Maryella is One! {Westchester Baby Cake Smash Photography}

Oh my, this post is so much fun!  Buckle your seat belts friend, for the cuteness that is about to come…!!

I photographed Nelmary and Mack’s wedding two years ago this fall (my, how time flies!)  They’ve been such wonderful people to know and we have stayed connected over the years, which is the best!  After they had sweet Maryella last year, I could not wait to meet her!  She has her dad’s big blue eyes and a smile that just lights up the room.  The first time I met her was at Lisa and Bill’s wedding, where her mom put together all the beautiful florals and she was such a cute flower girl!

When Nely told me about their plans to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash photo shoot, I was so excited!  I love to photograph portraits here and there, but I had never done a cake smash session!

I met Nely and Mack at their house, where Nely had baked a cake, topped with real flowers (of course!); and she had ordered the cutest birthday outfit ever on Etsy.  Maryella was all ready in her diaper cover with “ONE” on the back :)

We set up the beginning of the session in their house, so we could hang her cute birthday sign in the background and take some detail shots.  Then, we went outside and photographed the rest just in a simple backyard.  Maryella loved her single Geronimo balloon, and she even started up a hill with it.  She was a baby on a mission!

Then, we took some really sweet photographs with her mom and dad!  And finally, of course, the moment we all waited for – the cake smash.  It was so cute, because Maryella didn’t really understand what the cake WAS.  She started picking at it, but didn’t really think to put it in her mouth.  But when she did, it might have been a little sweet for her tastebuds!  She liked it but tried to give some away, haha.  For a child, being able to play with food – what could be better?!

I hope you enjoy these photographs.  Happy first birthday, sweet Maryella! :)

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0001westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0002SUCH a cutie!  Doesn’t she look adorable in her birthday outfit?!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0003That smile was seriously contagious…

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0004westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0005Love that one on the left!  You can picture her as a grown up somehow :)


westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0007westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0008How cute is that?!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0009You can tell how very loved this little one is :)

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0010westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0011westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0012westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0013westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0014westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0015Such a pretty cake!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0016westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0017westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0018westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0019westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0020Now, the moment we were all waiting for…

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0021westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0022westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0023With a little help from her mommy, she learned she could dive in to the cake face first!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0024westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0025westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0026Phew!  Such a tiring time eating cake!


And…the leftovers!


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