Permission to Breathe

Happy 2016 friends!  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve sat here to write to you!  I told someone recently, “it looks to the internet that I disappeared.  Fell off the map.”  This last month, I was spending some time upstate taking a pottery class, learning to cross country ski with my boyfriend, taking a trip to Lake Placid, and enjoying time for myself.  Instagram and Facebook was on the back burner this month.  And so was my goal-setting and dreaming for 2016.  And you know what I realized?

It’s okay.

As a business owner, and especially in the creative world, it’s so easy to compare what we should be doing on the timeline of everyone else.  Especially while certain topics are trending, such as goals, goals, goals.  And sharing the best images I shot in 2015.  All the other photographers were doing that.

But here’s what I needed.  To give myself a permission slip.  A permission slip to live on my own time table for my personal life and business.

A good friend of mine wrote recently, “February 1 can be your January 1.  You can choose any day of the year to begin again.”

And it’s true – I’ve always believed that, deep down.  Goal setting isn’t any use if you’re doing it because you have to.  It takes time to live into our convictions, to realize the why of why we need to change things.

So give yourself permission to live.  To breathe.  And to live into the why of what you feel you want to dream, or change, or neither, for the time being.

Let yourself rest first, and care for that heart of yours.

And when you’re ready to begin again, you will.  Promise.

I’m finally ready to begin again.  To come into this season and this year with a fresh perspective.  But it’s taking space.  Of exploring places like these snowy woods just for the heck of it.

I was driving past this scene on a country road in upstate New York, and I told my boyfriend that I was dying to go into these woods.  But I didn’t know how I’d get my car there, it was too icy and there was nowhere to park.  Well – that day, he took me to the side of the road.  We parked the car on a big giant snow bank.  My furry Sorel boots sunk deep into this snow.  And we ran through these woods like our life and love depended on it.  And that day, I think it did.

The things that give life are always as simple as this.

This is how I refuel my soul…in these spaces.  I hope this snowy journey refuels you today, too!

snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0001How incredibly beautiful is this scene?!

snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0002Ahh this pine grove!  And didn’t my man do a great job with that portrait of me?

snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0003snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0004snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0005snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0006Looking up…it’s worth it.


Beginning again never felt so freeing!

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