended up totally in our favor!

View More: how romantic these are!

View More: More: More: sweet!

kerri_lynne_photography_hudson_valley_central_new_york_syracuse_fingerlakes_adirondacks_wedding_photography_23View More: More: these night shots!  So Hollywood looking on the left, and love those sparklers on the right…View More: More: this scene and these trees!  For someone who loves fall I was seriously swooning over this!

View More: More: More: of my favorite captures of light this season!


And THIS, such a classic and happy shot!  May be my fave!

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