Jamie & Jeremiah’s Anniversary {Brooklyn Bridge Park Anniversary Photography}

Oh, friends!  I’m thrilled to share this beautiful anniversary session with you today!  The irony is, I’m writing this post from NYC and headed to this very same spot at Brooklyn Bridge Park!  How timely :)

Jamie contacted me online after finding my work.  She had planned a trip to Brooklyn with her husband Jeremiah to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary!  They’re a fun, hipster type couple who enjoys things that are off-beat, so they knew this would be the perfect location for a getaway.  They have 4 children and left them at home in the midwest so they could enjoy this time together.  And, they’re both photographers!!  So they decided it would be wonderful to commemorate this time in their lives with portraits.  Of course I loved the idea!

Jamie and Jeremiah decided that at the beginning of the session, they were going to renew their vows privately.  No show, just a moment between the two of them in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.  It felt like SUCH an honor being a part of this important moment in their lives, and being the only one to witness them renewing their commitment to each other.  It was a little noisy and I may not have heard it, but they did – and shared tearful moments and embraces.

Then, we went exploring in Dumbo near the bridge, the River Cafe, the waterfront.  Then they changed into a more hipster outfit, complete with sunglasses and Jamie’s bright red shoes – and we walked down the cobblestone streets together.  Of course we were chasing the beautiful sunlight, and that took us to an area I had never been before, further down the pier!  We found a beautiful spot with rocks and I asked them if they would be willing to climb on them.  Of course they said yes – I LOVE how adventurous my clients are!  It was SO worth it – the light on them was pure magic and those are my favorite photographs from the day!  We also found a beautiful small beach and chased the sunset as the light went down.

It was so meaningful to capture Jamie and Jeremiah’s anniversary!  And I didn’t know that they don’t really have portraits of them from their wedding displayed in their home – so these photographs will be a gift not only to them but to their children!  That touched my heart so much.

I hope you enjoy this amazing couple’s story!  And here’s to many more 10 year anniversaries together!!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_01brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_02brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_03Aww what a precious moment this was renewing their vows!


brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_06brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_07Aww the sweetest!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_08Love!  This light was magical!


brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_15These colors were amazing!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_16brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_17brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_18brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_19brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography__0065brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_20brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_21Haha – this was so them!!  Hi five and pound it out!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_22brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_23So classic!


brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_25brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_26brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_27So much love right here – I love these!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_28brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_29brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_30Beautiful you two!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_31brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_32Haha, and now the true hipsters come out!  Love it!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_33brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_34brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_35So sweet!


brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_37brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_38Isn’t this location amazing?!  Loved this giant urban frame!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_39brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_40Ahh chasing light here we go!!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_41brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_42This was SO magical!!  Totally worth all the rock climbing!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_43brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_44Love this of you guys!!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_45brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_46Ahh 10 years looks so sweet on them!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_47brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_48This location was amazing!!  We just happened upon all this beauty!


brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_52brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_53We found this fun art piece and the light reflecting in it was awesome!!

brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_54brooklyn_bridge_park_dumbo_anniversary_photography_55LOVE!  This spot was pure magic too!


A perfect ending to the evening!

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