Jaclyn & John’s Engagement {HousingWorks Bookstore Soho Engagement Photography}

I had so much fun with this couple!  Jaclyn and John are getting married at a vintage-styled winery this Spring, and when I met them, they told me that they loved to spend time in the library together.

We decided to shoot downtown at HousingWorks Bookstore & Cafe in Soho!  It was perfect to give it more of an intimate feel, as well as follow their vintage-themed wedding.  This bookstore is the perfect setting.  It feels so cozy, you could spend hours just sitting there soaking in the ambiance!  They have a cafe inside too- what else do you need?  (HousingWorks is also a wedding site, for brides looking for a more intimate and unique venue!)

Jaclyn and John brought some of their favorite books with them, The Secret Garden and The Hobit.  (I’ll let you guess whose book is whose!)

They relaxed with a bottle of beer and a glass of wine, as well as spent some time together in the stacks.  (I’ve always wanted to say that – shooting in a bookstore was a dream of mine!)  Then, John found an old Bob Marley record and couldn’t pass it up!

We then went outside to shoot on the streets of Soho, and found the most awesome brick backdrops.  We walked down Crosby Street and found some sweet spots for Jaclyn and John to read, as well as a sweet romantic setting.  We then headed uptown for one more special stop!!  The New York Public Library.

We made it in right before it closed, and got some really sweet shots of Jaclyn and John.  They even danced in front of a ton of people who were on line to leave the library!  :)

I am so excited for their wedding this Spring.  Hope you enjoy the story of their day together!



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