Chasing Light : Best Sunsets of 2015! {Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer}

Oh, friends!  I’m back from yet another journey during my off season!  It’s been awesome being able to travel, while working on a super exciting rebrand with the fabulous Julie Story!  (Seriously, you need to go check this girl out – I love her!)  One thing that’s come up in the re-brand process is how much I love chasing light, and what that means to me as a photographer.  It’s what I do in my spare time – and when I was in Florida this week with my family and my man, there I was again, before the sunset, just for fun.



I’m going to tell you the story of why I love sunset chasing on my new website (ahhh!)  But I realized this fall when I was racing up a hill with a client in Central Park, and a beam of light touched them at just the right moment – how much I really do LIVE for moments like that.  How it makes my heart come alive to see people in their best light – and to chase sunsets with my clients.  I take couples and say “We gotta catch that light – are you okay with running up that hill?!  Great, let’s go!”  And they do it – hand in hand, racing to catch the beauty together.  And I’m following them, camera in hand, positioning, positioning, and click.  It’s always worth it!  So here it is – my BEST sunsets of 2015!

I hope this post is refreshing and reviving to your heart today, as it is mine!  Enjoy, friends :)

View More: pink sky!  These two were blessed to have it come out on their wedding day, too!

View More: the way it beamed down that day in Central Park!

View More: More: caught the most GORGEOUS light at this golf course!

View More: More: of my favorite shots ever!  Seriously, so perfect right after we returned from our sailboat session!

View More: about the water and the light is just so magical…

View More:’m so glad Stef and Brian decided to go out for this – another one of my faves!

View More: beam of light was just heavenly – I was so in awe of this moment with these two!

View More:!

View More: More: More: was totally a sound of music moment, racing up the hill!  This autumn glow on them was just STUNNING!

View More: More:

And this, the last sunset of 2015 – what a way to end the season!!


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