Ask Anything: How to Find a Wedding Photographer!

I know it doesn’t look like it yet in New York, but wedding season is coming! It may have been snowing on the First Day of Spring, but trust me, the flowers and the color are going to come back, and the beautiful wedding stories that are yet to be captured!

For all the newly engaged brides preparing for their wedding, I wanted to help you from experience with a really important part of the day. Choosing your photographer. I know I’m biased, being a wedding photographer, but I know this decision is SO important! Wedding photographers have the opportunity to give you a sweet gift of memories you can cherish for the rest of your life!  We can stand back from the day and see it from another perspective, capture moments that you may never see, and translate the emotion and spirit of your day in a way you can re-live.

I know you want to find a photographer who captures emotion and spirit in the way that you value most!  Their work should resonate with your heart and touch you, and their portfolio should reflect the types of wedding that you envision.

For example, I’m a wedding photographer who works with fun-loving, head-over-heels, relaxed and creative couples. If you’re planning an elegant evening affair in Manhattan, I’m probably not your girl. And that’s okay. Every photographer specializes in something, we each have a niche that speaks to us and inspires us and makes us want to keep creating beautiful work. For me, it’s the beauty of natural landscape together with the beauty of joy-filled couples. And for each of us, it’s different. We have different why’s that informs the type of work that we do. And you’ll get a sense about what a photographer is about from looking at their website and blog.

As you start your search, you’re looking for a photographer who captures the type of wedding you see yourself happing, the type of images that you can see yourself inside, and has the type of online presence and personality that you can connect with!


But where in the world do you find this person? Where do you start?

  • Ask your friends and other wedding vendors. Recommendations that come through people you trust are great to try first. Ask people you know who were recently married, and had the type of wedding that you envision having, about their experience with their photographer. Ask wedding vendors for photographers they love working with. (But remember, you have to connect with this person, and shouldn’t rely on another person’s opinion alone!)
  • Google search – blogs. Look up the venue where you will be getting married, and you will find blogs of photographers who have photographed there before. And you may find wedding blogs that feature weddings at your venue and the photographer who captured the story!
  • Try Wedding Wire / The Knot, or Local Wedding Magazines. Without getting overwhelmed, search for photographers in your area and dig deeper only if their images jump out at you.


Compile a list of photographers whose style you like and whose work “fits” with the vision for your wedding day. Then, go onto their websites, and do further research. To decide who you would like to meet with, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I attracted to the style of their work? Does their style capture how I would like to remember my wedding day?
  • What is the vibe you get from their online presence? Their portfolio, advice they post on their Facebook page, the content that they write in their blog, and their reviews and accolades from previous clients, can all help you discover if they might be a good fit for you.
  • What is the value this photographer is offering? What do they include in their packages, and what does the overall experience of working them appear to be like?

You probably can’t answer that last question just from a photographer’s online presence, so emailing photographers would be helpful to gather the remaining information about their packages. Make sure they’re available on your wedding date!! Then, after considering carefully, narrow down your list of photographers to a few people you would like to meet with. Contact each of the photographers and schedule a meeting with them.


Before the meeting, compile a list of questions that are important to you. If I were meeting a photographer, the categories of questions I would ask them are:

1. CLIENT EXPERIENCE. What does the experience of working with you look like, from now through the wedding? How do they approach engagement sessions? How do they approach each part of a wedding day?  Do they work with another photographer? What kind of lighting and equipment do they use? How do they deliver their images? Do they blog images?  How long is the turnaround time for images and albums?

2. BACKUP PLANS. In case of emergency, what backup equipment and backup plans do you have in place so we are covered on our wedding day? In case of inclement weather, how does the photographer adjust the locations and their approach?

3. THEIR STORY. If you haven’t done online research about this, ask your photographer questions about them. What is their story, and what makes them passionate about what they do?!


When you meet with the right person, you’ll just know. The experience that they explain to you will be one that you want. When you talk with them and have conversation, it will flow and your personalities will connect:)

I can’t even say how important this is!! You should connect with your photographer as a person! Not only because you’re working with them for over a year. On your wedding day, you want to be able to have the kind of trust in them that helps you to be at ease throughout the day. Their presence should help you open up behind the camera and be yourself. You need to trust that your photographer will do their very best for you – so you can do your job, and be present to enjoy every moment!


Hope this post was helpful! Feel free to share!:)



Photo Credit: Thank you to my fabulous friend Rina Kay – Rina Kay Photography!

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Andrew and Katelyn’s Wedding!! {Powel Crosley Estate Sarasota Florida Wedding Photography}

I SERIOUSLY cannot believe this day finally came!  My little brother’s wedding!!!

Thank you to all of you who have shared on their journey!  From their proposal pictures on Siesta Key Beach I posted last year, to their rowboat engagement in the Hudson Valley, to all I’ve learned from being a part of their wedding process, to Katelyn’s bridal shower.  I’ve shared SO much with you, friends, and NOW it’s time to share about the wedding!

Andrew and Katelyn were married at the beautiful Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, Florida.  Their venue overlooked the bay, and there is even a boat slip if brides choose to arrive that way!  (How FUN is that?)  The day couldn’t have been more beautiful.  Abundant sunshine, temperature in the 70s.  This is why March is PERFECT for a wedding in Florida.  It’s still cool enough to enjoy yourself, but my brother was getting hot in that multi-layered suit!

The details of the day were just stunning.  The mint and navy color scheme, the beautiful pink and peach floral arrangements, the arches they were married under, their sweetheart table with a chandelier, chalkboard signs with calligraphy, string lights, and all their DIY touches around the venue.  My sister in law is a wedding planner so she LOVED planning all the little details!

My wonderful friend Rina did my hair, and my mom did my makeup, and then I arrived with all of the other bridesmaids to get dressed in the beautiful bridal suite!  The makeup and hair was running a little behind, so I was able to help their photographer Alisia photograph some of the details!  My primary role was to HELP, and of course be IN the wedding.  But my brother and sis-in-law asked me to photograph their formal portraits, since we had done that so many times together!   Their photographer was so awesome and accommodating, and we made a good team!:)

When it was time to walk down the aisle, Kate got her first butterflies of nervousness.  And, may have forgot to put her veil on.  Her maid of honor and I double teamed to put that veil in her head right before she started walking!  When Katelyn walked down the aisle to my brother, I started getting choked up immediately.  But what really did it for me was listening to their pastor encourage them in their marriage and speak right to their hearts about how THEY could challenge themselves to be the best spouse.  Thinking about Andrew being a faithful husband to her made me cry – oh my!  The sun was shining and the ceremony carried a beautiful peace about it.  And then, just like that they were married!!

Right after the ceremony, I helped corral all my family for family photos (my first interaction with many of them was telling them where to stand haha!)  And then, we went right into bridal party photos (which I’ll share with you when Alisia posts them!).  Finally, it was time for what I had been waiting for – Andrew and Kate’s formal photos!  I couldn’t get over how beautiful they looked and how every spot was picture-perfect.  My favorite of course was the large Banyan tree in the front of the venue!!  (And I think theirs too!)  Even when my brother was hungry, I pushed them to stay with me and take these photos because they’ll last for a lifetime.  And I’m SO proud of them:)

The bridal party lined up to go into the reception right after that!  My cousin and I danced in together, which was fun!  And then, we watched as Andrew and Kate danced to “You and Me” by Lifehouse.  Then, they danced with each of their parents.  I grabbed my camera for this part, because I knew I couldn’t not capture my mom and brother together.  Somehow they kept from crying – he just kept whispering jokes in her ear!

The rest of the night went by so smoothly – we all sat on the lawn at our tables beneath the strung lights, and enjoyed our dinner.  Then they called the maid of honor, best man and I up to give our speeches.  When it was my turn, I was nervous but somehow did not cry!  I just wanted to tell everyone there how wonderful Andrew and Kate are, how their love changed them both for the better, how much I wish for them as a couple.  They grinned from ear to ear when it was over and gave me the biggest hug – that was so worth it!

And then, after they cut their cake, everyone dancing beneath the lights!  Their photography coverage was over so I jumped in to take a bunch of dancing shots.  And of course, who can end the night without a beautiful night shot?!

Now I know how brides feel.  The day went by SO SO fast.  But these images will always be memories of such a beautiful day.

I’m so happy for my little brother and new sister!  And wish them a lifetime of happiness together!!  Enjoy my recap of the BEST DAY EVER!!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0001Outside of the Powel Crosley – stunning.

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0002powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0003Loved Kate’s shoes!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0004powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0005LOVE this ring shot right here.

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0006powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0007powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0008powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0009powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0010powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0011powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0012LOVED this!  I had to stay in my lineup with the bridesmaids but couldn’t help but snap a few:) They all had their iPhones and were doing the same thing.

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0013She’s stunning!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0014I left the bridesmaids for a bit to take pictures with my family.  And of course my mom, dad and I worked with the photographer to capture a few for us:)

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0015powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0016powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0017LOVE THIS!!  One of my favorites!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0018Thanks mom for these portraits!:)

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0019powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0021powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0022Back in the bridal suite, Kate was ready!  (Minus the veil haha!)

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0023After the ceremony, I worked with Alisia to capture these – such a beautiful setting!!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0024powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0025powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0026powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0027powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0028LOVE THIS!  powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0029powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0030powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0031BEST right here!!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0032powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0033I know I’m biased, but they are a handsome couple!:)

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0034powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0035That one on the right – another favorite!!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0036powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0037powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0038This banyan tree was the PERFECT setting for them!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0039powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0040Too. much. cuteness!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0041powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0042powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0043powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0044My sister in law is GORGEOUS!!!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0045They made that face in the first picture they ever took together – we just had to.  Haha.

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0046LOVE.  This one will be hung up in their house – call it!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0047powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0048powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0049powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0050powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0051powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0052Aww my mom and brother – so sweet!!  Don’t know how I didn’t cry!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0053powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0054powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0055powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0056Wasn’t the setting stunning?!  The night was perfect.

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0057powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0058powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0059powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0060This is about to get fun…


powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0063powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0064powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0065The dancing was awesome – and those guys really got in there!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0066powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0067powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0069powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0070PERFECT way to end the night!  Just PERFECT!

powel_crosley_estate_sarasota_central_coastal_florida_wedding_photography_0071Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my parents, Katelyn’s parents, all our family and friends, and all the people who worked hard to make this day possible.  Their vendors did such a beautiful job!


Venue: Powel Crosley Estate, Sarasota, FL

Photographer: Alisia Thompson Photography

Florist: Taylormade Wedding & Event Flowers

Event Planners: Sassy Soiree Wedding & Event Planning

Wedding Dress: Be Unique Boutique, Mount Kisco NY

Lighting: Affairs in the Air

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Lori Simon

Stunning photos, wedding, setting and family.
What a magical wonderful evening; one which I will always remember.

Tips for Your Winter Engagement! {for Kerri Lynne Brides}

Hope you’re staying warm and cozy, friends!!

I photographed so many more engagements last winter than this winter…but I’m excited to photograph one tomorrow!  I wanted to help you with some advice, before you head out in the cold and the snow to create photographs you’ll have for a lifetime:)

As with everything, preparation is key.  The location, the details, the outfits, all don’t just happen – they take planning.

Here are some helpful tips for you as you start to envision your winter session!



This is one of the most important considerations for the session.  What you wear really impacts how you look and how the photograph looks as a whole!   I always suggest 2 outfits; I suggest this 1. to give you more variety in images as you display them around the house; and 2. so you can experiment with 2 different “looks.”

The first look I suggest is a little formal; perhaps a cute winter dress and heels, or a sweater dress and boots, with a big “statement” necklace and scarf.  Another idea for this outfit is to bring in a little color!  It will “pop” beautifully right off the wintery white background.

The second look I suggest is more casual; this is where the casual sweater dress and boots, or cute sweater and jeans with boots comes in, with a big comfortable scarf and jacket.

Here are some examples of two casual outfits, and a formal outfit:

View More: More:

Solid colors are always classy; and patterns are great in winter!  If you wear patterns, make sure yours and your fiancee’s don’t clash:) Consider colors that don’t wash out your skin tone but that compliments your coloring nicely.

Try on your outfit before the session, and consider that you will be standing up and sitting down in a variety of poses.  Make sure you’re able to move comfortably while it still looks cute!

And lastly, consider WARMTH…


2. WARMTH!!!

Your outfits should be warm, but definitely bring warm jackets!   You can put on your warm puffer jacket on in between the photographs, or you can wear a nice wool coat during the shoot.

Make sure to have hats, scarves, gloves, and warm socks and BOOTS!  You can bring hot chocolate or a warm drink.  And of course, blankets!!

View More:

Big blankets are not only warm but they’re romantic and sweet!  A definite win.

It gets cold FAST.  Trust me – spending a couple of hours shooting will not work unless you have ways to keep warm!!



Ladies, I know it sounds like a small detail, but it’s not.  Makeup makes SUCH a difference in how you appear on camera.  I know you’ve heard that actors and actresses wear heavier makeup under stage lights.  Similar for you, it’s helpful to wear a little more makeup than you usually do before the session.  The light will wash you out a little, and especially with all the white around you!  So you’ll want to make sure your skin and face “pop” a little more!

I highly suggest you consider using a makeup artist, even doing a trial with the one booked for your wedding.  If you need any recommendations, please ask!  This way, you are able to see how they work AND be able to feel good and special for your engagement session.



Leave this part to me!  I will make sure that we schedule your session as close as possible to before sunset, when the light is warmest and most beautiful!  You can expect that we’ll shoot from about 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm in January, or 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm in February.



Details and styling may sound like “extras” to your images, and they are.  But they’re more than that.  They’re ways for you to express who you are, what you love and your relationship with your fiancee.  The details make the setting look more beautiful, more romantic, and more fun.  Get as creative as you’d like!  Think about setting a beautiful and cozy winter scene.  From hot chocolate mugs, to mistletoe, to plaid winter blankets, to lanterns, candles or lights, to ice skates, to trucks or vintage cars; the more creative the ideas, the better!!

I love when the images become even more uniquely YOU, and the details are such a great way to do that.



View More:

View More:


I know this is probably your first time being professionally photographed, but what is probably most important on this list is, RELAX and HAVE FUN!  I will help you pose, to feel comfortable, to relax, and to laugh.  That’s my job.

This engagement experience only happens once.  Prepare to get a little snowy and have fun with it!

View More:

Here’s to an amazingly gorgeous, fun winter engagement session!  And who knows, maybe we can catch some magical snow flurries…

View More:

I can’t wait to get to know you and capture your love.



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A Snowy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you’re all staying warm, friends!  This New York winter is no joke!

I have been thinking of all my sweet couples this week and hope each of you had a fun and meaningful Valentine’s day celebrating your love.  I wanted to share my Valentine’s day with you – because it was so inspiring!  AND, the first time I’ve photographed in snow all winter!

I spent the day with the girls I mentor from Delight – these girls are like little sisters to me!  Their faith is always so inspiring, and I love their hunger for God and for creativity.  These girls are all seriously talented, and yet so incredible humble.  Two of the girls joined us for the first time, and it was so great meeting them!

We met at my house, where my friend Danielle and I prepared for them a beautiful meal.  Danielle is a renowned private chef, who just happens to be one of my best friends!  It was AMAZING to eat her food again!  We all had a great conversation around the table.  I meet these girls every month, but we skipped for the holidays, so there was lots to catch up on!

Then, we went out and BRAVED the winter.  Let me tell you, braved.  I bought heart balloons and confetti for us to take some fun photos!  Which we did.  But what I didn’t realize is that it was probably 15 degrees out there, max.  So our hands were freezing quickly!  The snow was falling so lightly and so beautifully…how can you not be inspired by it?

I’m excited to photograph an engagement session next week, too.  It’s funny how you miss snow when you spend so much of the winter in Florida!

This day was just lovely from start to finish.  I’m so grateful to know these girls and their beautiful hearts.

Enjoy our wintery recap!:)

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_001delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_003Red and gold – so classy.  I loved decorating for them!

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_004These are waffles that Danielle brought back from FRANCE.  Yes…France.

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_005And her quiches – were SO incredibly delectable!!

delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_006delight_and_be_loved_valentines_day_007Love them!  We were still all warm and cozy:)

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0011And then the arctic adventure begins!!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0008When I asked them to run, I had NO idea Stasia was wearing FLATS.  This is the exact moment she realized, I can’t make it any further!


valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0010They are so precious…truly.

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0013valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0014We have to make our own party sometimes!!  Which we totally did!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0015Bethany!  So beautiful girl.

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0016valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0017Love this Stasia – that laugh is you!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0018Julia you rocked your first time!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0019Ashley, the model face is totally working for you.  Stunning.

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0020valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0021Kari, I love your SMILE!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0022Thank you to Ashley and Danielle for taking these photos of me!!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0023valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0024valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0025So lovely of you Danielle!!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0026That laugh right there, is so my friend!

valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0030valentines_day_snow_heart_themed_hudson_valley_portrait_photography__0027The day was honestly THAT good.

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Loved these!!!! Fabulous!!