Portraits at Venice Beach! {Venice Beach Portrait Photography}

This is the PERFECT post for this rainy day in New York!  Another recap from my trip in sunny Florida – this one is fun!

I was so lucky to be able to meet up with my dear friend Anastasiia of Anastasiia Photography, who lives not too far from my family on the west coast of Florida!  I met Anastasiia in New York City through mutual friends, and we connected so well and started shooting together!  She has been my second shooter for several New York weddings.  Then, she moved to Fort Myers!

So it was awesome meeting up with her on the beach, as we had talked about doing!  We met on Venice Beach, which was kind of in between us.  I heard great things about the beach and this fun little eatery Sharky’s from my Aunt who lives nearby!

I confess…I was trying to be a Floridian this trip.  It’s their WINTER down there, which means, the temperatures are in the 60s during the day and 50 at night.  That’s a joke for us New Yorkers!  But I packed for the trip like it was New York’s October – boots, jeans, flats and sandals, and light long sleeve shirts.  So I went to the beach ready for a cool day – and it was almost 80 degrees!  You can see Anastasiia arrived in a sun dress!  Haha!

After we ate lunch and caught up at Sharky’s, we were going to lay on the beach in swimsuits, but of course, being photographers, we had to take some beach portraits of each other!  This is what is so awesome about having photographer friends – this little “shoot” was just us playing around and having fun!  We got so many fun gems in here – so excited to share them with you :)

Then, when we were done, we relaxed on a beach blanket, rested and talked – which is just what the doctor ordered for both of us that day.  So grateful to know Anastasiia and for this fun day with her!  Hope you enjoy our mini portrait shoot!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0001Sharky’s looks like the set of some California based TV show doesn’t it?!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0002Love this one she took!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0003venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0004This is a favorite of me!  That light and that look.

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0005venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0006venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0007My friend is so beautiful!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0008venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0009LOVE these!!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0010venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0011venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0012She was carrying that cup of coffee and did a little “good morning” modeling.  How gorgeous is she and this spot?!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0013venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0014Love this one too!  Can you tell I love gold jewelry?

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0015venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0016Haha – she was teaching me to leap like a model!  I got this one down – but then I cracked up laughing!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0017And of course she nailed it!  Favorite shot of her!

venice_beach_florida_sharkys_pier_portrait_photography_0018The sunset that night over the pier.  A stunning way to end the day!!

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