A little Acadia Magic! {Acadia National Park Photography}

Oh friends!  So excited to share my mini-wilderness adventure with you :)

I’m sure some of you caught on my social media feed, that I took a weekend vacation to Acadia National Park!  It’s been such a busy wedding season, so the timing of this break couldn’t have been better.  I had been planning a trip with friends from high school for awhile.  We all love the outdoors and hiking, and chose Acadia because it’s the closest national park to us on the East Coast.  I had been there years ago with my family, but we didn’t do any serious hiking; we did more landscape photography than anything!  So I was pumped for a real wilderness getaway to be still (and of course there would still photography!)

We stayed at a campground on the east side of the park on Mount Desert Island, not too far from Cadillac Mountain.  We set up camp, and headed in to the town of Bar Harbor (which is the cutest!).  That’s one amazing thing about this location; we could go into town and buy groceries 10 minutes away but then head back into the woods.

On our first full day, we hiked Cadillac Mountain, which has an elevation of 1529 feet.  It has the most stunning views from Mount Desert Island of the Atlantic Ocean and several islands to the east.  We knew the parking lots would be full, so we came in on the main road and walked up the mountain to catch the trail.  We had to climb down some rocks through the woods to the trail; which confused this one lady who kept driving by asking if we were lost!  People in Maine are so sweet!

Anyway, we were NOT lost; and we hiked all the way up to the summit of the mountain, and caught some spectacular views.  Then, we headed down the mountain through the Gorge Trail, which again involved some climbing over rocks.  But it brought us to this beautiful trail in the woods with flowing streams and small waterfalls.  It was the perfect bookend to our hike!  Then we drove to catch the sunset on the west end of the park; and arrived just in time!

On our last full day, we ate lunch at the infamous Jordan Pond House, which is famous for their popovers.  It’s this doughey goodness that tastes fantastic over ice cream!

We then walked around Jordan Pond, took some gorgeous photos, and then decided to hike to the top of the South Bubble Mountain.  We saw that the trail was a short 0.4 miles, but man was it a steep climb!  When we finally made it to the top we literally felt like we were on the top of the world!  If you’ve never had a mountaintop moment, they’re incredible!  They really challenge you to keep dreaming, keep growing, and to realize you’re so much stronger than you think.

That night, we did some stargazing close to our campground and the stars were just breathtaking!  It felt like we could see the Milky Way galaxy, the sky was so clear and the layers and layers and layers of stars were endless.  Just awe-inspiring.

The following morning, we caught the infamous sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.  It was truly epic!  It’s the first place the sun rises on the whole east coast; and you can see the sun come up over the atlantic and shine over the islands to the east of Mount Desert Island.  It filled my heart with such wonder.

Acadia is truly a magical place; and the only National Park in the Northeast.  If you haven’t ever visited, you should!  But for now, enjoy my images :)

acadia_national_park_maine_photography_01Bar Harbor beauty!

acadia_national_park_maine_photography_02acadia_national_park_maine_photography_03acadia_national_park_maine_photography_04acadia_national_park_maine_photography_05acadia_national_park_maine_photography_07acadia_national_park_maine_photography_09acadia_national_park_maine_photography_10acadia_national_park_maine_photography_11We were close to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, and found a nice lady to take our picture!

acadia_national_park_maine_photography_12acadia_national_park_maine_photography_13acadia_national_park_maine_photography_14acadia_national_park_maine_photography_15acadia_national_park_maine_photography_16My favorite trees – had to capture this birch loveliness!


We finally took showers and we were so happy about it!  The little things…


I couldn’t believe how much this butterfly kept still :)




(The above are iPhone shots – I was very careful about taking out my camera on this mountain!)

acadia_national_park_maine_photography_32acadia_national_park_maine_photography_33acadia_national_park_maine_photography_34Such an incredible feeling!



These panoramas are some of my favorite of all time!  Breathtaking.

acadia_national_park_maine_photography_38acadia_national_park_maine_photography_39acadia_national_park_maine_photography_40acadia_national_park_maine_photography_41Something about a sunrise makes you feel so alive!



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