Winter Portraits in Lake Placid! {Whiteface Lodge Adirondack Portrait Photography}

It’s been such a beautiful winter, friends!  A little crazy, with the effects of El Nino – but beautiful!  Something I want to do better this year is letting you in on my adventures :)  I love working with couples who have adventurous spirits and love the outdoors – so I know you’ll appreciate this addition to my blog! In fact, I’m giving it a whole new category – trails and travels!!

I know I shared in my last post that I took a big EXHALE in the month of January from work, and spent a lot of time upstate!  One of the most fun things I did was spending New Year’s in Lake Placid with my boyfriend Derek, my dear friend Danielle and her boyfriend Juan!  It was such a fun trip.  We started by cross country skiing to Marcy Dam!  It was Juan and I’s first time on ANY sort of ski (incredible, right?!) – so granted, we had a few falls.  But we went on a super long ski, 6 miles round trip, with a ton of hills.  And anyone who knows skiing knows that cross country skis don’t have as much control as downhill skis.  So…I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination.  But we had a blast!  The day was so beautiful, with snow covering the evergreen trees all around.  There was so much peace in the landscape all around, you could feel it settle deep in your skin.  It was refreshing in every way!  And that night, we had a feast from our friends who are amazing renowned chefs!  We ate rack of lamb, venison, pasta with truffle oil, greens and veggies – we were in heaven.  (Any other food lovers out there?!)

The next day, we did some exploring in the area and we found this BEAUTIFUL place called Whiteface Lodge, where we took portraits of ourselves with the snow falling all around.  It was so romantic!!!  We found out this lodge also does weddings – and we were all gushy over it!  We went for a little tour inside and fell in love with the Kanu room which has all this natural light and rustic mountain lodge details everywhere.  I just had to share this experience with you – I just know you’ll love it as we did!!  Hope you enjoy this romantic Adirondack setting!  (And of course, a sneak peak of us and our love too!)

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0001Whiteface Lodge was the perfect setting for our portrait sesh – we all fell in love!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0002Yep, it was a little cold! :)

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0003whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0004A special shout out to my sweet friend Braska, who got me HOOKED on this blanket scarf!  It’s been my wardrobe staple all winter!!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0005Isn’t my friend beautiful?!  Not only is she an amazing chef, but she’s such a model!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0006LOVE this girl – killin it!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0007whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0008It was a little blustery!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0009whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0010These two are so adorable!  Love them!!



whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_0014And yes, my friend is good with my camera too!  Capturing me and my sweetheart!


Ahh so romantic!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0017The Mountain View room at the Whiteface Lodge.  I was in love with the rustic fireplace, details, and of course the natural light!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0018whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0019whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0020Love these!


Favorite right here!  My friend is gorgeous!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_0022Ahh love this one of us so much!!


My honey nailed this lift shot!  Definitely a keeper :)

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0024This is the Kanu room – can we just say IN AWE?!  I would get married right there, I don’t know about you!


Such a beautiful view out the windows of a blustery winter wonderland :)



We went to a dock right on Lake Placid and there was absolutely no visibility – but we found this gorgeous stream on the way and had to capture it!  Such a beautiful place – I would totally go back!


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