Holly & Tommy Wedding Portraits: Part 1! {The Ritz Carlton Sarasota Wedding Portrait Photography}

I have been waiting to share this one, friends!!!!!!!  Just so excited to share this today – what a better way to kick off the weekend!

As many of you know, I went to Florida last month for my cousin Tommy’s wedding.  (It’s been quite the year of weddings in my family!  So fun!)  I couldn’t be more overjoyed for these two.

I have known Tommy my whole life – he’s become like another brother to me.  I spent so many childhood summers stopping going to their house in Virginia on vacation and playing as the only girl with 3 boys!  Tommy has truly a heart of gold, and a way of making everyone feel like the most important person in the room when he speaks to you.  It is making him such a great pastor – but he’s really a phenomenal human being.

And Holly!  This girl!  I am just thrilled that she has entered our family.  She and I have the same wanderlust, love for God and creative spirit.  I have found not just a cousin in her but a friend.  She is not only a pastor, but a world changer.  She has a fire in her spirit that I know will take her so far in life!   It’s been amazing to see how Holly and Tommy have together touched so many people’s lives.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when Holly asked me to photograph wedding portraits for them!!!  Tommy and Holly had a very special, 2 day wedding, photographed by the lovely Rina Kay Photography.  On Sunday night, they had a gorgeous ceremony at Church of Hope with 700 people that are in their lives and just love them!  And on Monday, they had a private reception, and were able to get ready together as husband and wife.

So that sets the scene for the portraits you’ll see.  It is their first morning as husband and wife, getting ready for a second beautiful wedding day.  It was such a joy for me to be able to give my cousins this gift!  And they gave me a gift too – having this private time with them was just so meaningful.

Their portraits are beyond stunning, and their love is so precious!  Besides…they are just NATURALS with the camera!!   We took so many, that I’m posting a part 2 on Monday!

Enjoy their beautiful story!!

the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_01the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_02the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_03Love Holly’s eye for details!

the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_04the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_05the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_06the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_08the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_09the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_10I couldn’t believe I was looking at a married couple right here!  Ahh!


the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_13the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_14Holly, you are stunning girl!  Stunning!

the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_15the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_16THIS!  Beyond gorgeous…

the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_17the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_18the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_19the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_20They practiced their swing dancing in the beautiful lobby, looking as happy as ever!

the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_21the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_22They’re just adorable.


the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_25the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_26PURE sweetness!  Love these.

the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_27the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_28the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_29the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_30Holly you are lovely!  And Tommy, lookin’ handsome there brother!


the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_36the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_37the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_38LOVE this…

the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_39This is so them!  Giving high fives isn’t just one high five, no – it’s a who can give one harder and then hurt their hand – game.  Haha!


the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_42the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_43the_ritz_carlton_sarasota_bay_central_florida_wedding_photography_44This is so them!!!


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