BEST OF 2015 WEDDINGS! {Hudson Valley Catskill Wedding Photography}

I am SO thrilled to finally share this post!!

Many of my photographer friends have already hopped on this boat – and after taking the month off I’m ready to join the fun too!  It’s been so fun looking through all the images I took this year of my amazing couples to share with you my BEST.  I’m sure there’s a few others I could have included!  But these are just some of my personal faves!  Some I was proud of because of their joy, some because of the intimate moment they shared, some images I love because of lighting, some because of the scenery and framing.

I was so blessed to work with such truly amazing, adventurous, fun-loving, trusting, creative and grateful couples.  AND, it was so fun that telling their stories took me to so many amazing locations and venues!  From the Catskill mountains, to farms; to intimate country clubs; to Florida; to vineyards; to beautiful mountain views in the Hudson Valley – there are so many amazing places represented here.

Thank you for going on this journey with me and supporting my work, friends.  It means more than you know.  And I’m so thrilled to share more BEST OF posts in the coming weeks, as we look ahead to 2016 together:) But for now, enjoy the 2015 Best of Weddings!!

View More: love all this JOY!

View More: this shot of these two against the distressed barn!

View More: beautiful in every way – and I love Jade’s flower crown and all this greenery!

View More: fun to capture not only Kelly and Ryan’s dog Maggie, but Arielle and James with this cow and flower wreath!  These were firsts for me!!

View More:, I’m biased – this is my little brother and his wife!  It was SUCH joy to be a part of their day as a sister, a bridesmaid, and part of the day photographer!

View More: one from Red Maple Vineyard has been my desktop background on my iMac for months now – love this romantic scene!

View More: fun capturing these dances!  Rachael and Colby choreographed their first dance, as she was a professional dancer!  And my cousin and his sweet wife love to swing – so they took a few moments in the Ritz Carlton to get the attention of all the passerby’s!

View More: of dance, I LOVED Jasmin’s jazz era wardrobe that she changed into for the reception.  Just love these two and their style – and of course this lighting!!

View More: was so much joy on this day it was infectious!

View More: is just so iconic and romantic, especially in black and white!  Their love is so beautiful.

View More: of romantic…I love this shot on the hill at the Garrison.  What a gorgeous view of the Hudson Valley!

View More: this stolen moment in their getaway car…

View More: a beautiful scene – I just love these gardens and the setting against the CV Rich Mansion.

View More: was maybe, my most fun shot of the year!  Jade and Steve with all of their guests shouting for joy – and the funny faces surrounding them!

View More: LIGHT at on Laura and Dan at West Hills Country Club couldn’t have been more perfect.

View More: that swept away moment, and what classy travelers my cousins are in Sarasota, ready and up for anything!

View More: their sweet love, and the light and the fall colors behind them!

View More: of my favorite sunset shots of the year!  So worth it to go out at twilight!

View More: and joy…two of my favorite things, always.

View More: pine grove at The Roxbury Barn is seriously one of my favorite places, ever.  I would get married here too!

View More: moments…

View More: sweet, and I love this scene with Hunter Mountain behind them.

View More: envisioned this shot way before her wedding day, and how her dress would fluff up behind her as she jumped into her groom’s arms.  It was just as romantic as she pictured.

View More: beautiful are these two against the House at Boscobel?!  I loved Amanda’s fur and all the Christmas decor.

View More: love these intimate moments!  My awesome cousin and his wife (left), and Dan and Susan (right).

View More: favorite of the year!  I love the joy and the adventure on Katie and Justin’s faces as they ran through this field at Red Maple Vineyard!

View More: moments in black and white…priceless.View More: the light in Karen and Brian’s walking shot, and this practice dance by Karolyn and Nick – so classy!

View More: leaves fell so perfectly!  And that swing at Red Maple Vineyard…such a romantic place to photograph.

View More:’s joy is infectious here!  And Karolyn and Nick look like they’re stepping right out of Downton Abbey (one of my favorite shows!)

View More: that romantic pathway shot for Court and Ryan…and Stef looks gorgeous as Brian gazes at her!View More: light on Laura and Dan – seriously incredible – I was speechless!

View More: Kelly and Ryan’s joy!  And that pathway back to the barn was perfect for Jasmin and Lorne!View More: of my most fun night shots of the year!!  The old Ford was just incredible, looks straight out of a movie.  And how fun was it to capture s’mores in action?!

View More: and Dave in the garden at nighttime was amazing enough – but the rain falling around looks like stars!  Simply breathtaking!

View More:

And, my favorite sunset shot of 2015!  What a way to end the season, with this gorgeous Hudson Valley view!

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Winter Portraits in Lake Placid! {Whiteface Lodge Adirondack Portrait Photography}

It’s been such a beautiful winter, friends!  A little crazy, with the effects of El Nino – but beautiful!  Something I want to do better this year is letting you in on my adventures:) I love working with couples who have adventurous spirits and love the outdoors – so I know you’ll appreciate this addition to my blog! In fact, I’m giving it a whole new category – trails and travels!!

I know I shared in my last post that I took a big EXHALE in the month of January from work, and spent a lot of time upstate!  One of the most fun things I did was spending New Year’s in Lake Placid with my boyfriend Derek, my dear friend Danielle and her boyfriend Juan!  It was such a fun trip.  We started by cross country skiing to Marcy Dam!  It was Juan and I’s first time on ANY sort of ski (incredible, right?!) – so granted, we had a few falls.  But we went on a super long ski, 6 miles round trip, with a ton of hills.  And anyone who knows skiing knows that cross country skis don’t have as much control as downhill skis.  So…I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination.  But we had a blast!  The day was so beautiful, with snow covering the evergreen trees all around.  There was so much peace in the landscape all around, you could feel it settle deep in your skin.  It was refreshing in every way!  And that night, we had a feast from our friends who are amazing renowned chefs!  We ate rack of lamb, venison, pasta with truffle oil, greens and veggies – we were in heaven.  (Any other food lovers out there?!)

The next day, we did some exploring in the area and we found this BEAUTIFUL place called Whiteface Lodge, where we took portraits of ourselves with the snow falling all around.  It was so romantic!!!  We found out this lodge also does weddings – and we were all gushy over it!  We went for a little tour inside and fell in love with the Kanu room which has all this natural light and rustic mountain lodge details everywhere.  I just had to share this experience with you – I just know you’ll love it as we did!!  Hope you enjoy this romantic Adirondack setting!  (And of course, a sneak peak of us and our love too!)

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0001Whiteface Lodge was the perfect setting for our portrait sesh – we all fell in love!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0002Yep, it was a little cold!:)

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0003whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0004A special shout out to my sweet friend Braska, who got me HOOKED on this blanket scarf!  It’s been my wardrobe staple all winter!!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0005Isn’t my friend beautiful?!  Not only is she an amazing chef, but she’s such a model!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0006LOVE this girl – killin it!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0007whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0008It was a little blustery!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0009whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0010These two are so adorable!  Love them!!



whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_0014And yes, my friend is good with my camera too!  Capturing me and my sweetheart!


Ahh so romantic!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0017The Mountain View room at the Whiteface Lodge.  I was in love with the rustic fireplace, details, and of course the natural light!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0018whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0019whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0020Love these!


Favorite right here!  My friend is gorgeous!

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_0022Ahh love this one of us so much!!


My honey nailed this lift shot!  Definitely a keeper:)

whiteface_lodge_lake_placid_adirondack_winter_portraits_by_wedding_photographer_0024This is the Kanu room – can we just say IN AWE?!  I would get married right there, I don’t know about you!


Such a beautiful view out the windows of a blustery winter wonderland:)



We went to a dock right on Lake Placid and there was absolutely no visibility – but we found this gorgeous stream on the way and had to capture it!  Such a beautiful place – I would totally go back!


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Permission to Breathe

Happy 2016 friends!  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve sat here to write to you!  I told someone recently, “it looks to the internet that I disappeared.  Fell off the map.”  This last month, I was spending some time upstate taking a pottery class, learning to cross country ski with my boyfriend, taking a trip to Lake Placid, and enjoying time for myself.  Instagram and Facebook was on the back burner this month.  And so was my goal-setting and dreaming for 2016.  And you know what I realized?

It’s okay.

As a business owner, and especially in the creative world, it’s so easy to compare what we should be doing on the timeline of everyone else.  Especially while certain topics are trending, such as goals, goals, goals.  And sharing the best images I shot in 2015.  All the other photographers were doing that.

But here’s what I needed.  To give myself a permission slip.  A permission slip to live on my own time table for my personal life and business.

A good friend of mine wrote recently, “February 1 can be your January 1.  You can choose any day of the year to begin again.”

And it’s true – I’ve always believed that, deep down.  Goal setting isn’t any use if you’re doing it because you have to.  It takes time to live into our convictions, to realize the why of why we need to change things.

So give yourself permission to live.  To breathe.  And to live into the why of what you feel you want to dream, or change, or neither, for the time being.

Let yourself rest first, and care for that heart of yours.

And when you’re ready to begin again, you will.  Promise.

I’m finally ready to begin again.  To come into this season and this year with a fresh perspective.  But it’s taking space.  Of exploring places like these snowy woods just for the heck of it.

I was driving past this scene on a country road in upstate New York, and I told my boyfriend that I was dying to go into these woods.  But I didn’t know how I’d get my car there, it was too icy and there was nowhere to park.  Well – that day, he took me to the side of the road.  We parked the car on a big giant snow bank.  My furry Sorel boots sunk deep into this snow.  And we ran through these woods like our life and love depended on it.  And that day, I think it did.

The things that give life are always as simple as this.

This is how I refuel my soul…in these spaces.  I hope this snowy journey refuels you today, too!

snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0001How incredibly beautiful is this scene?!

snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0002Ahh this pine grove!  And didn’t my man do a great job with that portrait of me?

snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0003snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0004snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0005snowy_woods_landscape_winter_nature_photography_cazenovia_upstate_new_york_0006Looking up…it’s worth it.


Beginning again never felt so freeing!

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Behind the Scenes 2015! {Hudson Valley Catskill Wedding Photographer}

Happy New Year, friends!!  Is it just me or can you not believe it’s already 2016?!  How did that happen?  This season just flew by for me, and the last few weeks I took to light blogging so I could be present with friends and family.  But we’re back!  And I’m ready to recap one amazing year with you.

This is by far my favorite post of the year!!!!!!!!  Whoever was the photographer who started posting behind the scenes recaps, I love you!  It’s amazing to let you in on what feels like a little secret.  All of the little things that go into the work that I love to do – which you don’t get to see throughout the year!  (Unless it was at your wedding of course!)

Looking back, 2015 was truly amazing.  I felt my business growing and had a feeling of being so blessed to work with the couples that I do.  Every one of them was so unique, loving and genuinely grateful and I felt that all the way through the year.  I connected with these couples not only as clients but as friends, and I love that!:) I know I wrote about this in another post, but I truly feel filled with so much gratitude to be able to do what I love and work with such wonderful people.  That’s all I see as I look back at 2015- all the meaningful connections, and all the beautiful places I was able to work at!

So here we go – I’m taking you through a behind the scenes recap of this year, through the eyes of a wedding photographer!


Such a great start to 2015 weddings!  And here’s a little secret…photographers love to pose too!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_02Haha – realized I love making this pose!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_03kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_04Getting ready time…

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_05Occasionally I help with the dress if my bride needs an extra hand:)

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_06kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_07Haha!  I was too happy to share Arielle’s bridal portrait with her.  That face is hilarious!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_08Checking my camera…and not sure what that face is about on the right haha!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_09I realized I make funny faces when I give directions…

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_10kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_12kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_13kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_11You know, just setting up their pose here…

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_14kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_16Such a lovely bridal party!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_15And this is what it looks like lining up 24 people – haha!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_17Just after they got out of the limo, making a game plan:)

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_18Haha – this is the best right here!  Kraig and I’s faces before the ceremony – killing me!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_19It was a little hot out there waiting for the ceremony to start – hair went up!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_21I photographed at so many beautiful ceremony locations!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_20kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_22kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_23The “windblown” look haha!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_24Fixing the dress is a huge part of what I do – all day long!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_25kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_26Aaron captured this one of me setting up the shot through the trees!


Things happen on wedding days that you just have to embrace!  This day was a little rainy…but we made do with this beautiful porch.  I gave the bride my rain boots – which is why I was rocking those socks in my shoes!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_29Arianna was stung by a bee during her portraits – but she was such a champ!  I was so impressed how she handled it and we made it into a fun memory!

View More: so – I sat all these bridesmaids on the bed for a portrait and then the bed BROKE!  Yup, just came right apart in the middle.  I don’t think I’ll forget this behind the scenes moment!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_31This is my sweet boyfriend Derek, if you saw him assisting me on weddings this year!  He had to climb on a chair on top of this table to hang a wedding dress, and we had to shoot him chill in there afterward:) Then Aaron, my second photographer, holding up a baby cup and goldfish he found on a chair before the ceremony – totally goofing off as always!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_32We love to goof off – it’s what we do.  Especially testing lighting before the reception!  I especially love Molly’s poses, so so funny!
kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_33This room at the Ryland Inn was incredible!!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_34Shooting the little details…

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_35kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_36Sometimes I have to get in really weird positions, like I am here against this wall in the corner.  It’s all about the angle, haha!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_37And this reception, this little ring bearer took a liking to me!  I did a little dance with him right before the dinner was served – he was so so cute!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_38It was fun seeing one of my clients, and a childhood friend’s mom, at this reception!  Taking portraits with them was fun, even if I was a little bit disheveled!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_39At the end of the day, my FAVORITE part of weddings is THIS – capturing the love between them as we shoot intimate portraits!  I’ll be sharing my favorite portraits of 2015 in my next post – so stay tuned!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_40I know you can’t tell here, but the light here made for a magical sunset.  Just checking my settings before we photographed them on the hill!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_41This scene made for a beautiful silhouette at the Old Cadet Chapel!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_42Loved this old bridge!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_43Uh, yeah, sometimes I have to hide in trees or bushes…it’s just what photographers do!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_44And other times, we’re safely positioned on staircases.

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_45Checking my shot before taking the next – LOVED this old barn!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_46Capturing the classic walking shot!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_47And here, walking out on this pier at sunset!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_48Checking my settings as this light was getting more beautiful by the minute!

kerri_lynne_photography_weddings_behind_the_scenes_hudson_valley_catskill_wedding_photographer_49Walking from one location to the next…


And here, my last wedding of 2015- blessed with the most magical of light as we walked toward the beautiful Hudson River view!
Thank you so much for your support through the journey this year- and I can’t WAIT for what 2016 will hold!


Lastly, I have to give credit where credit is due:


Thank you to my parents, for loving me and always supporting my dreams;

Thank you to my sweet couples, for trusting in me as your wedding photographer and loving me as a friend;

Thank you to all the amazing vendors who I’ve worked with this year who cared so much about making a great day for my couples;

Thank you to my second photographers to whom I couldn’t do without, Aaron Berger, Molly Stinchfield, Jessica Lee, Jessica Haley, Rachael Girouard;

Thank you to my intern Cassandra Duenas, for coming along side me this spring;

Thank you to my assistant and sweet boyfriend Derek Cole, for all your support and love;

Thank you to my editors Andrea and Kat, whose work helps me to love my clients better;

Thank you to Katelyn James, Mary Marantz, and all the photographers and creatives whose work continues to inspire and fuel my creativity;

And above all, thank you to my Lord Jesus whose joy is my strength, whose heart is my purpose.

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Amanda & Marc’s Wedding! {The Garrison Hudson Valley Wedding Photography}

Hope you had such a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday, friends!  Mine was wonderful – took a week’s break to be with family and celebrate my brother and his wife in town with us!  I’m excited to be back and wrapping up my final posts of 2015 – how DID this year fly by?!

I’m just thrilled today to share my last wedding of 2015- Amanda and Marc.  I seriously couldn’t think of a better way to end wedding season than with these two!!  I grew up across the street from Amanda as a child, and she even would come over to help watch my little brother.  (Is that dating us?!)  We re-connected as adults and it was so lovely hearing her story after she fell in love with Marc!  I could tell these two were so happy together, and I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to be their wedding photographer!

Amanda and Marc are so in love and such great friends, too.  These two are just beaming when they are with each other!  You may remember their beautiful Caramoor engagement session this summer with their sunflower picnic amidst the Spanish architecture.  I had such a great time with them and could not wait for this amazing wedding day!  Amanda put such care into all her details and styling, and she and Marc are so gracious as a couple!

As soon as I arrived at Amanda’s bridal suite, I was enamored by all the details sprawled out for me ready to be captured.  Her light pink winter palette and peony bouquet was just gorgeous!  And I was in LOVE with the detail on her wedding gown – and even used the beading on her train as a backdrop!  Amanda’s family had even written her notes on her wedding day and presented them to her in a beautiful box – there was just so much love going around:) And it was amazing seeing Amanda’s family again after so many years!  When it was time for Amanda to get dressed, her sister and mom helped her – and after we captured her gorgeous portraits, her dad was stunned to see her for the first time, as were her bridesmaids!

Marc was waiting patiently for his bride at Assumption Church in Peekskill.  He was beaming from ear to ear, and seemed very relaxed!  He couldn’t believe his eyes when she walked toward him!  They had such a beautiful ceremony, and finally they were pronounced husband and wife!  I love the recessionals at this chapel – the bride and groom graciously let everyone walk out ahead of them – and it’s such a sweet touch.  Amanda and Marc greeted all their guests, and then they had a beautiful bubble exit as they left for their portraits!

Amanda and Marc chose to photograph their portraits at the beautiful property of Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison.  I absolutely LOVE it there – not only is the house beautiful, but the Hudson River backdrop can’t be beat!  The Hudson River school of painters would sit in front of that view hundreds of years ago to paint it – it’s that stunning.  Just as we got there, the magic light came out for us as we captured the bridal party:) They were so much fun, and even did a Star Wars shot, to celebrate the movie coming out the night before!  Then, the cinema team and I captured intimate moments between Amanda and Marc – and I was truly in photographer heaven!   If that wasn’t enough, the most stunning sunset came over the entire Constitution Marsh and we captured it as a backdrop behind them.  Such a blessing and what a way to end wedding season!!

After we finished portraits, we headed to their venue, The Garrison, to get warm, take a few more photographs outside and capture their family!  Their reception room was set up so beautifully with branches and winter decor in their floral centerpieces, as well as all the signage and DIY touches on their guest tables.  When Amanda and Marc entered, the party was ready to start!!  They began their wedding reception by cutting the Korovai, a traditional Ukranian wedding bread, and having a toast with their immediate families. Then Amanda and Marc danced a sweet first dance together, and then, the dance floor was open!  They had such a fun night with their friends and family, and Marc’s nephews stole a few moments on the dance floor and break danced!  Of course, before the end of the night we went outside to take a few night portraits and even captured some of the beautiful Christmas lights on the trees – it was so romantic!

It was the best end to the season – and I truly wish these two all the happiness in the world!  Enjoy Amanda and Marc’s story!!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_001Ahh!  Amanda’s dress was amazing and look at that detail on the back train!!


the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_005LOVE this shot!  And what beautiful colors!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_006the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_007Amanda’s parents and sister wrote her these sweet notes for her wedding day…loved this!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_008the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_009the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_010So sweet!!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_011the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_012the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_013the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_014Love this, Amanda!  You’re radiant!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_015the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_016the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_017the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_018the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_019“He’s such a good writer” – Amanda was overjoyed and teary reading Marc’s note!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_020the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_021Oh Amanda you’re gorgeous!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_022the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_023the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_024the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_025the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_026the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_027Love this!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_028the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_029Marc’s nephews wrote him notes on his wedding day – so great!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_030the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_031the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_032the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_033Such a beautiful moment with his mom!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_034the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_035the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_036Marc was ready to see his bride!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_037the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_038the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_039the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_040the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_041the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_042the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_043Married!!  Yay!!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_044Ahh I love this!  So much joy between them!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_045boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_01The light at Boscobel was so so magical!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_02boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_03Love this laughter!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_04Such a fun group!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_05boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_06The magic hour light was so amazing!boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_07Of course they had to do a “Star Wars” pose!  Marc and his groomsmen saw the movie just the night before…boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_08boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_09This bouquet was beyond stunning!
boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_10boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_11Haha – the best:)

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_12boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_13These details are stunning for December, aren’t they?!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_14boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_15boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_16Haha, love this!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_17boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_18boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_19Love this of you guys – gorgeous!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_20boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_21Love this one!!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_22boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_23boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_24boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_25Love these – especially the one on the right!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_26So lovely!!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_27This scenery with Constitution Marsh in the background was incredible…

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_28The way he looks at her…ahh!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_29boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_30So lovely of you Amanda!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_31boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_32boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_33Oh my goodness I love this so much!  How perfect with her fur and all the Christmas decor!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_34boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_35boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_36This sunset was so incredible!  What a gift and what an end to the 2015 season!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_37boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_38LOVE this!

boscobel_house_and_gardens_hudson_valley_wedding_photography_39the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_085Their branch and winter decor was stunning at The Garrison…

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_086the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_087the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_088Of course I LOVED seeing their engagement photographs in this beautiful guest book!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_089the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_090the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_091the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_092the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_093the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_094This cake – ahh!!!  Amazing!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_095the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_096Such a sweet first dance…

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_097the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_098the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_099the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_100the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_101the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_102the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_103the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_104the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_105Such a perfect end to the evening!  Just magical!!

the_garrison_hudson_valley_winter_blush_wedding_photography_106 A special thank you to all of the vendors who made Amanda and Marc’s beautiful day possible:


Church: Assumption Church, Peekskill, New York

Venue: The Garrison, Garrison, New York

Photography: Kerri Lynne Photography

Cinematography: Fairytale Studios

DJ: A Perfect Blend Entertainment

Florist: Flowers by David Anthony

Hair: Melissa Scrofani, Westchester Hair Stylist

Makeup: Meredith Hayman, Makeup Artist

Wedding Dress Boutique: Jaehee Bridal, Englewood, New Jersey

Invitation Design: Invited by LamaWorks

Cake: Pastry Garden, Poughkeepsie, New York

DIY: Ornament favors


And a special thank you to my amazing second photographer Molly Stinchfield – you rock, girl!

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