A Cherry Blossom Birthday Celebration in DC! {Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival}

Last weekend, I took a day to celebrate my birthday with a few of my girlfriends, and just had the BEST time!

One of my friends (who is SUCH a traveler) mentioned to me how we should go see the Cherry Blossoms in DC.  Little did she know how much I LOVE flowers, and have been to the Cherry Blossom Festival for several years in a row.  I would go down with my camera and capture TONS of floral images, and make pretty greeting cards with them.  So of course, I was totally on board for a girls trip!

What we didn’t  know is that the blossoms were a little late this year!  Because of the cold weather this year, the blossoms were about 3-4 days behind schedule.  I had NO idea that the trees blossom so fast – I really thought it was more gradual.  But we decided to be beauty-hunters and find every tree that WAS in blossom.

When we got into DC, we found some blossoming trees near the Smithsonian Castle, so we went there to take some pictures.  The Magnolia trees were in full bloom, pink and beautiful!!  We then walked to the Tidal Basin, where 3 cherry blossom trees were in bloom.  We ate some lunch, took a walk in the sunshine, and made sure to stop at every tree we saw that was in bloom :)  Then, we went to the Smithsonian Museum and sat in the sun, and my best friend from college and her boyfriend joined us!  It was such a blessing that she made the trip down!   We took some more photos on the Mall and at the Castle, and then all of us went to a Mexican Restaurant in a quieter neighborhood in DC to eat.  (I LOVE Mexican food, so it was perfect!!)

It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, and some beautiful blossoms; but the bigger blessing was being with wonderful friends who gave their weekend to celebrate me.  Great conversations, laughs, food and photos – what more can a girl ask for?!   My heart was full, friends!


The Magnolia blossoms at the Smithsonian were stunning!!

washington_dc_smithsonian_magnolias_cherry_blossoms__0006washington_dc_smithsonian_magnolias_cherry_blossoms__0007washington_dc_smithsonian_magnolias_cherry_blossoms__0008And…we found the ONLY pink cherry tree in bloom!


These little blossoms were so cute!!  Danielle had to investigate :)


We found a blossoming white tree!  Love them!


Jumping pictures are harder to do than it looks!  This took us like 1000 takes!  Haha.


Love these friends so much!!


LOVE this and her!  My college roomie drove 8 hours to see me! :)




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