Choosing Quality Wedding Vendors (Part Two!)

Hi friends!  I hope you were able to catch part one of this post last week!

This summer I’ve been really inspired by working with such quality wedding vendors, who are creative and serve my clients so well!  I really want to empower all of my brides and grooms for choosing quality wedding vendors, people who they would develop a great relationship with.  I gave some general guidelines for selecting a wedding vendor in my first post, so here, I really want to focus on the rest of the wedding vendors that I interviewed!  They’ve been so wonderful answering my questions – it’s truly incredible hearing their perspective:)

Again, please note that the photos below do not necessarily correspond with the professional interviewed.  Additionally, I couldn’t interview every wonderful person I’ve worked with, so please do count each person’s advice as coming from one awesome professional in their field!

And of course, at the end of the post, I HAD to include information about choosing your wedding photographer!

Enjoy – hope this post is helpful:)


Wedding Band

Interview with Marcus Reid


KL: What advice would you give to a bride/groom looking for a wedding band? (What questions should they ask, and what values should they share with you?)

MR: I would say look for the highest quality with only the very best reputation. You only get to do this once.  The band must be highly entertaining from the minute the guests enter to the very end of the event when the guests are calling out for “one more song”.  The band leader, probably the most important part of controlling the energy of the party, must know how to work a room, read the guests to make sure that they are on the dance floor the entire night, be very personable and able to work well with the staff and other vendors. The band leader directs everything from the entertainment to the flow of the wedding. I cannot express enough how important the band leader/musical director is! Make sure your bandleader is very passionate and very professional about what they do. The band should sound incredible, be unbelievable entertainers and look the part.


KL: What do you feel are some of the greatest misconceptions in the industry about your service?

MR: That a wedding band is a “wedding band.”  This is not 1970-1999.  A great modern wedding band should be as good as any modern band at the Grammy’s or better.  A great band knows how to take any style and bring it up to date, from the music itself to the entire production. The band should be current know the very latest hit(s) that came out yesterday all the way down to the greatest classics.


KL: How would you advise couples who are deciding between a DJ and a band? 

MR: A great band can play any style of music.  A common misconception is that only a DJ can do some of the newer music. This is not true at all. My band (Marcus Reid Band) has been told on many occasions that we actually sound better than the record. Your night is going to be long. You will need multiple styles of music regardless. I think it really comes down to taste, what do you feel most comfortable with, and what you envision for your one time very important date.  



Interview with Renzo Zanelli



KL: What advice would you give to a bride/groom looking for a wedding cinematographer? (What questions should they ask, and what values should they share with their cinematographer?)

RZ: When you meet with a cinematographer, ask to see the fully edited long version of the wedding, not just the 3 minute recap. You are going to want to watch your full ceremony and all your speeches uncut and a 3 minute recap won’t show you if the cinematographer can successfully deliver a full feature documentary. Does the video include important family members and friends or just the couple and shots of objects? Are the shots in focus and steady? Get to know them. You will be spending your whole day with them so make sure they are nice and fun. 



KL: What do you feel are some of the greatest misconceptions in the industry about your service?

RZ: Many people expect cinematographers to get in the way with big lights and block the audience. It is important to find a cinematographer that knows how to work with the right lenses that can shoot farther from the action and require less light.



KL: What makes your service so valuable on the wedding day? (i.e. why should they hire you instead of setting up their own camera to record?)

RZ: After all the hard work and money put into this day, the videos will tell the story the way you want it remembered. You can hear the laughter of your parents and grandparents, see how your maid of honor danced with her fiancé on the dance floor and listen to the vows your husband made on that special day. That is can only be accomplished by a professional team with experience that can deal with manual focusing on the fly while maintain themselves in the background of the event. A truly challenging feat that requires both technical skills as well as people skills.



Makeup Artist

Interview with Meredith Hayman


KL: What advice would you give to a bride looking for a makeup artist?

MH: Know the look you want to achieve: As your flipping through “Martha Stewart Weddings” and “People” magazines, rip out pictures of models and celebrities who’s makeup you like. These photos will open the conversation between you and your Makeup Artist so he/she really understands how you want to look on your wedding day. Try not to say “You’re the professional, I trust you”. If you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup, be honest. This will prevent the Makeup Artist from being too heavy handed.



MH: Come prepared: It’s a good idea to bring your “everyday” makeup with you (even if it’s just mascara and lipgloss). This will give the artist a good sense of what colors you are comfortable in. Don’t be surprised if your Makeup Artist suggests you wear foundation on your wedding day. If your skin isn’t even, the rest of your face won’t look clean and finished.

It’s also a good idea to wear a white or ivory top, so you get a better sense of how your makeup will look against your dress. Bring a camera so you can take before or after pictures.



MH: Questions/Concerns: Write of list of questions you may have for your Makeup Artist such as the ones listed at the beginning of this post. It’s also a good idea to ask your artist how long he/she thinks each person will take on the day of your wedding. An experienced artist should be able to manage their time wisely and work faster if the day is running behind.


MH: Be Honest: Try not to form an opinion or ask for anything to be changed until after the Makeup Artist has finished the look. Once the application is over it’s more than OK to ask for something to be changed or to start all over. It’s easy to make changes (more blush, less eyeliner, etc…) Any artist would rather do a little extra work than risk not being booked because the bride isn’t 100% happy with their makeup. Remember, you are paying for this makeup trial, get your money’s worth!


MH: Don’t feel pressured to make a decision on booking hair or makeup at the time of your trial. See how the makeup wears on your skin in the hours following your appointment. It’s good to take a look in different lighting and to ask a friend or your mom their opinion.



KL: What makes your service so valuable on the wedding day? (i.e. why should they hire a professional instead of doing their own makeup?)  

MH: I highly recommend hiring a professional Makeup Artist on your wedding day.  I am experienced with every skin tone and texture and I know what products to you use that will help you look flawless but not overly made up.  A professional also knows what the best products are to help your makeup last hours and hours through sweat, tears, and humidity.  



Wedding Coordinator

Interview with Jeanne Stark


KL: What advice would you give to a bride/groom looking for a wedding planner / coordinator? 

JS: Brides and grooms should look for someone they feel they are friends with or could be friends with. Someone they are comfortable telling the most personal information to about their wedding and the people at their wedding. It is not just skill it is about wanting to work with this person and wanting them at their wedding. They should truly like all of their vendors at the end of their planning they should feel a close connection with all their vendors.


KL: What questions should they ask? 

JS: How many weddings do you do in a day/weekend?
Do you have our wedding date open?

Is wedding planning your full-time job? If it’s part-time, what is your other job?
Have you ever worked at the venue we’ve chosen?
For the vendors who will be on site the day of our wedding, can I provide you with checks for final payment that you will distribute to them?
Will you stay on site after our wedding to make sure everything has been broken down and all vendors have left the location?
Will you provide us with a timeline of the wedding and a floor plan of the wedding venue?
Do you offer different package options?
How many meetings and phone calls are included in our package?
Is the wedding day rehearsal included in your services?
Do any of your packages include planning the rehearsal dinner and/or post-wedding brunch? If not, would you provide that service and what would be the extra cost to include it in our contract?
Can you provide a list of references?



KL: What values should they share with you? 

JS: They should share the things that are most important to them for their wedding day as well as the things that make them most uncomfortable. That way I am able to respect all of their wishes.

KL: What makes your service so valuable on the wedding day to the bride, groom and their guests? (i.e. why should they hire you instead of setting up details themselves, or letting the photographer put together the timeline?) 

JS: The main goal for hiring someone like myself as a planner/coordinator is the ability to allow yourselves, your family and your guests be guests at the wedding and not work at the wedding. When putting together a timeline as a wedding planner I work on not only the photo timeline needed but also music, deliveries, food and many other events occurring throughout the weekend. With the timeline I create it with the assistance of the other vendors so everyone gets exactly what they need. 




My Advice


Lastly, I have to include advice about searching for the right photographer!

I know it’s such a huge and important decision for couples to hire a photographer they love! First, I would advise couples to look at a lot of images and find a style of images that resonates with them. Consider what types of images are you drawn to, and why? And how is that type of imagery consistent for the look and feel you would like for your wedding day as a whole? Ask friends for advice, or search google for photographers in the area, read online reviews by their previous clients. As you’re looking at photographers’ websites and social media presence, consider not only their photographs, but the value of the experience they are giving to their brides and grooms! Then, “go with your gut” as you set up a few meetings.



When you meet with a photographer, be prepared to communicate clearly what is most important to you on the wedding day. Tell him/her specific images or types of images that resonated most with you. Paint a picture of the overall look and feel you’d like your wedding day, so they understand how your photography will fit into that larger picture. Ask specific questions about the experience working with them, from the time leading up to the wedding day, the wedding day itself, and after the wedding. Many people forget your relationship with your photographer is at least over a year (and hopefully longer!) Make sure as you communicate with the photographer, that they understand your vision for the day and they will be able to translate it in a way that is meaningful to you:)



Lastly, but most importantly, it’s critical that your personality jives with your wedding photographer. He/she is with you for 8-10 hours on your day, from when you’re in your robe in the morning through the dancing in the evening. You want someone around you that you feel comfortable with, so you can open up and be yourself. Your images will reflect your level of comfort, so take this part very seriously! Like I said before, it’s like a date – you’ll just know. In the end, go with your gut!




Following your instinct is so important as you choose your wedding vendors. And through the process of planning your wedding, create relationships with each of these people. You’ll be so happy you did!



Hope this post was helpful!  Please feel free to share with friends and family members who are planning their wedding!:)


Another HUGE thank you to all of the vendors who took the time to give their advice!!

Jeanne Stark, Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Marcus Reid, Marcus Reid Band

Meredith Hayman, Meredith Hayman, Makeup Artist

Renzo Zanelli, Magic Flute Videos


And credit to all of the vendors whose work is pictured above, Band: Marcus Reid Band / Hank Lane Productions; Cinematographers: Magic Flute Videos, Kadams Media, Authentic Photo; Makeup Artists: Meredith Hayman, Makeup by Marcy, Celeste Von Damon; Wedding Planners / Coordinators: Hudson Valley Ceremonies, Urban Chic;  Photographer: Kerri Lynne Photography (me!)


Lastly, a huge thank you to the photographers who took a second to take my picture: Aaron Berger, Anastasiia Ostapovich, Andrea Perry.


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Maryella is One! {Westchester Baby Cake Smash Photography}

Oh my, this post is so much fun!  Buckle your seat belts friend, for the cuteness that is about to come…!!

I photographed Nelmary and Mack’s wedding two years ago this fall (my, how time flies!)  They’ve been such wonderful people to know and we have stayed connected over the years, which is the best!  After they had sweet Maryella last year, I could not wait to meet her!  She has her dad’s big blue eyes and a smile that just lights up the room.  The first time I met her was at Lisa and Bill’s wedding, where her mom put together all the beautiful florals and she was such a cute flower girl!

When Nely told me about their plans to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash photo shoot, I was so excited!  I love to photograph portraits here and there, but I had never done a cake smash session!

I met Nely and Mack at their house, where Nely had baked a cake, topped with real flowers (of course!); and she had ordered the cutest birthday outfit ever on Etsy.  Maryella was all ready in her diaper cover with “ONE” on the back:)

We set up the beginning of the session in their house, so we could hang her cute birthday sign in the background and take some detail shots.  Then, we went outside and photographed the rest just in a simple backyard.  Maryella loved her single Geronimo balloon, and she even started up a hill with it.  She was a baby on a mission!

Then, we took some really sweet photographs with her mom and dad!  And finally, of course, the moment we all waited for – the cake smash.  It was so cute, because Maryella didn’t really understand what the cake WAS.  She started picking at it, but didn’t really think to put it in her mouth.  But when she did, it might have been a little sweet for her tastebuds!  She liked it but tried to give some away, haha.  For a child, being able to play with food – what could be better?!

I hope you enjoy these photographs.  Happy first birthday, sweet Maryella!:)

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0001westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0002SUCH a cutie!  Doesn’t she look adorable in her birthday outfit?!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0003That smile was seriously contagious…

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0004westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0005Love that one on the left!  You can picture her as a grown up somehow :)


westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0007westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0008How cute is that?!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0009You can tell how very loved this little one is:)

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0010westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0011westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0012westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0013westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0014westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0015Such a pretty cake!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0016westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0017westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0018westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0019westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0020Now, the moment we were all waiting for…

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0021westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0022westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0023With a little help from her mommy, she learned she could dive in to the cake face first!

westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0024westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0025westchester_hudson_valley_one_year_baby_cake_smash_portrait_photographer_0026Phew!  Such a tiring time eating cake!


And…the leftovers!


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Choosing Quality Wedding Vendors (Part One)!

This post has been on my mind for a few weeks now – and I’m so excited to write about this subject!  It’s really so important!

I was driving home from a really fun, beautiful wedding this summer reflecting on how the day was so creatively put together. I realized (again!) how important it is for my clients to hire vendors who are right for them, vendors who will infuse their creativity and craft and take care of my clients like a friend would.

As a photographer, I have been blessed to work with SO many fabulous wedding vendors in the Hudson Valley and the greater New York area. Vendors who put their clients’ needs first. Vendors who are passionate, creative, talented. Vendors who create something unique for their brides and grooms, and tailor their story differently. I want every one of my brides and grooms to feel great about the decisions they make in selecting wedding vendors!

The best I can give for selecting quality wedding vendors is to sense that a quality relationship will develop. I’m a big one on vibe, and I feel like meetings with potential clients are a little like first dates. When you “hit it off” with someone, you just know! You feel if your personalities jive, and you get a sense if the vendor will take care of you. Relationship is always, always #1!

Most wedding venues and vendors will give you a list of other professionals who they love to work with. This can be extremely helpful guidance, as there are SO many of us out there to find on the internet – it can be overwhelming! However, it’s important to note that not every relationship that’s important to a vendor may not be right for you. You need to make sure you “hit it off” with this person yourself! Make sure to do your own online research and find other people you’d like to meet with!

It’s incredibly important that your vendors are professional, and experienced in weddings. Weddings are not just “big parties,” they’re a very unique type of event that carries its own timeline and traditions. It’s important that vendors know how the day flows, they understand how their role fits into the larger picture and in relation to working with other wedding professionals.

Also, it’s important that your vendor understands you and your vision for your wedding day. In order to create a quality product for you, it’s important they know what you want your day to feel like, and look like. You should strive to communicate clearly, and stay on the same page from the first meeting, so that they will know how to serve you best in the process.

I wanted to give you advice for choosing each type of vendor! Since I am a photographer, and not a DJ or florist or cinematographer, I thought it would be helpful to interview several wedding professionals to help you choose a quality person in their field!

(Please note: I chose not to interview every florist and DJ I know, but just one in each category.  There are tons of wonderful professionals out there, and I hope these professionals’ advice are helpful for you to find the perfect one for you!  Also, note that the photographs do not necessarily correspond with the professional interviewed!)

I’m posting half of the interviews this week, and half next week, so it’s not information overload!!:) Enjoy!




Interview with Jimmy Lutz


KL: What advice would you give to a bride/groom looking for a wedding DJ? (What questions should they ask, and what values should they share with you?) 

JL: Not all DJs are created equal and be weary of those who say they can be all to everyone. There are various styles of DJs out there and the best way to find a match is by reading their reviews carefully to see what resounds with you and then meeting with them to determine if they truly share your vision and are a good fit. The DJ can most definitely make or break your day. Music can lend an incredible vibe to your wedding but you want someone with experience in playing for a group of people with diverse ages, such as you find at a wedding. What works in a club does not usually work well in a wedding, since the age dynamic is so different. If you want all of your guests to enjoy in the fun on the dance floor then you want various genres to be played.


KL: Any advice about acoustic guitar – why should clients consider live music versus only DJ services? And how would you advise couples who are deciding between a DJ and a band?

JL: Live music comes with a certain energy unlike a DJ. However, in order to be a hit, you would need seasoned musicians that sound great. Not all wedding bands can do justice to the songs they play, and the ones that can will cost considerably more than a DJ. Also, with a band you are limited to the repertoire of songs they actually do. The great advantage to having a DJ is the ability to have any songs you want played at your wedding. I offer my couples the best of both worlds by offering acoustic guitar and doing popular songs for their cocktail hour.




Interview with Bobbi Randazzo


KL: What advice would you give to a bride looking for a wedding florist? (What questions should they ask, and what values should they share with you?)

BR: First, talk to your friends that you trust. Ask who they saw and why they liked/disliked them. Check out a few on line, and see if you like their designs, remembering that for weddings, florists design according to what the bride requests. When you visit a florist, make an appointment, bring swatches and pictures with you, talk to them, and give them a budget so they can prepare samples for you. Don’t be afraid to do some preliminary math, remembering to incorporate centerpieces, bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and ceremony décor.



BR: Brides today are bombarded with Pinterest pictures that are quite beautiful, but very extravagant. Show a florist the colors and styles you like, but be flexible and allow the floral designer to do what she/he does best.  Trust is key. If you are comfortable with the designs you see, ask for a small bouquet for color, or even a mock up of the centerpiece.

hudsonvalleyweddingflorist_0009-1hudsonvalleyweddingflorist_0009BR: Most times, the venue will help decide the tone of the wedding floral designs. (No mason jars at the New York Hotel, and candelabras of orchids might be a bit over the top for the garden wedding in the back yard.) With the right florist, your dreams will be created in harmony with all aspects of the day!


KL: What is one thing that makes your service so valuable on the wedding day to the bride, groom and their guests?

BR: A good florist will take the time to care for every aspect of the day ordering the correct shades of flowers – from bouquets to the reception.  Don’t your guests deserve to sit at a table decorated with care?  Consider this the first party of your married life – with all your friends and family gladly attending.  These guests traveled a distance, dressed for the occasion and are most likely giving you a generous gift as you start a new life.  A beautiful floral design on the table will certainly say “Thank you for coming!”


Hair Stylist

Interview with Annaliese Tuttuli


KL: What advice would you give to a bride looking for a hair stylist?

AT: When you are looking for a stylist for your big day, you want to make sure their style of work suits your style & the vision that you have in mind for your overall wedding look. What is almost just as important than that, is making sure you have a phone conversation or meeting to validate that your personality meshes with your stylists personality. You want someone who really takes the time to get to know you and what your goals are for your hair & makeup look. You also want someone fun and upbeat since they will be spending most of your morning with you and your girls the morning of the wedding! And third, doing some research and checking reviews for your stylist will be super helpful in making sure they have a quality reputation.


KL: Any opinions about the value of hiring a hair/makeup team?

AT: When you hire a hair & makeup team you tend to get a lot more organization and order to your morning. We personally create a schedule for our bride based on our personal timing and they also like that we are a family traveling together to be with their family on their special day. You also get to do your hair and makeup trial at the same time together so you can really see your look come together before the big day!




Interview with Yuling Tan


KL: What advice would you give to a bride/groom looking for a wedding invitation / paper suite design? (What questions should they ask, and what values should they share with you?)

YT: I always advise my couples that when they start to plan for their weddings, they should make a list of 3 things they each want to prioritize. If having a very personalized or customized wedding is one of your top priorities, then you should look into pursuing a custom wedding designer. If not, then there are a lot of websites with really beautiful wedding collection pieces at great price points. I find it to be the most helpful to speak to brides and grooms after they have settled on a date and a venue. These BIG decisions (ie. what season the wedding will be in, and where it will be) often drive the look and feel of the wedding, which really plays into the stationery suite!


YT: Having an idea of what you as a couple do and do not like, and being able to vocalize this to your stationer, is really helpful! I always tell my brides to send me photos (or share their Pinterest boards) of their flowers, dress, decor ideas, and even other stationery or graphics they like, etc. All of this is helps me as a designer to begin to figure out the style of your wedding, and to make sure that everything goes together! When going with a custom designer, showing examples of what you like, but also leaving room for the designer to explore and play with the designs, makes for the SWEETEST collaborations!


YT: Lastly, I LOVE it when my brides and grooms share and incorporate those special little quirks about their relationship into their designs. That is what really and truly makes custom design so special!



A huge thank you to all of the vendors who took the time to give their advice!!


Jimmy Lutz, Lutz Entertainment

Bobbi Randazzo, Plants and Things Floral Design Center

Annaliese Tutulli, Wedding Hair by Annaliese

Yuling Tan, Yuling Designs


And the vendors whose work is represented in the above photographs (not in order):

DJs: Lutz Entertainment, A Perfect Blend Entertainment; Florals: Elderberry Flowers, Plants and Things Floral Design Center, Cheshire Tree Floral Design Center, True Florette, Earthy Elegance Florals, Annis Floral Shop, Pedestals Florist, La Bella Rosa, Urban Chic, Arcadia Floral Co. Seed to Fruit; Hair Stylists: Dana Bartone & Co., Eclectic Hair Studio; Invitations Designers: K & K Weddings, Christi Marie Creative


I realize I included lots of flower pictures – got a little carried away because they’re so pretty!:)

And of course, I couldn’t include ALL the fabulous vendors I’ve worked with in one post – so brides and grooms, don’t be shy asking for recommendations!

Stay tuned for the second and last post, coming next week!  I’ll end with some personal advice about how to choose your photographer!




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Stefanie & John’s Wedding {Classic French Styled CV Rich Mansion Wedding Photography}

I could not wait to post this beautiful wedding!  My blog was down at the end of last week and I’m so excited it’s back today!!

When I first met Stefanie and John, I thought they were the sweetest couple!  I loved their vision for a classic, beautiful wedding with tons of DIY touches; and I could tell how important their family was to them.  They were the first couple I told about my partnership with Love Gives Way, and then I learned that Stefanie has a PhD and has published studies about sex trafficking!  What are the chances of that??  They loved the idea of their wedding giving back, and it was awesome to see their heart to give!

You might remember their beautiful New York Public Library and Central Park engagement session, near the tree where John proposed to her!

I was so excited for the big day.  When I arrived at Stefanie’s house, her dress and sister’s dresses were hanging up beautifully on their hangers – so lovely!  I loved Stefanie’s vision for French lace and classic inspired wedding details.  She had a blush palette with a soft, classic feel.  Stefanie’s sister is a makeup artist, so during her preparation, she was able to have Jenna by her side along with other professionals.  How awesome!  Meanwhile, I was photographing her sweet details against her cathedral length lace veil.  After the hair and makeup were done, we took some photographs of the 3 sisters on Stefanie’s bed.  The light in there was perfect and the setting beautiful – those sweet pictures of them are some of my favorites from the day.  You can tell how close they are!:)

After Stefanie got dressed, her grandmother placed her sapphire ring on her granddaughter’s finger as “something blue.”  Then, Stefanie’s dad came up for a first look – I just loved his reaction and those moments between them!  We took some more photographs outside, and then headed to the church.

Both Stefanie and John went to Fordham University, so it was only fitting that they were married in the campus chapel.  (Which, by the way, is stunning!!)  You could tell John was so excited to see his bride walk toward him.  The service was beautiful, and immediately following, we took photographs of the happy couple in the gorgeous alley next to the church.  Their happiness just radiated from them!   We then took the bridal party to the lawn in front of Keating Hall, which was a perfect backdrop for their photographs.  Across the street was a gorgeous fountain and we couldn’t help taking more bridal party photographs there.  You really can’t go wrong anywhere at Fordham!:)

Then, the bride and groom left in a Mercedes for their reception at CV Rich Mansion in White Plains.  I took photographs of their arrival, and then a bunch of their family.  Stefanie’s family is Italian, so there were tons to take pictures of!  Then, I took some more photographs of Stefanie and John just before sunset in the gardens outside.  Those sweet moments were some of my favorite from their wedding day!

Inside, their reception was decorated beautifully with gold candelabras and tall flower arrangements with candles.  It definitely fit with the classic theme of their day – so beautiful.  Stefanie and John entered and their families were so excited!  You could just see the love these two have as they danced together.  They had a Swing band, so for the rest of the night their friends and family were dancing away!  Their friends hopped in and out of their photo booth and wrote messages to the couple for their future anniversaries.  Toward the end of the night, Stefanie surprised her mom with a sweet song for them to dance to.  The bride and groom even went on stage with the band to dance!

You can just see the sweet love and friendship Stefanie and John have.  I wish them every joy and happiness as they move and start their life together!  Enjoy their story!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_01This dress is so Stefanie – and gorgeous!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_02cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_03cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_04cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_05cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_06cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_07cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_08cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_09cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_10cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_11These sisters are the sweetest ever!  Love everything about these photos:)

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_12cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_13cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_14cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_15cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_16While Stefanie read her note from John, her grandmother looked on smiling.  She had just told me, “I feel so blessed to be able to be here for my granddaughter’s wedding.”

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_17Stefanie’s grandmother let her wear her ring as “something blue” on her wedding day.

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_18Best dad reaction ever!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_19_2cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_20cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_21Stefanie, you are simply stunning!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_22cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_23cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_24cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_25cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_26cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_27cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_28cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_29cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_30cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_31Lookin’ great guys!  I dig these shots without ties!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_32cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_33cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_35So sweet!!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_36cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_37cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_38cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_39cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_40cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_41cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_42cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_43LOVE!  Jessica did a great job with this one!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_45They truly were this happy!!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_46cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_47THIS – such a stunner!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_48cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_49cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_50cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_51cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_52cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_53I love how the ring bearer is giving them a thumbs down – oh my, haha!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_54cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_55cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_56Such stunning sisters!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_57How adorable are they?!  Seriously!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_58cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_59cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_60This just happened.   A favorite!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_61cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_62Stefanie was a dancer, so I couldn’t resist that shot!:)


cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_65cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_66The mansion and its backyard gardens are so beautiful.  Perfect setting for these two!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_67cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_68cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_69cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_70cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_71cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_72cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_73cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_74cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_75cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_76cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_77cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_78cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_79cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_80How fun is that idea?!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_81cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_82cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_83Yes, it was as delicious as it looks!

cv_rich_mansion_fordham_university_chapel_westchester_classic_wedding_photography_84Stefanie surprised her mom with a special dance – so sweet!


A special thank you to all of the vendors who made Stefanie and John’s wedding day possible:


Church: Fordham University Chapel, Bronx, New York

Venue: CV Rich Mansion, White Plains, New York

Photographer: Kerri Lynne Photography

Cinematographer: Kerri Lynne Photography

Florist: Pedestals Florist

Band: The George Gee Orchestra

Cocktail Hour Musician: Mark Yollick

Makeup Artist: Jenna Vuotto

Wedding Dress Boutique: The Wedding Salon of Manhasset


And a huge thank you to my second photographer, Jessica Lee, and my cinematographer, Tim Kuder.  You’re the best!!:)


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Erika & Tom’s Wedding {The Roxbury Barn Catskills Wedding Photography}

It is such a joy to post Erika & Tom’s beautiful wedding!!

When I met Erika and Tom, I loved how in love they were and how much fun.  I still remember Tom telling me that he would love them to be married in Montana or “the mountains.”  You may remember their beautiful Mohonk Mountain engagement session last fall.  The Shawngunk mountains were near where Erika went to college and Mohonk is one of my favorite places!

It was only fitting that their wedding would also take place in the mountains.  They decided on the Catskill region, and the beautiful Roxbury Barn as their venue.  They bused all their family up from the city and it really was a destination wedding!

As soon as I arrived, I knew why Erika fell in love with The Roxbury Barn.  The barn was open, string lights everywhere, and her dress was hanging in the barn waiting to be photographed.  I was floored by the beauty!!  I was going crazy photographing all of her gorgeous details.

When I saw Tom, he was smiling ear to ear.  He couldn’t be happier – he looked like the luckiest guy in the world, even before he saw his bride.  Erika was a little nervous and excited.  She couldn’t believe she was really getting into her wedding dress.  As soon as I handed Erika her beautiful bouquet to do bridal portraits, she started tearing up – it finally hit her she was getting married to her love!

When it was time for the first look, we set up Tom in a beautiful field and he waited for her.  Erika’s sister and niece walked her to the field, and she could hardly contain her joy to see Tom.  Their first look moments were so sweet – there were hugs, smiles, and tears!  We photographed sweet portraits of Erika & Tom by the string lights.  And then walked up the hill and Erika and Tom walked into this gorgeous mangrove field.  The tall trees were SO beautiful – I was in heaven!!  They looked like they were in another world, and we captured such sweet images of them among those tall trees.  Then the videographers captured footage for Erika and Tom’s music video “You Make My Dreams Come True.”  It was so fun seeing Erika & Tom dancing fun and free beneath the trees!

Then, we asked their bridal party to join us and immediately they joined the dance party!  Then, we took beautiful images of the bridesmaids; and then Erika with the groomsmen and Tom with the bridesmaids.  The groomsmen asked Erika to let them throw her in the air and catch her – I went along with this, ready to capture – and the moment of Erika soaring in mid-air was hilarious!!  We took some more images of Erika and Tom in the woods, and then headed down to the barn to relax before the ceremony started.

The ceremony was set up with chairs inside the mangrove field.  All the guests were enamored by the scenery too, taking tons of pictures with their phones and cameras.  Then Tom was ready for his bride.  Erika’s dad walked her up the hill, and she was all smiles as she met her groom.  The ceremony was so sweet, and finally they were married!!  After the ceremony, their guests went to mingle by the barn where cocktail hour was set up outside.  They signed Erika & Tom’s “guestbook” by writing notes on lincoln logs, and enjoyed all the food.

When the guests seated inside the barn, Erika & Tom entered to “You Make My Dreams Come True,” just like they filmed their music video!  Their first dance was so sweet and their guests looked on from the barn floor and down from the floor above.  After Erika danced with her dad and Tom with his mom, and the toast was made, the party got started!!  I don’t think the dance floor was clear all night!  You could tell Erika, Tom and their friends loved to dance!  As it got dark, their guests also went outside to sit, drink, and enjoy the summer night.  After Erika and Tom danced their last song, they announced the bonfire was about to start on the hill.

It was a perfect clear night, and you could see the entire Milky Way of stars.  There were fixings set up for s’mores, and long sticks to roast the marshmallows.  The fire was a lot hotter than it looked, so it’s good the sticks were that long!:) We took one more photo of Erika and Tom with the bonfire in the background, and you could tell how happy they were!

You can see how in love Erika and Tom are, and it was such a joy to be a part of their day.  Enjoy their story!!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_01the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_02This shot!!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_03the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_04the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_05the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_06the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_07Aren’t those earrings gorgeous?!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_08the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_09the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_10the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_11the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_12the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_13Twirling around for her bridesmaids to see!  Erika said, “I’m not going to want to get out of this dress!”the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_14the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_15the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_16Erika, you’re stunning!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_17the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_18the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_19Haha – such fun boutonnieres!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_20the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_21the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_22the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_23the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_24the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_25the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_26Love this shot!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_27the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_28the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_29the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_30the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_31the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_32This moment was SO sweet…

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_33the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_34the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_35the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_36Erika was just radiant!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_37the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_38the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_39the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_40Doesn’t this look unreal?!!  Just like a fairytale.

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_41the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_42the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_43the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_44the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_45One of my favorite shots of all time!!!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_46the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_47the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_48the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_49the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_50the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_51the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_52the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_53the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_54Ahh!!  I can’t believe this happened!!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_55the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_56the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_57the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_58You could say Tom swept his bride off her feet!!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_59the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_60the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_61Haha – love that we took this shot!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_62the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_63the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_64the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_65the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_66the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_67the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_68the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_69Woo hoo!  They’re married!

the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_70the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_71the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_72the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_73the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_74the_roxbury_barn_catskill_mountains_hudson_valley_rustic_barn_wedding_photography_75Doesn’t this cake look delicious?!



A special thank you to all of the vendors who made Erika & Tom’s beautiful day possible!


Venue: The Roxbury Barn

Photographer: Kerri Lynne Photography

Cinematographer: Magic Flute Videos

Wedding Coordinator: Jeanne Stark, Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Ceremony Officiant: Edward Chin

DJ: DJ’s at Work

Florist: Elderberry Flowers

Wedding Dress Boutique: Bridal Elegance

Hair Stylist: Lipstick & Lashes

Makeup Artist: Lipstick & Lashes

Invitation Design: Christi Marie Creative

Catering: The Rhinecliff Hotel

Cake: Deisings Bakery

Favor: Alzheimer’s Association Donation in honor of bride’s grandmother

DIY: Save the Dates, Table #s, Gift Box







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Italia Caracappa

What beautiful pictures. They capture the love they have for each other. What a beautiful wedding it captures their true personalities.