The Restore NYC Freedom Gala!

It was such an honor to attend the annual Freedom Gala for my partner cause Restore NYC last night!

They are such a fabulous organization, and every time I attend one of their events, it gives me even more joy to be a part of their fight for women’s freedom from sex trafficking.

In New York City, Restore is on the front lines trying to find victims and strategizing to do a task that seems daunting.  It’s hard to find victims who are hidden in the shadows in a big city…but I love Restore’s commitment to do just that.  And to take these women, give them a home and a chance at starting to restore trust and have a better future.  Restore is such an honest organization and it was awesome to see more of the work they’re doing!

The gala was held at the City Winery in downtown Manhattan.  It was a beautiful venue – I just love wineries!  And dressing up was so much fun :)

During the evening, Restore’s founder and director spoke to us, they showed a video which told one woman’s story, held a silent auction and spoke about a call to action.  They challenged us to be a part of this fight by changing our priorities.  It all starts with what we want our lives to be about.  I truly believe this, and that shift in priorities is what I’ve done with my business!  It’s been truly amazing to have a business that tells love stories, and give my couples a chance to pour their love onto these women and do something even greater with their love.

So it was a HUGE honor that Restore exhibited some of the photographs I took this Spring at their safe house!!  It was incredible to see 5 of my photos printed and displayed (in black and white)!!  To see them, and read these women’s stories was so impacting.  I met these women face to face but I didn’t really know the extent of their stories.  It was so powerful to see, and so beautiful!


I have never seen my photographs printed at 80 inches long – it was so awesome!




Loved that!


Me with Yvonne, a previous safe house coordinator at Restore now volunteers with Reveal NYC.


We had a lot of fun!


Me with Restore’s safe house coordinators, Abby, Quyen and Amanda.  Love these ladies!!


It was such a beautiful night.  I want to thank all of my Love Gives Way clients for being a part of this amazing partnership with me!   I’m excited to spill even more love onto Restore’s women this year, with your help.  The best is yet to come!





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