Rina & Alex: Anniversary {Phillippi Estate Park Sarasota Photography}

Oh, friends!  Have I got the most beautiful post to share with you today!!

I met Rina over my Thanksgiving trip to Florida, and I knew this girl and I would be friends!  Rina is also a wedding photographer, and works here in Sarasota.  She’s super talented, in a few short months she’ll be photographing my cousin’s wedding here:) Ahh I can’t wait.  Rina’s husband Alex is also super creative, a filmmaker and a director of photography.  His first feature film is scheduled for 2015!  And like Rina, Alex also captures weddings (except on film!) and creates beautiful love stories.

Ironically, these two met at mutual friend’s wedding in Florida.  They clicked right away, and had a long distance relationship for 2 years in Oklahoma and Washington.  And then, 4 years ago they were married!  Rina and Alex haven’t had new portraits taken over the last 3 years, so it was definitely time for that!

It’s been so sweet having a new friendship with this girl, and I was so excited to capture her and Alex’s love.  And how can two creatives not have new pictures?!  :) We had lots of fun planning this session in Phillippi Estate Park, in South Sarasota.  This park also hosts weddings, and is so gorgeous with its beautiful live oak trees with spanish moss!  Rina and I envisioned a light and airy session with beautiful light and southern mossy trees.  And this is exactly what we captured here!

The scene was so romantic for these two, and of course I could tell how comfortable they were in front of the camera.  They were such naturals!  And you can tell they have a such a genuine love that comes out in those small intimate moments.   Some of these images make me want to cry!

It’s so beautiful that they have already been married for 4 years, and I know marriage is not easy.  I asked Rina to tell me a little bit about what it’s been like being married, and the greatest things she’s learned:

“People say that the first few years of marriage are the hardest.  It hasn’t been easy, but with God’s help we’ve made it!  We always hear the quote “love conquers all,” and it really does, because the true love of God is never ending and unconditional.  We’ve both learned that it is crucial to have day to day fellowship with our creator, because it not only helps us become better people but it also fills us with His heavenly love.  If we have a relationship with the source of love, we are constantly refilled with it and we have something to give back.  The love of God, art and music are the three things we’ve always had in common.”

Rina and Alex living out their faith in their marriage inspires me, and I hope it does for you too!  It was truly beautiful to capture their love.

Enjoy their beautiful session!:)

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_01phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_02So beautiful!  What a smile!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_03phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_04phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_05phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_06Love this!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_07phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_08phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_09This light was just magical!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_10phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_11Some of my favorite moments between them right here!  So so sweet…

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_12phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_13phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_14phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_15phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_16phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_17A favorite!  How romantic is this?

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_18phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_19Rina you are stunningly beautiful!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_20phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_21phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_22phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_23Another favorite!!  This scene is lovely on them!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_24phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_25phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_26Love the whimsy in this moment!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_27phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_28How he looks at her…

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_29phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_30phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_31phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_32phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_33Love this of her!  Reminds me of a Jasmine Star image, right?!  (Photographers will get that…)phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_34phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_35phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_36phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_37phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_38More favorites!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_39phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_40phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_41phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_42This abandoned house was so cool – such a fun use of space!

phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_43phillippi_estate_park_sarasota_central_florida_anniversary_portrait_photography_44“What is it about this house that makes you want to look away from each other?!”


A sweet end to the afternoon!

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Kate’s Bridal Shower! {Central Florida Bridal Shower Photography}

Happy Friday!!  I hope this glittery and special post inspires your weekend!

As you might have seen, last weekend was my future sister-in-law Katelyn’s bridal shower!  I posted the other day about my brother and Kate’s wedding, and how I’ve learned so much through the process of being a part of their wedding process.  Well that doesn’t stop here!  I learned SO much being a part of a bridal shower, not only as a groom’s sister but as a bridesmaid.

I helped to plan this special day alongside Kate’s maid of honor Erika and Katelyn’s mom, who hosted it at her home.  Katelyn knew she wanted a pink and gold-themed bridal shower, a different theme than their wedding and something that visually inspires her!  Kate is an event planner at Sassy Soiree Event Planning in Sarasota – so this girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to wedding themes and decor!  She even spray painted some of her own vases – and after that we had to take over and surprise her with the rest!:)

My responsibility for the day was the decor, and let me tell you, that’s no small task!  Lots of trips to the store (including my new southern fave, Hobby Lobby!), and it was my first time ever spray painting in gold!  Spray painting frames, printing pictures, picking up beautiful flowers, ordering some crafty things off Etsy…and of course planning a photo booth (how could I resist that one?!)  Erika and the girls did a great job planning all the fun games, creating some beautiful pieces for Kate to wear, and contributing the food!  Minus the cake – that beautiful piece was a gift from my mom!:)

Kate looked so surprised and happy when she saw how beautifully everything turned out!  We all had a really fun, full day and it was great to hang out with the other bridesmaids again.  Most of these girls I haven’t seen since last winter when my brother Andrew proposed!  A lot of women in my family were there too, since most of them live here in Florida.  It was so great to be with them too!

I’m so happy for Andrew and Katelyn and can’t wait for their big day in March!!


gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0001LOVED styling this invite!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0002How beautiful are these details?

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0003gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0004These marquee lights – my new favorite thing!!


gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0006Katelyn made this beautiful MISS TO MRS sign herself!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0007gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0008gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0009These gold vases Kate painted were perfection!  And these flowers looked lovely in them…

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0010I thought these frames turned out so beautifully!  Pictured here are photographs from the proposal and the engagement session:)

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0011These straws I ordered off Etsy were perfect for the mimosas!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0012So awesome to see how happy Kate was when she arrived!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0013Erika did a great job designing Kate’s veil headpiece!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0014A foreshadowing of getting ready on the wedding day, haha

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0015gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0016Katelyn is so so beautiful!!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0017gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0018This is a fun game!  It’s actually REALLY hard not to say those words all day at a bridal shower!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0019Playing “What’s in Your Purse” – you get points for certain items and whoever has the most points, wins!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0020gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0021We had SO much fun in this photo booth!  Thank you to my cousin Holly for donating all of this!:)

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0022With all of the bridesmaids, and the maid of honor!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0023Love this of us!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0024gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0025Kate and her mom, and then with some of my family!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0026gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0027Opening gifts – she really loved that wooden shower caddy!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0028Such a sweet moment with her mom…

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0029Melanie did such a great job putting together her rehearsal bouquet!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0030All the “date ideas” guests had written for Andrew and Katelyn – there are some good ones in there!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0031And of course, the dessert table!!  So happy with how it turned out – and it was all delicious!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0032gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0033Katelyn loves mini-cheesecakes:) And this cake…

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0034This cake was a show-stopper!!!!  And it was so delicious!  A shout out to Der Dutchman bakery – you guys outdid yourselves!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0035The only time Katelyn will ever cut her cake alone!

gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0036gold_pink_sparkle_bridal_shower_sarasota_central_florida_wedding_photographer_0037Andrew came by at the end…


The almost married couple!:)

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These are stunning!! Wow I love the gold details and the photobooth! All incredible and gorgeous – love it!

Charity & Anthony’s Portraits! {Selby Gardens Sarasota Portrait Photography}

Get ready for the sweetest post ever today!

My brother’s best friend and one of Katelyn’s closest friends are dating, and just met in Florida for the very first time!  Charity and Anthony are both such sweethearts and so natural together!  I am so happy for these two, I just had to do a portrait session for them!

I feel like I’ve grown up with Anthony over the past several years, as he was my brother’s roommate in college!  So the boys were always coming in and out of our house and eating good Italian food, haha.  We were all stranded together at my house during Hurricane Sandy- those were good times!  And Charity, I’ve only recently met but I am just so drawn to her gentle spirit and her kindness.  (And, you’ll see, she has the best smile!)

While I’ve been down in Florida, I’ve been trying to visit some new places and explore.  It’s the adventurer in me (and the photographer)!!  I had been to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens before, but it was years ago, and I definitely didn’t remember just how beautiful it was!

I love flowers and the botanical gardens – you’ve probably seen me post flower imagery before.  Selby has a beautiful conservatory with orchids all in bloom.  In New York, they don’t exhibit it until March – so Florida in January is a first for me!!  We went into the conservatory and took some sweet photographs among all the beautiful greenery and of course the flowers.  Then, we explored outside and found these awesome bamboo trees!!  That was such an amazing spot to capture Charity and Anthony!:)

And then, my FAVORITE part – was the Banyan trees.  Banyans are trees I’ve only seen in Florida – trees where their roots grow downward and eventually become secondary roots to the tree.  They’re majestic and just stunning!!  We caught the most beautiful light there and captured the sweetest moments with these two!!  Definitely my favorite photographs of the day – I was in photographer heaven:)

We explored a little more and found a butterfly garden, a shop selling tea, and an area with palm trees right along the coast of the bay.

It was so wonderful capturing these two and their new relationship!  As a photographer, I love that these portraits are a celebration of new love.  Charity and Anthony’s relationship is over distance, and now that they’re apart, they can always treasure these memories of the first time they were together.  I was so happy to be a part of that!

Enjoy their photographs:)

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0001Her laugh is contagious!

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0002marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0003marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0004I LOVE this!  Doesn’t Charity’s smile light up the room?

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0005marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0006marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0007marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0008So cute you guys!!

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0009marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0010LOVE!  This looks like wall art, doesn’t it?

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0011marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0012Come on, aren’t these banyans incredible?!

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0013Favorite moments right here!!  Ahh…

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0014marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0015marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0016marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0017FAVORITE!!  Best light, such sweetness, and these trees- perfection.


marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0021marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0022marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0023These are my new favorite trees aside from banyans!  Live oak trees with Spanish moss.  I think I have a little southern in me:)

marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0024marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0025These smiles!


marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0030marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0031marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0032marie_selby_botanical_gardens_sarasota_florida_couple_portrait_photography_0033Can a moment be too sweet?!


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Andrew & Katelyn’s Wedding: Recap & Behind the Scenes!

Friends, I’m so excited to post this today!!

Many of you remember my brother Andrew proposed to his fiancee last year, on Siesta Key Beach in Florida!  You all have been so supportive and wonderful with your well wishes:) I can’t believe it, but his wedding day is already in 8 weeks!  How did that happen?!

Well, it’s been quite the ride being intimately a part of a wedding!  Not only am I the groom’s sister, but I am so blessed to be one of Katelyn’s bridesmaids!

I am so used to seeing a wedding from a photographer’s perspective, and Andrew and Katelyn’s wedding is my first time being involved in lots of details.  Really, I’ve seen all the HARD WORK that goes into them.  Here are all the things behind a wedding that I’ve seen for the first time!


– When Andrew purchased Kate’s ring and examined it 5 million times, to make sure it’s just right for her.

– How Andrew sweat through planning the engagement and talked with Kate’s best friends to make sure she would be over the moon as he planned a scavenger hunt for her throughout Sarasota!

– I’ve seen Andrew and Katelyn have to communicate with each other about what’s important to them, and make sacrifices for the sake of the other person.

-I’ve seen the process of making so many decisions for the wedding, and for their future life together.

– I’ve seen the real feelings that are behind the engagement session and seen their faces as they look at their photographs.  (Usually I’m not next to my clients as they look at their images – it felt so weird!!)

– I’ve pinned to Kate’s Pinterest wedding and bridal shower board, and had to communicate a lot with the other bridesmaids.

– I had a huge part in planning a bridal shower and setting up lots of pretty decorations (stay tuned – that one is coming later this week!)

– I was there when my little sis said yes to the dress!

– I sat for hours with Kate gluing together all the pieces of their rustic DIY wedding invitations with lace and kraft paper


Here’s a look at what being involved in Andrew and Kate’s wedding process has looked like up until now!  Some of these REAL behind the scenes photos were taken with iPhones – ignore the quality!:)

wedding_photographer_behind_the_scenes_01Even before the proposal last year, he was so excited when the ring came in!  He couldn’t stop looking at it – and I was so grateful to share in the moment:)

Then, the day came…last December 18, 2013!  I was hiding behind a trash can capturing her walking onto the beach, and then THIS really happened!  I don’t know how I wasn’t crying!

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalView More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalAhh this moment!!

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalView More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposal

That’s our mom on the end – she really is the biggest cheerleader!  This touches my heart…

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalView More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposal

Such a fun group!!  I can only imagine what the wedding day will be like!

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalView More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposal

I was so happy for him…

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalView More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalWe couldn’t stop looking at Kate’s beautiful ring!

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalLoved this shot!

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalwedding_photographer_behind_the_scenes_02An iPhone photo of me taking those shots!:)

View More: http://kerrilynne.pass.us/andrew-katelyn-proposalThe sunset was so perfect after their engagement dinner that night!


My brother decided to move to Florida to be near his future wife and start his life down there!  So this past Spring, I took a road trip with him and our parents came down separately.  We were super excited here because his car broke down, but thankfully it made it!  I was so sad to leave him, and that was tougher than I imagined.


So I was super excited when Kate and Andrew came up to New York to visit this summer!  We went on this hike together at Breakneck Ridge!

And, while they were in town we got a lot done for the big day!!  First and most exciting, Katelyn said YES to the dress!  And my mom and I were there for it!  Huge shout out to Erika from Be Unique Boutique for being so helpful:)


It was such a great moment to share!!

Then, we did their engagement session!  You probably remember this rowboat and woods session we did?!


LOVE those!!

clarence_fahnestock_state_park_hudson_valley_engagement_photography__0004clarence_fahnestock_state_park_hudson_valley_engagement_photography__0005This trail was the best!


Her ring is SUCH a beauty!  I might be biased…but still.



An iPhone picture with them after the shoot!  What you don’t know is my brother HATES pictures of himself, but did all this for his girl.  So by the time that photo was taken, he was done.  And…there was a concert of bagpipes practicing in the woods right next to us.  You just can’t make that up!


The next day, taking the REAL shot of their ring, since the guitar that made it into the shoot didn’t have any strings on it!  True story.  You’d never know I took this image in my backyard (and laying in that position – man photographers have a crazy job!)


I designed their Save the Dates with this image from the rowboats on the front!  I loved how it turned out – and the kraft envelopes were perfection!


Last month, Andrew’s wedding band came in!  And of course I took photographs to show him how awesome it came out!

When I was in Florida for Thanksgiving, Katelyn and I sat together one night to put her DIY invitations together!  The kraft paper and the lace looked beautiful together.


On Christmas day, Kate and Andrew BOTH tried on their wedding bands – and it started becoming real.  This is really happening!:)


And finally, I did lots of prep work for my almost sister’s bridal shower this past weekend!  I took lots of trips to the store (Hobby Lobby is my new favorite!) to find decor, and it was the first time I ever used gold spray paint:) I can’t wait to share photos from the bridal shower later this week – it turned out so beautifully!


It’s been an awesome journey so far, and it’s been really fun being inside these details and so close to a wedding!  I know that gives me a new perspective for all that I capture on a wedding day – I see how much TIME and ENERGY it all takes, how much COMMUNICATION, and how much PERSEVERANCE as a couple.

You know what?  It has actually made weddings more beautiful to me.

I see now that weddings are hard, and they’re not perfect – there are lots of crazy feelings all over the place.  But it’s beautiful to know that you can persevere through anything as a couple, and love will always win.

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Javier & Anela: Maternity {Central Park Manhattan Maternity Photography}

Happy Friday, friends!  I thought it would be awesome to post this today because another maternity session of mine was featured on The Fount Collective blog this morning!  With maternity sessions and newness on our minds as we start this year, I had to share this beautiful couple with you:)

I met Javier and Anela through Katie (you may remember her destination wedding in St. Augustine from this fall!)  I immediately loved how excited they were to capture this exciting time in their lives, with a maternity and newborn session before their baby girl is born!  I can’t believe it, she will already be born next month!

We chose to photograph Javier and Anela’s maternity session in Central Park in Manhattan, right before the holidays!  It was pretty cold, but they were such troopers:) Even without leaves on the trees we found some beautiful spots.  I just loved how much joy these two had and the intimate moments we captured!

Central Park is an important spot for them because just last year, they were married in an intimate wedding ceremony underneath a wooden structure overlooking Bow Bridge in Central Park.  So of course we went back to that spot, which is so meaningful now that they’re expecting!

I’m so excited for these two and it was so wonderful to be a part of this time in their lives!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0001central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0002central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0003Love this – so sweet!!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0004central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0005central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0006Such a beautiful profile of Anela!


central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0010The guy making the big bubbles cooperated to help us get this shot!:)

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0011Love all this JOY…

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0012central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0013central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0014One of my favorite shots there on the left!!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0015central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0016central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0017Javier’s laugh there is pretty contagious!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0018Another favorite!!!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0019central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0020central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0021central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0022The spot where they got married!  Love this!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0023central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0024Anela, you’re gorgeous!!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0025central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0026This city scenery mixed with nature was so beautiful!

central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0027central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0028central_park_mahattan_new_york_bethesda_fountain_bow_bridge_maternity_portrait_photography_0029So romantic!!

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