Tips for Your Winter Engagement! {for Kerri Lynne Brides}

Hope you’re staying warm and cozy, friends!!

I photographed so many more engagements last winter than this winter…but I’m excited to photograph one tomorrow!  I wanted to help you with some advice, before you head out in the cold and the snow to create photographs you’ll have for a lifetime:)

As with everything, preparation is key.  The location, the details, the outfits, all don’t just happen – they take planning.

Here are some helpful tips for you as you start to envision your winter session!



This is one of the most important considerations for the session.  What you wear really impacts how you look and how the photograph looks as a whole!   I always suggest 2 outfits; I suggest this 1. to give you more variety in images as you display them around the house; and 2. so you can experiment with 2 different “looks.”

The first look I suggest is a little formal; perhaps a cute winter dress and heels, or a sweater dress and boots, with a big “statement” necklace and scarf.  Another idea for this outfit is to bring in a little color!  It will “pop” beautifully right off the wintery white background.

The second look I suggest is more casual; this is where the casual sweater dress and boots, or cute sweater and jeans with boots comes in, with a big comfortable scarf and jacket.

Here are some examples of two casual outfits, and a formal outfit:

View More: More:

Solid colors are always classy; and patterns are great in winter!  If you wear patterns, make sure yours and your fiancee’s don’t clash:) Consider colors that don’t wash out your skin tone but that compliments your coloring nicely.

Try on your outfit before the session, and consider that you will be standing up and sitting down in a variety of poses.  Make sure you’re able to move comfortably while it still looks cute!

And lastly, consider WARMTH…


2. WARMTH!!!

Your outfits should be warm, but definitely bring warm jackets!   You can put on your warm puffer jacket on in between the photographs, or you can wear a nice wool coat during the shoot.

Make sure to have hats, scarves, gloves, and warm socks and BOOTS!  You can bring hot chocolate or a warm drink.  And of course, blankets!!

View More:

Big blankets are not only warm but they’re romantic and sweet!  A definite win.

It gets cold FAST.  Trust me – spending a couple of hours shooting will not work unless you have ways to keep warm!!



Ladies, I know it sounds like a small detail, but it’s not.  Makeup makes SUCH a difference in how you appear on camera.  I know you’ve heard that actors and actresses wear heavier makeup under stage lights.  Similar for you, it’s helpful to wear a little more makeup than you usually do before the session.  The light will wash you out a little, and especially with all the white around you!  So you’ll want to make sure your skin and face “pop” a little more!

I highly suggest you consider using a makeup artist, even doing a trial with the one booked for your wedding.  If you need any recommendations, please ask!  This way, you are able to see how they work AND be able to feel good and special for your engagement session.



Leave this part to me!  I will make sure that we schedule your session as close as possible to before sunset, when the light is warmest and most beautiful!  You can expect that we’ll shoot from about 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm in January, or 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm in February.



Details and styling may sound like “extras” to your images, and they are.  But they’re more than that.  They’re ways for you to express who you are, what you love and your relationship with your fiancee.  The details make the setting look more beautiful, more romantic, and more fun.  Get as creative as you’d like!  Think about setting a beautiful and cozy winter scene.  From hot chocolate mugs, to mistletoe, to plaid winter blankets, to lanterns, candles or lights, to ice skates, to trucks or vintage cars; the more creative the ideas, the better!!

I love when the images become even more uniquely YOU, and the details are such a great way to do that.



View More:

View More:


I know this is probably your first time being professionally photographed, but what is probably most important on this list is, RELAX and HAVE FUN!  I will help you pose, to feel comfortable, to relax, and to laugh.  That’s my job.

This engagement experience only happens once.  Prepare to get a little snowy and have fun with it!

View More:

Here’s to an amazingly gorgeous, fun winter engagement session!  And who knows, maybe we can catch some magical snow flurries…

View More:

I can’t wait to get to know you and capture your love.



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A Snowy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you’re all staying warm, friends!  This New York winter is no joke!

I have been thinking of all my sweet couples this week and hope each of you had a fun and meaningful Valentine’s day celebrating your love.  I wanted to share my Valentine’s day with you – because it was so inspiring!  AND, the first time I’ve photographed in snow all winter!

I spent the day with the girls I mentor from Delight – these girls are like little sisters to me!  Their faith is always so inspiring, and I love their hunger for God and for creativity.  These girls are all seriously talented, and yet so incredible humble.  Two of the girls joined us for the first time, and it was so great meeting them!

We met at my house, where my friend Danielle and I prepared for them a beautiful meal.  Danielle is a renowned private chef, who just happens to be one of my best friends!  It was AMAZING to eat her food again!  We all had a great conversation around the table.  I meet these girls every month, but we skipped for the holidays, so there was lots to catch up on!

Then, we went out and BRAVED the winter.  Let me tell you, braved.  I bought heart balloons and confetti for us to take some fun photos!  Which we did.  But what I didn’t realize is that it was probably 15 degrees out there, max.  So our hands were freezing quickly!  The snow was falling so lightly and so beautifully…how can you not be inspired by it?

I’m excited to photograph an engagement session next week, too.  It’s funny how you miss snow when you spend so much of the winter in Florida!

This day was just lovely from start to finish.  I’m so grateful to know these girls and their beautiful hearts.

Enjoy our wintery recap!:)

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_001delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_003Red and gold – so classy.  I loved decorating for them!

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_004These are waffles that Danielle brought back from FRANCE.  Yes…France.

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_005And her quiches – were SO incredibly delectable!!

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_006delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_007Love them!  We were still all warm and cozy:)

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0011And then the arctic adventure begins!!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0008When I asked them to run, I had NO idea Stasia was wearing FLATS.  This is the exact moment she realized, I can’t make it any further!


valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0010They are so precious…truly.

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0013valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0014We have to make our own party sometimes!!  Which we totally did!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0015Bethany!  So beautiful girl.

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0016valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0017Love this Stasia – that laugh is you!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0018Julia you rocked your first time!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0019Ashley, the model face is totally working for you.  Stunning.

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0020valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0021Kari, I love your SMILE!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0022Thank you to Ashley and Danielle for taking these photos of me!!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0023valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0024valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0025So lovely of you Danielle!!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0026That laugh right there, is so my friend!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0030valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0027The day was honestly THAT good.

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A Sweet Tribute to Your Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my sweet couples and friends!!

You probably saw my post about #thisislove contest and my heart behind Valentine’s day. While I LOVE chocolates, throwing glitter, and making heart-shaped pancakes, I want to take a moment look beyond that to what love really is. Because I know that love is not a frilly thing, it’s an every day real thing.

Love is a fight. It’s true, and real. Love gives us joy. It gives of itself, and sacrifices for other people. My source of love has always been God, and His love gives strength and power to love even when it’s hard. Choosing to love is always, always worth it. I think the power of love is so much vaster and wider than we even see. It spills onto other people, and it changes lives, in ways we may never know. And it changes us. Our hearts are transformed by loving and by being loved. This is the heartbeat behind my business, and all that I do as a wedding photographer.

So in honor of love, and this day we are celebrating tomorrow, I asked my brides to tell me about the greatest lessons they’ve learned about love by being married!  I asked them to answer these questions: What are the greatest lessons you’ve learned about love? And how has being married taught you to love better?

Enjoy their responses, along with some truly loving images I’ve captured – ones that inspire me to love better (and MAY make me teary!):


“Love requires effort, but it shouldn’t seem too hard. Love is work…[but] we focus on each other’s strengths, not weaknesses.”

– Lori


“People often speak about how much work marriage requires, but so does any meaningful sustained relationship. The other side is how much fun marriage can be and how much happiness it can include. This joy has taught me the importance of relaxing and letting go of worries surrounding love, allowing one to be more fully in the moment, enjoying the experience. And there is so much to enjoy! Spending your days with someone who is your best friend, partner, greatest supporter and advocate and knowing that a lifetime of these experiences beckon. I think that this openness and security leads to a fuller love, and is so, so worth it!”

– Sara


“Egos must be put aside. Be able to apologize…Listen and be open to their point of view. You don’t have to agree with everything, but see that your significant other has feelings that need to be acknowledged.”

– Rachel


“There is love through strength in my counterpart and love through compassion.”

– Colleen


“We are human and have bad days, but through those bad days, I can always count on my husband to be there and love me through it.”

– Colleen


“Open communication, and letting go of the fear to be honest, is so hard but it will make [your] relationship so much stronger.”

– Jess


“The smallest gestures can go a long way. Growing up we have always been taught that the grand gestures are most important, but we have been taught WRONG! Everyday is Valentine’s day in our home because we make a conscious effort to show each other we love each other.”

– Lisa


“Being married…is not only about fun times and romantic dates. Marriage is all about compromise and encouraging your partner to be better and do better. I love seeing my husband’s big smile when he has had a good day or when he accomplishes a goal. My priority as his wife is to give him as many of those happy moments as I possibly can and I know he will continue to do the same for me. To love is to care.”

– Nelmary


“Being married has taught me to love better because I know this is forever. This isn’t a temporary relationship. Throughout the years and relationships I’ve had, I quickly realized [he] was the best person for me, because he made me the best me! He truly makes me a better person, and I in turn make him happy!”

– Lori


“As a married couple. I have learned that we are a unit. We love each other when things are good and they are bad, but I know that we are stronger when we are together. He keeps me sane and fights in my corner when things get stressful and he knows that I will be there for him in the same way when he needs it.”

– Jess


“[Love] is founded on trust, respect, forgiveness, and honesty…love can withstand the test of time and bumps along the path. Marriage has taught us that love is not just a feeling – it is also the foundation of our relationship, the basis of our actions, and the groundwork for our future.”

– Kristin


“You don’t really know what true love is until you have a child…seeing how much my husband loves our daughter makes me love him even more. I also learned how much God loves us and has blessed our marriage, to bless us with the miracle of a child. It is the greatest gift.”

– Nelmary


“Love doesn’t just happen the second you meet; it is not a moment in time, but rather something that grows every day. Marriage is about compromising, learning to accept someone for their flaws and imperfections, in addition to their beauty and strength. It is about helping each other, being each other’s best friend, and being one another’s biggest support – physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally. It is not a give and take but rather a give and give relationship. Marriage has taught me that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but by working together as a team anything is possible.”

– Ashley


(Please note: photographs do not correspond with quotes)

A special thank you to my brides, Lori Leonardo, Rachel Shiel, Colleen Cannon, Jess Gregenheimer, Kristin Steinberg, Sara Davis, Lisa Psoras, Nelmary Lipinski and Ashley D’Ippolito for sharing your thoughtful words.  Hope they have inspired you as they have me!

Happy Valentine’s day to all my sweet couples and friends!  I hope your day is sweet, and SO much fun. And with each passing day, that your love for each other gets better and better!


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Ballet Dancers: Clothed in Compassion! {Lido Key Beach Portrait Photography}

I am SUPER excited to share this post today, friends!  I’m finally back for a few weeks from Florida, before I head back down for my brother’s wedding – phew!  I made so many new friends there, including this amazing girl, Sarah.  Who I am so excited to introduce to you!

Sarah is a dancer for the Sarasota Ballet, who came to the US a few years ago from her home in England, just to dance!  She has an amazing spirit, the most contagious smile, and I think we’re kindred spirits:) She told me about a vision she is working on to create a clothing line for dancers.  She designs and sews original pieces, to express the personalities of the dancers as she sketches and works to create their vision.  Her clothing line is named “Clothed in Compassion.”  Sarah has a beautiful spirit and wants to express compassion and love through all the pieces she creates.  (I think this is why I LOVE her!)

sarasota_florida_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0023She is so RADIANT!


Sarah and I instantly dreamed of doing a photo shoot together, and all I could envision was beautiful portraits of these ballerinas on a coastal Florida location.  And this is EXACTLY what we did!

We broke our photo shoot into 2 days, because we had a lot of pieces to cover!  First, we photographed at the Van Wezel Museum, where the Sarasota Ballet often performs.  We found walkways with beautiful light, and a small rocky area along Sarasota Bay.  These girls were up for anything!!  Including positioning on rocks barefoot along the water.  It was perfect!

Then, we photographed at Lido Key Beach, right before sunset.  The light couldn’t have been more stunning – I think I was ooh-ing and aah-ing the whole time!  And then we captured an action shot of all the girls as the sun went down – exactly what I pictured!!

It was such a great opportunity to meet these talented girls, and do something fun with them!  I hope you enjoy their photographs:)

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0001Pointe shoes are no joke – these girls are amazing!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0002sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0003sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0004sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0005So lovely!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0006sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0007sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0008Love the detail on the back of this one!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0009sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0010Such a fun design!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0011sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0012So beautiful, Caroline!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0013This position is called a “tondu” and I thought the girls were saying “fondu” – when obviously, this is nothing like chocolate!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0015Love how the girls went right out onto these rocks – and two of them ditched the pretty ballet shoes.  Barefoot looked great on them!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0016LOVE these, girls!!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0017sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0018sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0019So stunning!

sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0020sarasota_florida_dancer_ballet_portrait_photography_van_wezel_performing_arts_center_0021This LIGHT!

sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0001I was so stunned by these beach shots – she’s rockin’ it!

sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0002sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0003sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0004sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0005sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0006sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0007sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0008LOVED these Sarah!

sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0009sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0010That light!!!  Oh my goodness!

sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0011Stunning, Caroline.  Stunning.

sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0012sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0013They look so beautiful together!  And this sunset – perfection!!

sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0015sarasota_florida_ballet_dancer_portrait_photography_lido_key_beach_0016Check out Sarah’s Facebook page for Clothed in Compassion to support her work!!  And be sure to give her a follow on Instagram.  Isn’t she incredible?!

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The 2nd Annual “This is Love” Contest!

Happy Monday, friends!  How is it already February?!  How quickly the winter is going by already…

But it’s February, and I’m super excited to bring back this contest I did last year, where the winner will receive a free 2 hour portrait session!  How amazing is that?!

The reason behind the contest is simple, and comes straight from my heart.

February is a month that commercializes love, boils it down to some paper hearts and confetti and of course chocolate.  Now I LOVE all of those things (especially dark chocolate!) but I think any holiday that becomes too commercialized can become cheap.  Love looks frilly this month, but I don’t believe love is frilly at all.

I believe it’s gritty – that love is expressed daily in small moments and sacrifices.

I believe it’s real – an everyday reality that is offered to us from God, and flows through Him to us and others.

I believe it’s hard – there is nothing we do that is more selfless and asks more of us.

I believe love is worth fighting for.

And I believe it’s beautiful.

This heart is behind all the work that I do – and this month, as you look at all the confetti and streamers and flowers and pink everywhere – I want to feature a story of a real love that will inspire us all.

So that’s where you come in!!

I want you to tell me a story of a real couple that you know (any age, married or engaged) that define what love is.  And I want to hear WHY.


Here’s how to enter the contest:

1. Follow @kerrilynnephotography on Instagram and on Facebook!

2. On Instagram, post a picture of this couple, and write a short story (Instagram length – from a few sentences to a paragraph!) about them.  Tell me WHY this couple is the definition of love to you, and why their love inspires you.

3. Hashtag #thisislovecontest2015

4. Tell your friends to vote for you by “liking” the photo on Instagram.

5. Entries are due and all “likes” by FEBRUARY 9, 2015 at 11:59 PM.


Here’s how I’ll pick the winner:

The winner will be the story that is most inspiring.  I will weigh both how many “likes” the story has, as well as the content of the story itself – and will choose the couple who I can’t wait to tell their story!  I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday, February 10th!!

View More:

Last year, sweet Amanda and Brian won!  (Pictured above)  You can check out their story here.

I’m so excited to give this gift again this year – it’s truly a joy for me!  Can’t wait to read your stories!!



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