Steve Proposed…Tiffany Said Yes! {Brooklyn Bridge Park New York Proposal Photography}

About a month ago, I received an email from Steve, who is friends with one of my past brides.  He inquired about me photographing his proposal to his girlfriend Tiffany in Brooklyn; and I could tell he was so excited about it!  Little did I know that Steve was an excellent planner; and I was getting more and more excited with each detail.

He chose to propose to her in Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park.  They had a date there and got ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory; and loved the area.  He thought this would be perfect, and there would also be crowds of people at the Granite Prospect to distract from me photographing “the moment”!

He had ordered a treasure box with a message in a bottle online; with a sign that said “Tiffany, Will You Marry Me?”  (It’s so sweet – I have a link to the shop below, after the photos!)

And he had planned how to get Tiffany to the pier without suspecting anything.  He asked a friend of his, who Tiffany had never met, to deliver the treasure box to her anonymously.  Tiffany would arrive at the pier with one of her girlfriends, who she had planned to have a “girls day out” with.  Her friend asked her to stop by the pier so she could pick up something for work.  Little did Tiffany know that she would be delivered the treasure box, and Steve was waiting with the ring!!

She opened the note, and Steve tapped her on her shoulder, she was SO surprised!!!  Surprised about the proposal of course, and surprised to see him!!  Steve had travelled all the way from Washington DC to see her; and she thought he was tied up for the weekend.  So I don’t know whether she was more shocked to see him or be engaged!  Of course she said yes, and their friends and people watching clapped for them.  I almost shed a tear too – such a sweet moment!

Then, when I emerged from the bushes, we took more photographs of Steve and Tiffany on the pier; they just kept laughing and hugging; it really was adorable.  Then, we went to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory as they did on their date; and they enjoyed ice cream together.  Which was perfect – it was a hot day!  And finally, we went to Jane’s Carousel; such a romantic spot and one of my favorites!

I’m so happy for Steve and Tiffany and it was a joy to share this moment with them!  Enjoy their story:



So beautiful and sweet!


Such a creative way to propose!  You can check out the shop Steve ordered Tiffany’s message in a bottle here.


Ahh!!  Just love her reaction!


It’s a YES! :)


She couldn’t believe he was here and he was loving the surprise, as were their friends!!


So beautiful…


Just love this shot!!  The sailboat just “happened” to be passing at the perfect moment!


This laughter is really so them – it happened a lot during our shoot!




Of course we had to stop by Jane’s Carousel! :)



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