A New Partnership!! Announcing, Love Gives Way.

Happy New Year!

I could not WAIT to announce this new partnership that will be apart of the fabric of Kerri Lynne Photography!  And with a new year, it’s the perfect time to set the stage for what 2014 is going to look like, and what my heartbeat is.  For my business, and for love.

I have been told that my photographs of couples in love are so inspiring.  That it’s inspiring to see that love is REAL, and it’s LOVELY.  It’s inspiring not only for single women, but for men, and for couples who have been married for decades.

When I photograph a wedding, I can’t wait to see couples share intimate moments, to share laughter.  To see pure joy and know I captured something real.  So much of photography can be a facade, an image.  But for me, I’ve always wanted my images to have HEART, and to tell TRUTH.

And now, after photographing over 35 weddings, I had to ask why.  What is the purpose of this heart and truth for my couples, and for other people?

At its very core, the reason real love is so inspiring isn’t just for us, it’s for others.

Knowing love frees us and moves us to love other people.  When we know we are truly loved, I don’t think we can contain it!  It just spills over.


So I had this idea – what if my couples could give back like this, what if we could partner together so their love could pour out onto other people?


I have been moved this year by so many stories of victims of human trafficking.  Human trafficking is a growing human rights issue worldwide, and in 2011 there were over 27 million victims.  I watched an amazing documentary called Half the Sky this year, which had such moving stories of women.  Stories of women who traveled across the border of their country to seek a job, seek a dream, and instead were captured and trafficked.  It’s slavery, and it hits my heart that the reality that my life, this chasing of dream to be a photographer and storyteller, is something that so many women do not have.

I connected with Restore NYC last year, and heard about what amazing things they are doing to rescue women who are trafficked right here in New York City, to give them a safe haven to rebuild their lives.  Restore NYC is growing and are actively seeking out more victims in the city.  But what I LOVE about their heart is that they don’t want to focus on making their organization bigger, but to focus on doing what they do, better.  To focus on helping the women in their safe houses rebuild their lives, rebuild trust, and know that they can be loved again.


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Then I found Love Gives Way, a fabulous organization nationwide which rallies communities of wedding vendors to come together and support a local safehouse.  It gives couples an opportunity to know their wedding day is making a difference.


So, I am SO happy to announce that in 2014 I am partnering with both Love Gives Way and Restore NYC, and will be donating 7% of select wedding packages right to these women at Restore NYC.

I believe in love, and it’s power to heal and transform.  And I believe that when I post stories of my couples on their wedding day, the meaning of their photographs are deeper than the 2 dimensional space they occupy on a screen.  Seeing that love is real gives others glimmers of hope that this life is worth living, and that love is for them too.

So take my hand and let’s do this!   Let’s let love give way to even more love this year!


With a heart overflowing,



KL Partnership




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